Amanda Bynes Hit and Run Could Lead to Jail Time

The latest Amanda Bynes hit and run could lead to the actress spending some serious time in the slammer. Amanda Bynes, 26, has been charged with two counts of hit and run by the Los Angeles police. If she doesn’t manage to evade the charges, she could possibly face up to a year in prison.

The latest Amanda Bynes hit and run allegedly happened on August 4. A woman filed a police report claiming the actress rear-ended her car and then fled the scene without leaving her insurance information. This was the second alleged Amanda Bynes hit and run accident this year.

Back on April 10, Amanda Bynes was involved in another alleged hit and run accident after she reportedly whacked another vehicle with her rental car on a Los Angeles freeway and then drove off. Bynes found herself in trouble with police again in June after she was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.

“I don’t drink,” Bynes Tweeted at the time in a message very strangely directed at the Barack Obama presidential campaign. “Please fire the cop who arrested me.”

Due to the previous Amanda Bynes hit and run and her history of reckless driving, the Los Angeles attorney’s office decided to file charges against the actress for both accidents.

Bynes could face up to a year in jail if she is convicted in both hit and run incidents. She is scheduled to appear in court in Van Nuys, Calif. on September 27.

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