Aaron Kelly Finally Kicked Off American Idol Last Night

We never thought he would make it to the final two, but we were a little surprised when Aaron Kelly was kicked off American Idol last night. After Casey James‘ lousy performance this week, we rather thought he would be the one to finally get bagged.

Aaron Kelly leaves 'American Idol' (FOX)
Aaron Kelly leaves 'American Idol' (FOX)

Apparently, however, America thinks James is at least more pleasing to look at than Kelly. At least, that’s our guess, because he certainly isn’t any more pleasant to listen to.

Regardless, Aaron Kelly deserved the boot and we aren’t sorry to see him go. We wish him well on finding a nice boy band somewhere. At least until his voice changes. We do hope he just hasn’t fully gone through puberty yet and won’t be stuck with that voice his whole life…

We were a bit ticked that Casey James didn’t even end up in the bottom two after his horrid mangling of that poor Frank Sinatra song this week. Especially since Michael Lynche actually got some of his spark back on Tuesday night’s show. Lynche certainly deserved to be ‘safe’ far more than James this time around.

On a side note, although we were less than pleased with our favorite Crystal Bowersox on stage this week – that friggin’ andro boy suit she was wearing last night was way, way too cute. Girl looks good in drag!

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23 thoughts on “Aaron Kelly Finally Kicked Off American Idol Last Night”

  1. Oh Please, Aaron should have left after the first episode! He is a cute kid and probably has a career ahead of him, but GIVE ME A BREAK! I was heart broken to see cutie Katie kicked off before him. I cheered to finally see the right 2 in the bottom 2 this week. They are all good, but we definitely have the right 3 in the top four! Way to go America!

  2. I was sorry to see Aaron go, didn’t think he would win but two choices would of been big mike, he is simply boring, casey doesn’t seem like he know up from down, but needs his guitar in order to feel something, I wish Aaron the best in a couple of years he will be on his way, nice guy polite more polished than some of the rest best of luck!!!!

  3. Aaron was cute and had talent. I know he got kicked off because people wanted Crystal to win but thats ok He was great! I am so happy he lasted as long as he did and he will go far for sure. BEST OF LUCK AARON U ROCK! Keep your great attitude and singing going! Your gonna go really far!

  4. Katie stevens deserved to go a long time ago because all people liked was her looks. Her voice and songs were soooo pitchy!I mean she was horrific to listen to! Katie stevens sucks and I am so sick of her on our news cause she is from my town. I could care less especially if u got no talent!I mean people it is a singing competition – Crystal has the voice for sure!

  5. I don’t know why noone was voting for Aaron he is such a versitale singer and he shows he can sing anything. This week he did better then most and he is only 17. He had idol material, he could sing for sure!

  6. I am from the town of Katie Stevens and it is so nerve racking that people think she is good. I never liked her! She was never singing good once this season yet she got that far! I don’t get it the good ones I think got sent home early but she was not one. You have to wonder if American idol cuts off who they want. Is it really our votes that count??????

  7. Katie got as far as she did because she was a cute girl and had her school voting for her to get a prom date with her – she even said it on live TV. That should never be allowed. I personally think Siobhan was a great singer and should of made it to the top 2 with crystal. Katie was lucky she stuck around as long as she did cause her voice made me have to turn down the TV ALL THE TIME.

  8. Aaron was adorable, great talent & vocals, He was sincere and took the critisism well from the judges for being only 17. He will make it far I beleive cause he has talent and a great personality that should be idolized! If only every 17 yr old was as sweet as him the world would be a better place!

  9. I hope Aaron shows everyone he is not done yet!!! I loved Aaron and still am shocked he left teh competition~:(

  10. Aaron had more talent then 2 other contestants that are still on the show…. please tell me why some are still there. Aaron at least had a excuse he was only 17 and so his voice will mature some guys have no excuse and just suck! Give the boy some credit! Good luck Aaron!

  11. It is hard now because they are all fairly good-but definate Casey should have gone home according to performance.I miss Siobhan-she was my favorite but Krystal is the one I am routing for-Once your favorite has left it’s hard to get excited about any of them-Aaron going home this week did not surprise me

  12. I personally think Crystal won from the beginning. There is no competition!

  13. krystal has it in the bag she is definately gonna win , no doubt!!!!!!!

  14. Aaron was a likeable guy and took alot of critism for being only 17 and so talented. He was great I thought. It seems crystal is changing who she is and who she came to teh show as. It is kind of sad that she isn’t staying true to her ways and style. I was suprised to see her in a gown and all hairsprayed and all with makeup. She seems to be being told what to wear and how to look. That was one thing I loved about siobhan she never changed who she was or her style and she went out with a bang! Siobhan will go far for sure!!!! u go siobhan!!!


  16. LISTEN! LOSER! AARON KELLY IS A FLIPPIN AMAZING SINGER! HE SHOULD HAVE WOOOOONNNN IDOL! IM NOT WATCHING THE SHOW ANYMORE CUZ ITS BOGUS IF PPL CANT SEE HOW TALENTED HE IS!? JUST CUZ HE HAS VALUE, IS POLITE, AND SWEET DOESNT MEAN U HAVE TO BADMOUTH HIM! U CLEARRLY HAVE NOO LIFE! SO GET A LIFE! i lovee aaron and yes i may be just a silly teen girl but i love his voice, his personality and everyything about him! he is goregeous also so can it! He has an amzing voice and i bet all u ppl who critisize him still sound like ur going through puberty so give him a break cause he is amzing! i will alwayyys love aaron kelly so wat nowwwww! ur soooo tonedeaf and idiotic yeesh! loser…

  17. I completely disagree with this. What does the author have against the immensely talented Casey James? The handsome face and fabulous body are the least of it. ( Sure he’s an Abercrombie model but so what? There are a lot of those around.) The man kills on guitar–even proud bassist Randy Jackson admitted it–and he has an unpretentious cool blues voice. I think he got messed up by Harry Connick with that dreadful arrangement of Blue Skies. The reason I think so is last night he sang in a gorgeous crooning Vegas style voice on all those medleys. Casey’s “thing” isn’t standards but then Harry Connick sounds like a fool when he tries to “git down” and do blues or rock. TO each his own. I think Casey hasn’t been taken seriously since Kara pressured him to take his shirt off. He’s just been seen as beefcake but he is so much more and THAT is what makes him interesting.

  18. Who ever says Casey is a Abercrombie model is an idiot I mean he dresses like a hillbillie. He needs a haircut and he needs to shave. He is not handsome and can’t sing he shouldn’t even be there. It seems the woman are just going crazy cause he is the only one who would take off his shirt in the top 5 . Bike mike would scare people, aaron is too young, Lee too modest, Crystal is a mom and hopefully doesn’t take her shirt off. Ya woman are all sick! GO get a man and stop drooling over casey!

  19. Crystal is going to win she has no competition left. It is soooo rigged!

  20. I love aaron its sad everyone was so mean to him I mean he had talent its just cause he was 17 no one voted for him. Thats too bad he would of made alot of $$$$. i WISH HIM BEST OF LUCK!!! Be the next daughtry aaron u deserve it! yOUR SOOOOOOOO CUTE TOOOo!

  21. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    would u plzzzzzzzzzzz SHUT UP about Aaron
    OFCOURSE HE CAN SING!!!!!!!!!!(duh) anyone would know that!!!!! he sounds gr8 has a superb personality s0 what if he’s 17?!?!??!!??!
    jordan sparks was like ..what 16 when she went to idol?..AND SHE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaron should have won 2…but I’mgetting used to this crap on Idol …after what happened to Adam lambert….

  22. GRRRTRRRRRRR! Can it tone deaf loserrr! aaron was ammmmmmmazzing and desereved to win and you know itttt so zip it ! ur so stupiiiiiid! Idols so rigged so dont bash the ot and most talented dude ever! wat now loser!d

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