Adam Lambert AMA Performance Shocks and Thrills

American Idol chains be gone! Adam Lambert may not have won the American Idol crown, but his performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday showed exactly what that’s a good thing!


We’re doubting that ultra-strict contract forced on AI winners would have allowed anything like the extreme sexuality and BDSM insanity of Adam Lambert on the AMAs Sunday night. The boy shoved a dancer’s head in his crotch! Aggresively french kissed his male keyboard player! Oh, and let’s not forget Lambert leading people around on leashes!

Adam Lambert on the VMAs was a sight to behold, both extravegently shocking and entirely entertaining. We also have to laugh out loud considering juts last week, the editor of Out magazine was bashing Lambert for not being gay enough. Well eat that, Mr. Out editor!

Naturally, there are plenty of folks out there who took offense to Adam Lambert and his overt sexuality on stage. Actually, we do have to agree that it might have been a wee bit out there, especially for a show watched by a hell of a lot of teenies. On the other hand, is there really all the big a difference between Lambert’s psuedo-sex on stage and Janet Jackson’s crotch-grabbing? The West Coast broadcast of the AMAs actually cut out the simulated oral sex, though they did keep the same-sex kiss.

While Lambert’s vocal performance did suffer due to all the antics going on, it’s hard to deny his appearance on stage at the AMAs was a show-stopper. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out, it’s definately worth a viewing… or two… or three…

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11 thoughts on “Adam Lambert AMA Performance Shocks and Thrills”

  1. I am sorry, and I am not a prude, but Adam Lambert’s performance was over the top and disgusting on national television. It took away from the AMAs and really makes me question the advertisers and if this is the future content I will turn it off. What a disappointment Lambert turned out to be. I think he has talent but it is misplaced and belongs in a paid-for video.

  2. Chill out guys..As Adam would say, it isnt that deep. I guess Adam was trying to prove a point. I still get a big laugh out of the wholel thing. Just like Adam, he is really out there to shock people…

  3. Sad to call the “American” music awards have now
    turned into smut. They’ve lost it to allow this
    crap to be shown in front of teenagers that will influence them to act the same and think it’s ok.American Idol people are all into supporting this crap. How could those Englishmen define America like this. I think they indirectly use this Adam character
    as a way to get back at America.

  4. I thought his performace was artist, spontaneous, and what femail performers have been doing for years. Just because he is a new, edgy and “out” male, he will receive criticism. Madonna and Brittany have been doing stuff like this forever.. YOU GO ADAM!!!
    I will buy your music

  5. His performance was artistic? It was trashy, his vocals were bad and he fell. He tried way too hard to shock and make the news. I guess his records sales will show exactly what people think of him now.

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