Adam Levine “SNL” Monologue Features Cameron Diaz, Jerry Seinfeld, video below. Adam Levine opened his “Saturday Night Live” hosting duties with a monologue riffing on “The Voice.” Surprise guests Andy Samberg,Cameron Diaz, and Jerry Seinfeld each spun around in chairs, offering Levine advice and offering to become his “ acting coach.”

“I’ve dealt with my fair share of singers turned actors,” Samberg joked. “Timberlake or whatever.” Cameron Diaz, as the Aguilera of the crew, stepped in to make her case as to why Levine should join her team. “If you want to succeed in comedy you have to check your pride at the door,” Diaz stated.

By the end of the segment, Levine had his shirt off. Following great advice, of course.

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