No one is safe on the American Idol 2012 elimination results show Thursday night. Fans learned last week when former favorite Jessica Sanchez was suddenly thrown into the bottom spot that just about anything can and will happen when the voters speak. So who will get voted off American Idol 2012 on the elimination results show this week?

My American Idol predictions for the past few weeks have been totally wrong, which tends to drive me just a little bit nuts since I’m usually pretty on the ball with these things. So trying to make an American Idol 2012 prediction for the elimination results show on Thursday this week was troublesome, especially after the craziness of last week’s results.

For the ‘safe’ ones this week, I really believe Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet will not end up in the bottom three of the American Idol 2012 elimination results show this time because I think their fans will be voting in spades to prevent a repeat of last week. I also think Phillip Phillips will probably be safe because he gave really great performances this week, even though he has been dragging a bit in the past few weeks.

Twice now my American Idol predictions have guessed that Hollie Cavanagh would go home after she ended up multiple times in the bottom three due to repeat weak performances. Twice I have been wrong. Last week, not only did Hollie Cavanagh NOT go home, she did not even end up in the bottom three!

So regardless of how I feel about Hollie Cavanagh in comparison to the rest of the singers, I refuse to lay my American Idol prediction for elimination this week on her again. I do think she will slip back into the bottom three this week, but I don’t think she will end up going home despite my opinion that she is the weakest remaining singer. (Not because of her pipes, but because of her stiffness and lack of stage presence.) I know plenty of you disagree with me, but that’s free speech and I’ve expressed mine. Feel free to express yours!

Instead, this week my American Idol elimination results prediction is going to be a somewhat painful one for me. I really rather like this contestant and I think she has more soul, power and pure talent than Hollie, but her consistency is not great and she just can’t seem to connect with a solid fan base. Sadly though, I think it will be Elise Testone who gets the boot tonight.

I honestly would not mind being wrong with my American Idol prediction for elimination this week and see Hollie Cavanagh go home, or even Skylar Laine — who I think might also be in the bottom three. I like Skylar Laine, but I’m a bit over her at this point because she is just too predictable in her song choices and her performance style.

If, however, the voters pull another fast one and suddenly throw out Joshua Ledet or Colton Dixon, I will be one cranky American Idol 2012 fan. Who do you think will be going home in the American Idol 2012 elimination results show on Thursday? Let us know in the comments section below.

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