American Idol 2012: Colton Dixon ‘Bad Romance’ (Video)

On American Idol 2012 this week, all of the top 7 contestants were back again to sing for their lives after the judges used their save last week to keep Jessica Sanchez from going home.

Despite still having to go up against six other contestants on American Idol 2012, it is unlikely to that will be a problem for Colton Dixon, who is currently rated a strong favorite by the fans online for making the final two.

On tonight’s American Idol 2012, the top 7 contestants were asked to perform songs from ‘now’ and ‘then’. For his first song, Colton Dixon performed Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” with a distinctively rocker flair. Unfortunately, I thought the version of the song was a bit weak and kind of off pitch in places. I love Colton, but I don’t think this was one of his strongest performances.

American Idol 2012 judge Randy Jackson thought Colton Dixon was “in the zone” but it wasn’t his best performance, although the interpretation of the song was “so smart.” Jennifer Lopez thought it was an exciting performance and Steven Tyler told Colton to keep taking chances and pushing the envelope.

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