American Idol 2012 Elimination Prediction: Who Will Make the Top 6?

Who will make it to the American Idol 2012 top 6 on Thursday night? We have our prediction for who will be going home on the American Idol elimination results show tonight and doubt it will be much of a shock to anyone. However, the voters are always surprising us and you can’t ever be quite sure what they will do…

Who will we say got voted off American Idol at the end of the night? Here’s our pick for the eliminated contestant of the night. Based on their overall track record on the show and their performances last night, here is our ranking of the contestants for the American Idol elimination results show this week:

Totally safe:

Jessica Sanchez
Colton Dixon

Possibly bottom three but safe:

Joshua Ledet
 Elise Testone

Possibly bottom two but safe:

Phillip Phillips
Skylar Laine

Going home:

Hollie Cavanagh

The bottom three is a bit harder to predict this week because Phillip Phillips, a former favorite, had a weak performance last night and he’s been slipping in recent weeks. He could very well find himself sliding down into the bottom three or even bottom two. Skylar Laine, on the other hand, has been wavering between great and not so good performances and her fan base seems wobbly, but somewhat solid.

Even Elise Testone or Joshua Ledet could possibly fall to the bottom three despite her totally rocking performance on American Idol last night. Heck, I’m not even that confident on Colton Dixon either, although I’m pretty sure Jessica Sanchez won’t be visiting the bottom three any time soon.

Regardless of who does end up in the bottom three, I just can’t really see any way that Hollie Cavanagh will not be the loser on Thursday night’s American Idol 2012 results show. She has been consistently in the bottom forever and her performance last night was universally disliked by the judges (and the majority of the blogging public apparently).

If Hollie ends up on the bottom and has to sing for the judges, I absolutely expect the judges will not use their save to keep her in the competition. Sadly, I think there is just no hope for Hollie to continue this week. Still, those voters can be a little crazy … you never know what sort of wild thing might happen when those American Idol phone numbers start ringing!

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8 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Elimination Prediction: Who Will Make the Top 6?”

  1. The winners have been decided right from the beginning.   Josh and Jessica.     It is so fixed this year.  I’m done watching it.

  2. Hollie’s singing was better than fine – the ‘judging’ is a total farce, utter rubbish. The judges know it and didn’t even bother to conceal it.

    btw – I’m literally throwing out my copy of Aerosmith’s Toy’s In The Attic, supposedly a classic rock album. There are 1000’s of  other superior albums…

  3. Face facts, its gonna be Phillip, Colton, Skyler,  not ness in that order. Personally I like Phillip he does need to change it up a bit and I would be surprised if he didnt.  I love Elise but she is not that popular. And the Judges are just annoying this year dont tell me what to do!!!!! lol

  4. The judges are afraid to be as honest as Simon Cowell.  He wasn’t “nice”, but he was “right”.  Mandisa from 2006 was grossly overweight & Simon asked her if they should build a bigger stage.  She said it hurt her, but motivated her to stop using food to protect herself from men, having been raped as a youth.  Today she’s 100 lbs. lighter & calls Simon about her progress  & he tells her he’s proud of her.  If Simon was as lame as these judges where would Mandisa be?  Hollie is great, GREAT.  But the judges have their favorites (Jessica/Joshua) & protect them.  But we’ll see how America feels about that…..hopefully they get 6th & 7th places.  

  5. I think it was about as fixed as AI judges could pull off last year as well. I believe they wanted Lauren A. for the win, ( can not for life of me figure out why) after Pia left. Anyway Scotty’s fan base was too strong to allow the judges fav for a walk, but I do think they did Haley and James D. very wrong thus running their agenda for LA quite successfully… If it had not been for Scotty, AI would have suffered viewer loss and they have no problem taking responsibility for him now….I also believe they have agenda for Jessica and Josh this yr and possibly Phillip….While I’m not big Elise fan,I think they are treating  her just like they did Haley last yr.  They are way too obvious in their personal favs and feedback is inappropriate most of the time…I think Jimmy has better perspective and I never see him w/a personal agenda. Not a fan of rock either but was disgusted that Colton didn’t get op for save last nite as judges had already used it for Jessica (yeah good voice but sooo boring)….they were saving it for her or Josh all along knowing they were going to need it apparently. Obviously clear by now I am a country fan and think Skylar, the best female country artist AI has had in finals since Carrie….I’ve been reading her history and they are not encouraging her in way that would best help her show  her range, etc….they praise her…but it’s not real useful IMO…..and once she goes, I’m gone also . They really are doing the same with PP, lots of praise so he’s not too motivated to chg much…He is good but is so narrow in his appeal.  Someone was commenting about Simon Cowell, I would have loved to have had him comment to LA… the prancing tutu last yr and then this yr to all of them….acutually all cld benefit from him in both seasons….I’ve only viewed for last two yrs,  but I can’t stand another season of J-lo’s goosies and Tyler’s just beautifuls.  I hope Jessica and Josh go home the next two wks and in that order.

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