American Idol 2012 Elimination Predictions: Top 7 Redux

No one is safe on the American Idol 2012 elimination results show Thursday night. Fans learned last week when former favorite Jessica Sanchez was suddenly thrown into the bottom spot that just about anything can and will happen when the voters speak. So who will get voted off American Idol 2012 on the elimination results show this week?

My American Idol predictions for the past few weeks have been totally wrong, which tends to drive me just a little bit nuts since I’m usually pretty on the ball with these things. So trying to make an American Idol 2012 prediction for the elimination results show on Thursday this week was troublesome, especially after the craziness of last week’s results.

For the ‘safe’ ones this week, I really believe Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet will not end up in the bottom three of the American Idol 2012 elimination results show this time because I think their fans will be voting in spades to prevent a repeat of last week. I also think Phillip Phillips will probably be safe because he gave really great performances this week, even though he has been dragging a bit in the past few weeks.

Twice now my American Idol predictions have guessed that Hollie Cavanagh would go home after she ended up multiple times in the bottom three due to repeat weak performances. Twice I have been wrong. Last week, not only did Hollie Cavanagh NOT go home, she did not even end up in the bottom three!

So regardless of how I feel about Hollie Cavanagh in comparison to the rest of the singers, I refuse to lay my American Idol prediction for elimination this week on her again. I do think she will slip back into the bottom three this week, but I don’t think she will end up going home despite my opinion that she is the weakest remaining singer. (Not because of her pipes, but because of her stiffness and lack of stage presence.) I know plenty of you disagree with me, but that’s free speech and I’ve expressed mine. Feel free to express yours!

Instead, this week my American Idol elimination results prediction is going to be a somewhat painful one for me. I really rather like this contestant and I think she has more soul, power and pure talent than Hollie, but her consistency is not great and she just can’t seem to connect with a solid fan base. Sadly though, I think it will be Elise Testone who gets the boot tonight.

I honestly would not mind being wrong with my American Idol prediction for elimination this week and see Hollie Cavanagh go home, or even Skylar Laine — who I think might also be in the bottom three. I like Skylar Laine, but I’m a bit over her at this point because she is just too predictable in her song choices and her performance style.

If, however, the voters pull another fast one and suddenly throw out Joshua Ledet or Colton Dixon, I will be one cranky American Idol 2012 fan. Who do you think will be going home in the American Idol 2012 elimination results show on Thursday? Let us know in the comments section below.

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31 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Elimination Predictions: Top 7 Redux”

  1. I think the judges are completely out of step with what America thinks. They praise the over singers, Joshua and Jessica. In the real world these 2 would not sell nearly as many records as Colton, who the Judges reemed last night for a brilliant performance of “Dancing in September”. I for one miss Simon, because he always kept it to the real world of music. The current judges have no concept of what is really good music.  

  2. I really like the Judges but lately not so much.  I think they over-reacted with Jessica.  She is an excellent singer, but I don’t think the American Idol.  It is the people’s choice and we should not be told who to vote for.  We all have our own likes and dislikes and no matter how good a singer is – it may just not be appealing to some people.  That’s why we vote.  My favorites are:   Holly, Colin and Skylar.  They are all really good – it’s going to be some contest right to the end.  The Judges did do a great job of getting good talent this year – best year yet!!

  3. When you said Hollie is the worst on idol this year not because of her pipes? This confuses me because I thought American idol was supposed to find the best singer? I might be wrong. If you are saying the best performer should win, then Joshua should be gone. He wouldn’t sell any records, he doesn’t sing music that America would listen too.

  4. really! do you think that they do not know how to look good voices their judges quality of voice, maybe your personal opinionated you do not know how to see  the quality of voice.i know some the american there is an racial discrimination they do not how to look good singers,where is the winner before nothing.Gods knows give her talents but the people lived there doesn’t how to look good voice. 

  5. yo! the judges not over acting with Jessica they knows who deserving wins in the american idol she has good quality voice and good singer but the problem who lived in the american people we all know that there is racial discrimination they knows because her fil-mex-merican why give another chance show her good talents.i know all of them good singer but there is a one who best winner to win this contest

  6. Poor English, but I agree with Wonder Woman.  What is pop right now often has little to do with the art of singing.  The judges are a bit to kind in general, but Jimmy keeps it real.  Jessica IS the best singer.  She’s young and will only get better.  Don’t count her out in the long run.  She may end up sellings millions or records.

  7. Jessica and Joshua should be the last two remaining idolletes. Unfortunately for Joshua his  voice and style are no longer that popular today. In the case of Jessica, her type of voice and her style are current plus Jessica can also unleash pitch perfect powerful one. She plays with her voice with much ease. Someone call her a Diva Princess and I definitely agree.

  8. American Idol is not a talent show but a popularity contest. You get the votes based not so much on your singing quality but on your looks.

  9. Every time I watch Jessica perform, it’s as if I’m in a concert.  For me, she’s got the whole package.. she can sing like a Pro and move like a diva. I don’t quite understand where the lack of emotions which JLo was saying is coming from.. i really don’t.. Jessica takes every song as her own! i jus hope america can see that :)) 

  10. Every time I watch Jessica perform, it’s as if I’m in a concert.  For me, she’s got the whole package.. she can sing like a Pro and move like a diva. I don’t quite understand where the lack of emotions which JLo was saying is coming from.. i really don’t.. Jessica takes every song as her own! I just hope america sees that :)) 

  11. I really miss Simon. He was great. He will tell you the truth even if it is hard to hear. Jennifer said people vote for who they like. I think that’s exactly what she does. I felt sad that they put Hollie against Jessica. Hollie has a great voice especially lately and she changed her look . I also felt sad that they put Philip against Colton. They are all very different from each other. On the other hand, Joshua has no voice but Jennifer thinks he is so hot. I wish this competition was about singing only  

  12. I think Jennifer Lopez should go home.  I am tired of this bimbo reading notes that have probably been written for her, when making comments about a contestant.  She contributes nothing to the show.  I’m sure Randy and Steven will continue to blow in her ears and give her refills…that’s about all she has.   

  13. I think it is time 3 new judges who can call it what it is and a lot of time it is crap. Maybe Jimmy needs to be a judge!

  14. If this show is to last it needs to give serious feedback to the contestants to keep the show developing each season as a more professional and watchable event. And yes I agree with many above the judges suck and play favorites, get real or go home!

  15. If you look back at previous years the best singer doesn’t always win, it is who gets the most votes for whatever reason. The top 10 all get a chance to show their talents and maybe a shot at a career. The judges responsibility is to provide the professional feedback to make the most of what they have and then need to go as far as they can on the show and after.
    How many idols or even top ten (there have been a 100 already) have made it in the business
    maybe they should bring back one or two of the successful ones as judges to keep it real and current as the show is boring 

    And for gods sake help them with song choices and stop singing songs I have before!!!!!

  16. guys – there you go again. never mind wonder woman’s  poorly stated comments above, what matters most is that she expressed her sincere thoughts about AI and the voting public. i just hope that America heeds to Randy’s advice – vote the best singer. After all, AI is about looking for the best singing talent.

  17. FTI…the whole putting Jessica and Josh in the bottom last week was a scam..
     They did it on purpose to get more votes the following weeks coming. Look at dial idol and see for yourself and i know someone who works on set and they did last weeks bottom on purpose. trust me. and btw….hollie can sing…isn’t thar what this ia competition is about? hello

  18. It is obvious every one is entitled to their opinion.  Joshua has a dynamic and powerful voice and is an awesome performer who shows real emotion. This boy is in touch with his music and as always, He gets a standing ovation and that my friend is called TALENT!!!!

  19. Something wrong with your ears or the judges plus the mentor Jimmy in telling that Hollie can sing, she has the powerful voice , but she doesn’t know how to control it.

  20. I think Jessica should win. She has awesome voice and I don’t really watch AI but when I heard her sing OMG she is really, really good. She is humble also. She deserves to win. I know God is with her when she sings. God bless Jessica. I’ll vote for you all the way. I’ve never done this voting thing before. Prayers for you Jessica.

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