American Idol 2012: Did Hollie Cavanagh Do Enough to Save Herself? (VIDEO)

Hollie Cavanagh has been struggling for weeks on American Idol 2012 to connect with the voters without much success. Week after week, it has been a question if Cavanagh will make it through to the next American Idol season 11 round. This week, the beautiful blond took a big risk with her song on 80’s night to try to impress the judges and the voters. Did it pay off?


Hollie Cavanagh managed to squeak into the American Idol 2012 top 8, but it is still a huge question of whether or not she will make it through to next week. She and fellow underdog DeAndre Brackensick are neck to neck when it comes to odds on who will go home this week.

For her song tonight, the golden girl with the not always so golden voice made a bit of a strange choice of song when she chose “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara from the movie Flashdance. I say the choice was odd because it was so atypical for Cavanagh and it is a very energetic, emotive song — not really the kind of thing I see Hollie doing well with.

Unfortunately, she did indeed fail to pull off the song. Hollie Cavanagh was much too stiff for the very upbeat, vibrant song all about celebration and movement. The judges across the board told Cavanagh she seriously needs to loosen up and go with her gut and her heart on stage.

“You are listening to what everyone is telling you, you have to let it go, with the movement it felt like you don’t let go, you have to free fall, you have to feel it from your haeart and soul,” Jennifer Lopez told Cavanagh.

Judge Randy Jackson agreed, telling Cavanagh: “You have the talent, your voice is amazing. I think you have to stop thinking and live it.” Steven Tyler was more blunt than usual in his critique of the 18-year-old singer, telling her flat out that her “pitch was all over the place” but kindly added that her songs “are always great at the end.”

Hollie Cavanagh did somewhat better in her duet with DeAndre Brackensick on “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters, but I don’t think it was nearly enough to save her from ending up in the bottom three… and very possibly going home this week.

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