Adam Lambert reins himself in for Malaysian audience

Flamboyant singer Adam Lambert has been told by Malaysian authorities that before he will be allowed to perform in the country, he will have to agree to cut out or tone down parts of his stage performance that are not in line with Malaysian law.  In particular, he has agreed to avoid jumping, stripping, and kissing on stage… which pretty much means he has to throw away his entire show and start over.  Nonetheless, Lambert says he’s more than happy to accept that the customs in other countries are different from the United States, and he’s willing to modify his performance accordingly so that fans will at least have the chance to see him, even if the show he gives them will only represent a fraction of his true personality.

One thought on “Adam Lambert reins himself in for Malaysian audience”

  1. Seriously? LOL, he didn’t do the one playful little kiss, which by the way he has only done in about half of his 70 US shows anyway. His hip shaking and body rolling during the dance songs was maybe a little pronounced. His dancers wore a little bit more so they didn’t have bare midriffs. Other than that, it was the exact same show. The government and the media were both ridiculous in their coverage of this, as if Adam’s show is all about shocking, when really it’s just playful and fun and all about the SINGING.

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