Actress Maia Campbell Crack Video Stuns Fans

Maia Campbell is best known for her role as witty and beautiful teenager Tiffany Warren on the TV show In The House, but new video footage of the former actress shows Campbell in a far less flattering light.

Maia Campbell, In The House
Maia Campbell, In The House

The Maia Campbell crack video, as it has come to be called, shows a grown up Campbell looking very strung out, dressed like a hooker and rambling rather incoherently in the passenger seat of a car. While snarfing a bag of potato chips, Campbell asks the person taping her who’s going to pay her for being on film? She also makes several statements that seem to imply she has been involved in prostitution.

Maia Campbell’s career tanked after her role on In the House, for which she won a Best Performance by a Young Actress Young Artist Award. She went on to appear in a handful of low budget films and guest on a few television shows, but never managed to break into Hollywood as a successful actress.

Check out the video for yourself below, but beware of extremely foul language ahead.

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  1. The guys who shot this video think that this is funny. But while they trying to come up off someone else’s misery and pain, their payback is right around the corner!!!!Get ready you LOSER!!

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