Alaskan camping not Kate Gosselin’s cup of tea

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is not something I’d normally tune in to watch, but when Kate Gosselin shows up, you know there’s bound to be ridiculous drama there, so I made an exception.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Gosselin made a complete fool of herself right from the beginning, agreeing to the camping trip knowing that it was in Alaska, and then complaining the entire time that it was… a camping trip in Alaska.

She whined that her toes were cold, she whined about being bitten by bugs, she whined about the lack of paper towels, and then in true Gosselin style, she gave up even before the day was out and took the kids back to the airport, despite the fact that everyone aside from Kate was having a great time.  For someone who really needs to improve her public image, she’s heading completely in the opposite direction.