Adam Lambert’s Whole Lotta Love AND MORE!

THIS is a perfect example of why Adam Lambert is in the final on American Idol, and why Snarkista will be wearing out her phones just like she did last year for David Cook. Holy freaking crap, you are BORN with this kind of talent. Zepplin lives! Idol is thanking it’s lucky STARS they didn’t screw this one up.

And here’s an early gem from Adam with none other than Val Kilmer onstage. Fantastic performance… gotta respect those pipes.

2 thoughts on “Adam Lambert’s Whole Lotta Love AND MORE!”

  1. I totally agree,
    ADAM is the next AMERICAN IDOL. In addition to the above performances you have listed, I listened to three performances that should convince his greatest critics that this young man is a star, and that he doesn’t just scream. The three performances I am referring to are: Come Home, The Prayer, and last but not least Come to Me, Bend To Me, from brigadoon. His performance rivals that of the original star of Brigadoon, Mr. Gene Kelly. I have heard there is an anti-Adam christian boycott. I can only hope and pray this is not true, I am a christian, and I will be voting for ADAM. If you vote for Kris because you truly believe he is more talented, okay. But don’t boycott ADAM because of rumors of his sexuality. Even if he is gay, That doesn’t change the fact that this young man was born with a God given talent,and to vote against him for that reason is not christian, it is hypocritical. We are not being asked to agree with his lifestyle, whatever it should be, We are being asked to vote on the most talent, and that in my opinion is ADAM. To all my fellow ADAM fans, More than ever, WE NEED TO VOTE, and VOTE, and VOTE….And to my fellow christians, Please judge ADAM on his talent, and leave any other judgements to GOD. ADAM dserves our VOTES WE CANNOT LET HIM DOWN, HE HAS NOT ONCE, LET US DOWN, PLEASE VOTE AND MAKE THIS THE LANDSLIDE IT SHOULD BE. And remember “Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged” and “Love One Another, As I Have Loved You”……

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