American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 3: Who Got Voted Off?

On the American Idol 2012 results show for Thursday night’s elimination, fans will finally find out which of the remaining top 3 contestants — Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, and Joshua Ledet — will make it through to the final round. Who will make the top 2 and have the chance to compete to become the American Idol 2012 winner? Who got voted off American Idol this week in the dreaded 3rd place spot? Read on in our American Idol 2012 live results show recap and find out!


Please stop reading here if you have not seen Thursday night’s episode and do not want to know who was voted off American Idol 2012 this week!

In my American Idol 2012 predictions for this week’s elimination results show, I really did not know who to cheer for and hope would make it through to the final two. Honestly, I think any of the remaining three contestants deserve to make the American Idol 2012 finale. While I do not agree that this is the best American Idol top 3 ever, as some fans (and judges) have claimed, I do think they are all strong singers who could have very bright future careers.

Honestly, if you put the American Idol 2012 top 3 up against The Voice 2012 top 3, I think the American Idol contestants would look a little less shiny than they do just competing amongst each other. Still, I do think Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips all have the chops to be successful in the music industry. In many ways it doesn’t even seem fair to compare them since all three are so extremely different in voice, style, genre and audience appeal.

With that said, we did have to make a call for our American Idol 2012 predictions this week and when it came down to it, I felt it would be the guys who would duke it out in the bottom two. They may not actually tell us who the bottom two are, electing only to reveal who got voted off American Idol 2012 this week, but I am going to bet it will be the two guys. In a face off between Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet, my American Idol prediction for this week was that Joshua Ledet would be the one to go home. Not because he is the lesser singer or performer, but because I feel he just doesn’t have as much of an overly rabid fan base as Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips do.

I will admit right now, however, I do believe the voters could pull a fast one and do just about anything on tonight’s American Idol 2012 results show on elimination night. So let’s get right along to our American Idol 2012 live results show recap and find out what happened!

Here we go, the show is starting and soon we’ll find out who the top 2 finalists are at last!

Tonight on American Idol 2012, we will find out which two contestants will make it through to the finale, and which unfortunate singer will go home. To kick off the evening, the top 3 — Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, and Joshua Ledet — perform “Got To Get You In My Life” by the Beatles.

The finalists are all now nervously waiting to hear the results, as are we. Of course, we’ll have to sit through performances by Adam Lambert and Lisa Marie Presley before we get the final results!

First up to the center of the stage, we have Joshua Ledet. I don’t expect we’ll actually get any results this early in the show though. Jimmy Iovine talks about Joshua Ledet’s performances last night.

Jimmy Iovine thinks it was a good night for Joshua Ledet, but not his best night. He gives him an 8 out of 10 for his first performance, it was good but not great and didn’t deserve a standing ovation from the judges. Jimmy Iovine says he didn’t really like Joshua doing “Imagine” and thought it wasn’t the right song for him — like leaving a Ferrari in first gear on a racetrack. (Apparently disagreeing with a huge slew of his fans.) As for the last song, “No More Drama”, Jimmy Iovine thinks it lacked a big moment and Joshua needed more melody. Overall though, he did well and 100 percent should be in anyone’s finale.

Host Ryan Seacrest sends Joshua Ledet back to the couches. There will be no results yet. Instead, we have Lisa Marie Presley singing her new single “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

Jessica Sanchez is up next for an evaluation by Jimmy Iovine. He thinks her Mariah Carey “My All” song was not enough to win the competition, it did not inspire an awe moment. On her second song, “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith, Jimmy says he was looking for more than she gave. She really needs to have a hugely magical moment to win. On her last song choice, “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson Five, Jimmy thinks the song choice, which he picked because she sometimes reminds him of a young Michael Jackson, hurt Jessica but she did okay. Jessica has enough talent to sing on the Grammys but it will be all about the songs whether she makes it to the winner’s circle.

Now we have American Idol alumni Adam Lambert performing his new single “Never Close Our Eyes” off his upcoming album Trespassing.

Phillip Phillips is the last one to receive his Jimmy Iovine evaluation. Jimmy thinks “Beggin’ was entertaining, fun and Phillips’ sound continues to become more original. His second song was risky and that was good, but Jummy thought it was a yawner and not the right song for this point in the competition. The last song, however, was the best song Phillip has done in the competition so far and he won the night, hit notes Jimmy didn’t think he could; Jimmy was geniunely knocked out by it.

All three are now coming to center stage and our results are final going to be announced!

The first person who will be safe is… Jessica Sanchez!

The next person who will be going through is… Phillip Phillips!

That means Joshua Ledet is going home tonight and he takes to the stage to perform “This Is a Man’s World” before leaving the Idol stage for the last time.

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips are your American Idol 2012 top 2!

Jessica Sanchez


Joshua Ledet
Phillip Phillips


Joshua Ledet

There we have it, the fans have spoken and now we know who got voted off American Idol 2012 this week. What do you think of the American Idol 2012 top 2? Do you think the voters got it wrong? Who would you have picked, of all the American Idol top 12, to be in the finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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114 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 3: Who Got Voted Off?”

  1. how slow are snark at getting the stupid bad result posted up on here? deaf americans have voted probably the best singer in the usa off the comp

  2. Nooo! I voted last night specifically for Joshua! Oh well, he’ll sign with someone.

  3. good job. ledet voted off. he had overdone all the songs that he sung during the competition. too much of everything is poison. tha’s what you got ledet, going overboard. 

  4. Jessica should have gone home. She’s got the voice but her personality is flat as a pancake.

  5. Josh was the best.  The kid was brilliant. Phil came in a close second. Jessica should have left 4 weeks ago

  6. this is all the judges fault especially randy for being so biased for josh..  the people love underdogs..

  7. I agree. If Jessica wins ….. this will be another case where the runners up are more successful that the winner.

  8. worst decision ever made on idol ever!!!! josh should have won the competion phillip phillips should be singing at a corner bar. very dissapointed hopefully he will get a offer anyways he is awsome!

  9. jessica deserves to be in the top two with her amazing vocals. and she’ll be the last one standing as steven tyler predicted. she’ll be the next american idol. this girl has all the chops to win the competition. 

  10. Josh is a fantastic singer!  He will have no problem making a career for himself.  He should be very proud!

  11. Sometimes its not about who really has the most powerful voice, american idol is about looking for the most marketable singer.. Do you think joshua can be like usher or neyo that has been adored by a lot of young girls, philip can do that, jessica can be a diva like beyonce..i think this is the best finale…

  12. they should have voted off for philip instead of joshua!
    It would be nice to see Jessica and Joshua on stage, battling for the title. I think Jessica will be the next american idol!

  13. This is a singing competition… not a personality competition! Plus, maybe you should watch her interviews before you conclude to that. She is a sweet and bubbly 16 year old. Just because she isn’t an obnoxious teenager like most Americans, it doesn’t mean she’s boring.

  14. Woopwoop!!!I love Jessica’s fans!!!She’s gonna win American Idol Season 11!!!

  15. Joshua deserved to be going home. Nothing he did except screaming and not good to the ear. It breaks my eardrum. I am a musician and I knew what is music all about. Jessica is the best.

  16. america got it wrong, wrong, wrong. phillips sang one song really, really good in the entire competition, and was in the bottom two, three times.  his singing was so drab and boring.  I always  looked forward in hearing what joshua sings each week.  I knew he was going to get voted off when I could not get through the lines last night. set up, setup, setup.  after all, it was so called predicted who will win.  it’s no competition between phillips and jessica.  jessica definitely will win.  That’s it for me.  I won’t be watching the rest of the show.

  17. Give Jessica a break – she’s 16 for cryin’ out loud! How much personality do MOST 16 year olds have at that age? She’s got the talent, and the rest will follow. This is a singing contest, and now for the final we have the worst singer, PP, and one of the three best ever singers on Idol, Jessica. I am happy that I won’t have to leave the room when that effeminate jumping bean Joshua screams his way through another song. There is no way he will be a hit, anywhere. He will have to tone down to a whisper to make it, or do duets with Adam Lambert. Maybe instead of “Queen”, they can be “two Queens”.

  18. Nope. You’re one of the stupid fan girls who wants to suck Philipp’s banana. You hardly. Have a taste. In music.

  19. im very very disapointed i will not be watching the show no more im done as far as im concerned the show has ended for me people dont no how to vote sad sad 

  20. It is probably the best thing that could have happened to Joshua. He will have a contract and will sell many, many CD’s. I will buy his music, but I hope he adds an gospel album in his repertoire. It is an if and only an if for me to purchase anything from Phillip.

    I will not buy or support Jessica. Her singing is nothing new. She pretends that she has had no training, but coming from San Diego, Chula Vista, being home schooled, that schooling was sing about learning to sing, stage presence, hand movements. She is one of many who will now come along to seek idol fame. After the idol noise has calmed down, you will never hear about her anymore.

  21. DON””””””””””’T have any thing too say!iIthink the judges known who  was going to be voted off. that why jennifer going off the show.because she know it was gioing too be some mess! joshua best singer ever but it”s god !will .the reason i say is because god got something big and better for him.

  22. neither Jessica nor Phillip deserve to be the winner.  It sucks.  Josuah has more talent and personality that the two of them put together.  I am sure that he will get a contract and go on with a very sucessful career.  I like many others will not be watching the finals now

  23. after all the criticism, id rather see jessica sanchez go home than to see her criticising by other people. but we all know who got the real talent. dnt be so deaf people. i know you are fan of blah blah. so who cares? you know, jessica has the best n widest range of vocal ability.periiod

  24. Josh should have made it all you voters who voted philip just because he is cute you guys suck Joshua was way better then jessica sanchez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I happen to be a neighbor of Jessica’s and her personality is not flat!  She becomes better and better every year.  She’ll be kickin’ it by the time she reaches 20, if not before!  She has a very versatible style.  You ain’t seen nothing yet!     

  26. joshua should be on top 2, it should be philip voted out as it would be interesting to hear J&J performing at the finale.

  27. joshua should have been on top 2. philip should be voted out as it is quite interesting to hear J&J performing at the finale…

  28. jessica sanchez is the winner she has no compition and yes josh was not all that im surprise he last that long and yes what is wrong with the ears out there

  29. No, the judges purposely praised Joshua….they wanted to find out where the power really was.  Obviously, judges did not sway the public!

  30. That’s what you got when you ALWAYS sing with a choir almost every performance.

    At least for Phillip and Jessica they’re  uniqueness brought them to the top.

    Let’s just see who wins the title next week.

  31. whatever..!!!america already made their decision..,voted joshua off!he’s got a great voice but its not just about growling and screaming right???which he does every week,so lets just hope that jessica will make it to top 1,because she deserves it period.!

  32. I think the result is fair enough! Josh style doest  fit the real word latest demand.

  33. You’re right, but unfortunately it comes down to popularity.  Jessica’s already won with her vocals, though PP has the unique style.  To me, knowing Jessica’s ability, a tie wouldn’t surprise me… but we all know it comes down to just one taking the Title.

  34. good thing josh is GONE,we dont want a screaming ugly fag to be an idol…Only adam lambert have the right to be a fag idol cause he is beautiful.

  35. Really people. Josh was ok but he screams every song. There is noooo way I could listen to a whole cd of that. I would rip my hair out. The only way he will do good is if he does a gospel cd and that’s about it. Jessica is soooo boring.

  36. I thought of that. We can call it “the clash of the Js” for the finals. Philip should have been voted off! He will get his chance somewhere else.

  37. If he’s that good, he’s already signed…. If no takers after all his exposure, say la vee, he wasn’t that good.  Stay tuned……

  38. Let’s be fair, Joshua didn’t “deserve” to go home. He is a good performer and singer to people who like his style. Unfortunately, one has to go each week. 

  39. A 16 year old is not going to win. That would mess up her whole life. Let the young girl live her high school years out, and she will sign with someone eventually. Josh should of won, a great singer, Phillip Phillips. Cone on eBay a name first off, and he has one sound bad choice this year.

  40. Wake up, JLo is not leaving because of that.  What does she care??  Yup, I’m sure god’s waiting just for him… give me a break.  (And yes, you can bet, the judges know LOTS we don’t!)

  41. Omg, 1st off, all you commenters need to learn to WRITE/SPEAK aka grammar because half of you guys talk like you dropped out in 2nd grade & forgot everything. Second, the person with J repeating in their name, stop calling people dick/c0ck suckers & stupid fans. Obviously you’re a stupid fan who’s obsessed w/Josh because you’re upset he’s kicked off while others like the other people – SHUT UP! Lastly, Josh should’ve gotten kicked off, he screamed & yelled & hollered & jumped around while “singing” & called this “performing”. I’m sure he’ll still get a contract, probably a better one actually, anyway, so get over it.

  42. That’s just wrong! He had the best voice! I would have voted for him if I voted.

  43. Uhm…no. You could say people voted just because Josh was cute too if he stayed (but he’s not) so that’s a broken playing field you’re playing there. Sorry.

  44. I’m stunned.  Joshua deserved to WIN.  I did vote.  To those who don’t think he’s the best.  I guess you don’t respect the judges then huh… no one else got even close to the number of standing O’s that he got.   

  45. You people amaze me that you can be so critical and hate any of those 3. Those are three of the most talented people our country has produced and I’d trade places with any of them in a heartbeat. Joshua is great and any one of the three could have made it, but Joshua would have to have been head and shoulders above the rest, (and he was not) to have won, because let’s face it. America still has a problem backing the black man. Philip is amazing and I could listen to him all day. Jessica is the real deal. She is the next Streisand.

  46. Thank god! Josh is gone! They say all Phillip does is yell? Joshua just kept on screaming through every song. And the judges enjoyed him?

  47. She has NOT always been home-schooled.  She’s attended the regular elementery and junior high schools as most other kids until recently.  She’s educated, comes from a respectable family, and is much like any other teenager.   

  48. He sucks…he made it this far cuz JLO brainwashed voters! Sooooo glad he went home! Yay!

  49. Drama but anyways the show is to find americas favorite singer anc america has spoken

  50. IT should be Jessica and Joshua in the finals.  OMG not another boring Lee DeWyze this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  51. Josuah will end up with a recording contract and prove to all that he deserves his success.  Jimmy will make sure of that.  As for the  rude comments about Josuah they will be ignored by many

  52. I think their are voting techniques that allow people to manipulate the results through automated voting. The other is just like any other voting situation. The most motivated voters get out the vote. IE the 12-17 year old girls. So I hope Phillip can attract enough young girls or the saved idol will win. Josh was the best since Lambert who got scr—ed also.

  53. Actually, it is his own fans. The voting is for the contestant to stay and not to be voted off. they got complacent since he gets all the standing ovation (most are deserving). they did not realize he is not that popular as the judges and the producers would have us think. But it is not the end ofr Joshua, he’ll make great records.

  54. Don,t worry about Joshua. History shows that the idol winner isn’t always the “winner”. He do just fine. Even thought I don’t give crap about any of the top 3… Dry your tears. Take a chill pill… Get over it already!

  55. Joshua has more talent than the two he just didnt have the supporters because of his churchy style of singing he can blow the two of them out the water

  56. Phillip should have gone home weeks ago. This really sucks, he has no real style and as far as everyone I know says his singing sucks!!!!!! Josh puts phillip to shame in every way possible. I hope Jessica takes the title just to put that punk in his place. Plus she has amazing talent, especially for someone her age.

  57. I would suck Phillips banana, allll night long, but then again, I would suck that little lawn gnome Ryan Seacrest off too.
    Hell, all the men posting on snark, get in line. Xoxoxoxo

  58. yeah we got it its for finally now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go jrsica filpinos peolple loves you so much go for the gold bring home the bacon JESSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAA

  59. HEY THIS NOT A MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT THIS IS american idol think of it if your contestant has been gone then sorry hehehe huhuh but all we need is jessica is the the last contestant will standing of………

  60. I laugh as all you guys know nothing about a singing competition or about the skills that it takes to do what Joshua has done since the beginning.  Joshua was by far the most talented singer on the show.  PP’s is by far the most original and Jessica is dull.  She can sing like every other lounge person out there.  I actually heard a girl that was 12 years old the other day that sang the same Whitney Houston song as Jessica but she sang it better.  So that is my opinion, and sorry for the grammer since I am sending this from a phone!

  61. I can’t believe that America is voting for a cocky, self centered folk singer. He can’t hold a note. His veins pop when he sings.

  62. Joshua will always be a winner, I know the contracts will be knocking at his door, some things  happen for a reason and I look forward to his first CD, look at Adam Lambert, Chris  D, Clay Atkins and a few others all have successful music careers. I wish him the best.      

  63. Really? The very reason why AI gave the SAVE RULE to the judges for a very valid purpose. Before season 8, several deserving contestants (Jhud, Christ Daughtry, Michael Johns, Tamyra Gray, etc.) went home early because America got it wrong.  The whole point of the competition is that America will vote for who they want to save and if someone the judges think deserves will be given another chance. This time, the judges got it right. And if Jessica wins this season, this rule will surely be justified. 

  64. Maybe Jessica could come back when she actually gets a personality then. LOL

  65. Well said! Everything happens for a reason. I enjoyed the show and the top finalist. Congrats to you all who challenged theirselves to the end. Hard work really does pay off.

    Ps what’s for you is for you!

  66. jondolar…bitternesss ? hahahahaha Jessica is in the Finale hahahahah complain anything you want.. she’s going to get the Crown !! hahahahahahahahahah zzzzzzzzzzzz

  67. ay apo nalalaing da amin adu ammu u mt 
    they all have different voice so dont u dare  judge dem 

  68. You are a true genius……and the host of performing artists that want to sing with Jessica, and all of the studio execs that want to sign her are the fools.   Amazing… should be in show business.

  69. The results sucked. Joshua Ledet was the best singer/performer hands down. I agree that all three are highly talented and hugely different from each other, but Joshua moved me to tears every single time he performed. I  don’t get it, America…

  70. i dont think he shouldve been voted off aye..when jessica sings songs that are more for the big voices , she sings all over the place shouting and screaming shes small with a good voice but big songs dont suit her..joshua has the voice to cie for i hope he does get signed to someone aye cos you wouldnt want to waste talent like that away!..LOVE YOU JOSH!!

  71. Joshua Ledet was a great singer he should not have been voted off SIGH !! I ENJOYED LISTENING TO HIS VOICE !!

  72. Am i the only one that thinks Jessica has been acting really fake these last few weeks? Like, going over the top trying to show she is friendly? I get the distinct feeling that the others from the season didnt like her… she always seems like she thinks she is above the friendships and any humour on the show. On performance night, none of the others clapped for her…. just saying lol. Go phillip!! From an nz fan 🙂

  73. Jessica sings in the real sense of the word. She hits high notes with ease and control and not by screaming her lungs out and scraping her throat like most of the other singers do, not to mention that her voice is just golden! Not only is her voice soothing, it sounds absolutely incomparable, very unique, one of a kind voice quality and at her young age, she can still be honed into the best that she can be. Her getting voted off weeks ago was a mistake and that was rectified by the judges’ only one “save” vote. I am very thankful for that as I have said to myself that if she was eliminated I would never watch AI again! I am not related to her nor do I know her. I am just an audience with an objective observation. Her talent is unassailable and she deserves to be the winner in this competition. I think she has a good personality as shown in her video. Her brothers seem to like her a lot and she seems to be a loving sister and a very good daughter. I do not think that Jessica realizes  how gifted she is . She embodies an idol and that should be validated by winning the title in this competition.   I hope that more people will vote for her and make her into 2012 American Idol that she so deserves.

  74. Without his screaming, Josh’ voice  sounds bland and ordinary and when he screams, as this is the only way he knows to tackle high notes, he makes this sound of a siren that is just irritating to the ears.   The voice of the Korean guy, voted off early in the competition, is more pleasing to the ears. The votes got it right this time!!

  75. Your sense of music is of low quality. Josh’ weapon is screaming like a neglected cow crying his balls out!! I leave  whenever he is on because I find him hard to listen to. Obviously you know nothing about “singing technique” which those in the know  will notice in Jessica, apart from her heavenly talent!!

  76. Her personality is flat because she looks very humble and seems to be a very family-oriented girl at her young age and not “slutty”? Your value system seems crooked and rotten!

  77. Totally agree. Jessica is a lounge singer! She thinks too highly of herself. The rest are not as close to her. They are nice to her, but she is all for herself. Her moves are so old fashioned, and loungy. Her low registers are weak! She can just yell and scream! She has problem harmonizing with others, while yelling to stand out when it’s her part. PP should win. If he doesn’t, the show is rigged from the start. AI wants her because they can make lots of money out of her. Not from singing, but from her skinny body! Her voice quality is not exactly good, if you listen carefully. With PP, they don’t think they can control him, interms of marketing him the way they want!

  78. If she doesn’t think she is that good, why does she post so many of her own singing on utube? Out of proportion ego! She is pretty fake and is quite scheming. She’s clever at being politically correct with the judges. Now she realizes she needs to get the public to like her, and says the things to get pity or make people think she is sweet and nice!


    I think Phil is the better singer of the three, but I am
    partial to male singers anyway Jondolar. 
    It is more likely that Jessica will win though because I think America prefers
    her.  I hate the waiting for two hours to
    find out the results though.  I usually
    have to wait until the weekend when I have time to watch, and then I end up
    finding out who was voted off already. 
    Since my PrimeTime Anytime records the shows automatically, and now I
    can watch commercial free with Auto Hop too, I can shave off 40 or more minutes
    and watch in the morning when I’m getting ready for work at Dish.  That way, I can talk about the show around
    the water cooler with everyone else. 

  80. josh ws good, hamba kahle boetie n well we all know phillip phillips is going to win.

  81. till now  i’m still vote phillip2 till and the ed..phillip phillip phillip phillip,you can do it

  82. He deserves to go home dude! Joshua does not realize how annoying his voice is!! He can join a screaming contest though, never a singing one!!!!!

  83. Maybe if he does not scream like a wild mad dog and scrape his throat like a gurgling old man full of phlegm!
    His singing is furiously tedious . Joshua deserves to be gone even a long time ago if not only for the judges’s obvious bias for him particularly JL and Randy !!

  84. Get over it! All them standing ovations that he clearly did’nt deserve and then he gets sent home! Bout time!! Got tired of seeing all them standing ovations just for yelling!!!! Jessica sanchez has the better voice and does’nt yell like he does! Thank god for that and so long joshua!!! Jessica will win it all!!!! Everybody knows that even the ones who dont like her!! So stop complainting and suck it all up!!! Like everybody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I agree with you.. I will also go as far to say that I don’t think she should have been allowed on the show when she is so popular on youtube. She already had a huge fanbase, and I don’t believe that is fair on the other contestants. There is no doubt that she is an incredible singer, but she isn’t LIKEABLE! She is very calculating – but I think her mum is a bit of a stage mum, so will be pulling her strings behind the scenes. It is about time she dresses appropriately also.

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