American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 5: Who Got Voted Off?

On the American Idol 2012 elimination results show Thursday night, the remaining contestants faced down the voters to find out who would make the American Idol 2012 top 4. The predictions for who would get kicked off this week were all over the place. The American Idol predictions for who would be in the bottom were so varied, it was almost impossible to guess who would go home.

So who was voted off American Idol 2012 this week? Did Hollie Cavanagh make it through another round thanks to her rabid supporters? Did Joshua Ledet or Jessica Sanchez end up in the bottom two despite the immense praise the judges keep heaping on them? Or was it Phillip Phillips or Skylar Laine who finally couldn’t muster enough votes to move on? Read on in our American Idol 2012 elimination results show recap to find out!


Please stop reading here if you have not seen Thursday night’s episode and do not want to know who was voted off American Idol 2012 this week!

In my American Idol 2012 predictions for this week’s elimination results show, I was torn a million different directions trying to figure out who I thought would go home this week. I checked out numerous American Idol predictions forums and fan polls, but those proved to be of very little help. I saw fan polls and forums predicting that each and every one of the remaining American Idol 2012 top 5 contestants would go home!

The voters are so unpredictable this year! Plus we have all these conspiracy theories going around that the American Idol 2012 judges are trying to sway the audience to choose Joshua Ledet to win with all their overwhelming praise, or they are actually trying to get voters to eliminate him by praising him too much because they secretly want Jessica Sanchez to win. It’s crazy stuff!

In the end I decided to go with what my gut was saying, even though I know it is notoriously unreliable this season. After watching through last night’s performances again and thinking hard about the voting history this season and the rankings in all the fan polls out there, I concluded that my American Idol 2012 predictions for the bottom two this week would be Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips.

For me, the person who really should be going home between these two after the past few weeks of substandard performances is former front-runner Phillip Phillips.

Although I have previously predicted Hollie Cavanagh to go home multiple times, she has actually improved quite a lot over the past couple of weeks. On American Idol last night, I really actually quite loved one of her performances and thought the other one was rather good as well. Plus, her fan base has repeatedly proven they do NOT want to let her go.

Still, I could see myself being wrong about my American Idol 2012 predictions this week in almost every way. Hollie Cavanagh COULD go home instead of Phillip. She could also be in the top three. Heck, we could even see Jessica Sanchez get eliminated in a crazy move by the voters. Or country star in the making Skylar Laine could get the boot. Honestly, it’s all a big guessing game at this point.

So who got voted off American Idol 2012 in the top 4 elimination results show on Thursday? Well let’s move right along to those results and find out shall we?

Finally, we have the results for who got voted off American Idol 2012 tonight! (Scroll down for the final results…)

Here we go! Joshua Ledet is the first to take the stage to learn his placement for the evening. He says that if he were to make an album today, he would try to make music with a message. Jimmy Iovine thinks Joshua’s “To Love Somebody” performance from last night was the best of the entire season… and Joshua is… SAFE!

Oh yay, it’s Ford commercial time and the song this week is “Dream Life” — does everyone else fastforward their DVR during these things?

We take a break from the results for a guest performance by Coldplay of their song “Paradise.”

More results coming now with Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh up next. Jimmy Iovine things Hollie did well on one song last night but was only ‘competent’ on the other. However, the thinks Phillip Phillips gave two flat performances and should be in the bottom two. And the results are… Phillip Phillips is SAFE! Hollie Cavanagh is in the bottom two. I was totally wrong about Phillip, drat it!

Now we have another performance as former American Idol alumni Carrie Underwood takes to the stage. Yay and stuff, get on with it already.

Up next we have Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine as the last American Idol 2012 top 4 contestants to learn where they will be placed tonight. Jimmy Iovine says Skylar did not have a clue what “Fortunate Son” was about when she sang it last night and he didn’t like her other performance either. I don’t agree, I liked them both. Jimmy did not like Jessica’s super short miniskirt and he thought her performance of “Proud Mary” was a “travesty.” Wow, strong language there Jimmy!

And the results are in… Jessica Sanchez is… SAFE! That means Skylar Laine is in the bottom two with Hollie Cavanagh.

We are interrupted by another performance from Coldplay while we wait impatiently for the final results. Okay, kind of a fun song, but hurry up already!

And here we go with the final results. After 50 million votes cast last night, the person voted off American Idol 2012 this week is… (scroll down for the results!)


  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez


  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Skylar Laine


  • Skylar Laine

There we have it, the viewers have spoken and now we know who got voted off American Idol 2012 this week. What do you think of who the voters sent home Thursday night? Do you agree with the choice or do you think they were totally off their rockers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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74 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 5: Who Got Voted Off?”

  1. There are a lot of good singers this year but I am tired of the young girls voting because they think the guy is cute.  This is not who is the best looking show.  Phil should have been voted off this week – he doesn’t even participate in the ads they produce. I am tired of the judges trying to sway votes.  They want a female to win and they are pushing way too hard to have Jessica win.  I won’t be watching after my two favorites get voted off – since this is where it is headed.  Jessica is not a performer – not entertaining and not exciting to watch.    Get real people this is American Idol but it seems to be more of a popularity contest – whoever can get through on the phone wins – or whoever has the biggest family.  Tired of the better entertainer not making it because these young girls think someone is cute.  This has happened too much on this show.  


  3. Woo Hoo.. my favorite jessica is safe.. Skylar should not have go home. A little bit early for her.. 

  4. Wow, do I disagree with Scootersac about Jessica.  I think she is hands down the best “performer”.  I have never seen anyone on the show as polished and professional as her.  BUT, it all depends on what you want in a “performance”.  For me, I don’t want/like Skylar’s performances at all.  But one thing we can agree on is Phillip.  The man has no range whatsoever in his voice, and to my ear is as boring as heck.  To fix the “young girls vote for the pretty boy problem”, just let each phone vote once.  Unfortunately, Idol would not longer be able to say “after a record number of votes …”

  5. Should have been Phillip and Jessica in the bottom.  Jessica is an ice princess that can’t connect with the audience or dance.  Phillip is boring and predictable.  Joshua sings every song like he’s in a gospel choir.  Skylar and Hollie are the best.  

  6. Skyler should of stayed and Jessica should have gone , that proformance at the end for Skyler was the boom !!! she desirved to stay … 🙁

  7. so not happy-Skylar has an amazing voice–and is so entertaining.  Philip is a great musician but seems to be only able to do one type of song.  Jessica was not that good last night–and who knows how Hollie keeps staying alive.
    Skylar should have been one of the top choices!!

  8. well if the voting is accurate, your opinion is in the minority. so maybe your the one who is crazy.

  9. so who are you? some kind of expert? where do you get your so called knowledge and wisdom in judging the performers?

  10. I am so sad to hear that Skylar has been voted off. Idol has turned into a popularity contest and not a talent competition as they claim it to be, and that is so sad. I’m sure the sponsors love it though. The Producers and the Judges themselves share blame here because they have not promoted an unbiased judgment of contestants. While there is no doubt that all the current contestants have ample talent, I believe that I am not alone in saying that Skylar’s departure was quite premature based on her talent.

  11. finally, the country-hoarse-nasal sounding idol wannabe got eliminated.   Phillip – next to go   … hollie should stay as well as jessica until the finals


  13. JK…u bs as well… you should have picked up ur phone and voted for your favorite so she didnt get eliminated… AH

  14. Get a life! Jessica Sanchez is a gem in the music industry, she’s a feat to compete this season. She’s a total package of a singer. She may not be appealing to your eyes, common, JLO, Randy, Steven and Jimmy love her so much despite her very young age she managed to sing like a pro. And who do you think you are to judge her, what are your credentials?!?

  15. My Daughter asked me to see who got voted off so here I am and I must say you guys are taking this whole thing a bit serious. Ive always loved the show because its wholesome entertainment but geez guys   get a life

  16. That is soo insane!!! Hollie is perfect in her performances….she has amazing talent!!! I would have rather seen Phillips go home…was not very good last night ! I’m sure Hollie will find her way to a great career in the music industry….I’ve seen alot worse than her come off that stage and have careers from it…..ugh…Kelly Pickler, Fantasia….too name a few!!

  17. well now that she’s voted off, there is a bigger chance for Jessica Sanchez to win, now we just have to get joshua off his feet to win this. GoodL Luck Jessica!


  19. I think everyone should keep their opinion to themselves, if they can do better then these five ,they need to try out for ai . I say vote ur favorite and let’s the votes speak and if u can’t take it, stop watching because they all go home but ONE. I admire these young people for their great talent because I could’t do it!

  20. should have been Holly.. she is incapable of connecting with the audience… she has a nice voice but  looks like she should be in a store window.


  22. You have to be kidding!!!!!! I like that Hollie has survived but Phillip does nothing and isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Jessica has peaked. Joshua is talented. Liked Skylar. Kind of agree that one vote would make it more realistic but that won’t happen.

  23. i am so sick of joushua n philip! colton should b the one still here! he was the most original artist they had. But i do believe we will be seeing more of him, he is too gd not to get signed by anyone.

  24. From my view, Phillip was terrible last night and should have gone. He’s not the same caliber of singer as the rest but the youing girls think he’s cute. Skylar ‘s performance was good but 60 ‘s music is not her style. Holle and Joshua were fantasticv last night. Jessica’s rolling on a river song was good but not great…but her your so beautiful song was fantastic and I’m sure save her.  

  25. When will America wake up and send Phil home??????  He’s a nice guy, but he does his own thing and that’s okay for awhile, but now it’s too much….cute doesn’t cut it!  He could hardly hit his high notes last night!….he puts me on edge, plus he’s acting silly now….just as Heejun did….ENOUGH!
    JOSHUA should win this….hands down!  He’s the ONLY one that doesn’t make me nervous when he sings….he never misses!

  26. No way skylar should have been voted off ,She definitely was the most talented ,her energy and stage presence were top-notch,the Judges just talk up the rest of the contestants to make the show have more drama!  Jessica is NOT that good, unfair advantage if She has J-LO pulling for Her and not sure  what people are hearing , too much forced vertebrata in Her voice, it will change since She is so young.
    Phillip I agree same every week boring ,Hollie no stage presence nice voice, but always looks like a deer in the head lights, Joshua too much screaming.  I agree from above statement if voters are not voting for pure talent and only for popularity why vote!  but I guess drama sells these days that’s why were all sucked in. Ms.Skylar doesn’t need Idol!!!!! no matter who wins Idol,She will out-sell them in record numbers!!!! Keep your head up Skylar you will have so many performers wanting you to collaborate them,Reba & Rascal Flatts need to call you!!!!

  27. Every time Skylar’s voice comes on, I would change the channel or turn away doing something else.  I can not  stand her voice.  It’s about time that she got voted off.  Jessica and Joshua should be the last two standing. Both has a strong range voice, and one of them deserves to win the competition.  

  28. i’m happy bcoz jessica is afe but sad coz skylar got home… i hope joshua got home!! i dont like him!!!

  29. Yay skylar is finally gone! I don’t think she should have even been on the show, there were alot of other people they let go that were way better than her. She annoyed me too.

  30. how will idol stay on tv with all you guys boycotting the show… i do wonder

  31. I had a feeling this would happen. Skylar’s song choices were just not that good.  The show has now lost excitement and variety.  Would love to have heard Skylar sing a ballad next week and dump those big clunky boots for heels. I can hear Joshua’s  next week song  already, with his own distinctive sound, which is appealing to many, but not for me.  Jessica and Holly are very good singers but are  both for me … a  little ho-hum.  Phillip is definitely distinctive in the way he can characterize and express what he’s singing.  I did’nt like his performances this week, at all. The duet was just the end all, what a mishmash that was.  Phillip IMO  is lucky to have survived another week. lol  Unfortunately, Skylar didn’t.

  32. I think they got it wrong…wake up and judge correctly, it is a “singing” competition people!! Based on the past couple weeks, Philip Phillips should have gone home tonight. I do believe he is still there because of his looks, not so much his talent!!

  33. I think the voting is rigged — Phillip should have been voted off several weeks ago because he can’t sing.  It reminds me of a guy named Ajay a few seasons ago — he couldn’t carry a tune but was in the final four.  Voting on American Idol is a joke now days because I can go online and vote as many times as I want.  Only one vote should be allowed per IP address or telephone number.  

  34. Well the top 5 are all  great singers … But I think Hollie doesn’t deserved to be in the bottom two , she has a great performance last night . The america witness it ! I know hollie is having ahard time because her rommie  Skylar is our of the competetion, and she knows that Skylar also did great last night.

  35. I liove phils music! The rest bore me to tears! And im not a young girl and dont vote for cute!

  36. America voted well this week.  Skylar’s voice is just another country singer’s voice.  Nothing special about it.  Nothing different.  I wouldn’t buy her records.  However, Philip should have gone first before Skylar.  He seems to be “not there” anymore and just goes with the flow.

  37. hollie has no stage presence, and tries too hard. she has no impact on me when she sings. joshua screams. jessica is a truly gifted singer and by far, the best among them. skylar and phillip are just ok .

  38. joshua was not that good. skylar was better. jessica deserved to stay. i dont know with phillip and hollie.

  39. Whoever wants to take me up on a bet, I bet you that out of the final 5, Skylar will sell more records than any of them. She is the package deal! She has the vocals, crowd interactions, versatility in different genres, and even can write songs! The others only have maybe 2 of those credentials!!! 

  40. final 2- definitely joshua and jessica. at least that’s who i think should be. jessica is by far, VOCALLY, the most talented. hands down, without a doubt. regarding personality and entertainment value, skylar was defintely the best. she has a good voice, she just needs to work out a few kinks, and then i personally think she could be really successful. and she’s polite and has manners, which is rare these days 🙂

  41. They are all great singers unfortunately one has to go.  This is part of the game, you guys.  So, just keep watching & don’t get too emotional.

  42. I do think Skylar is a great performer, but she is nasally. I have been very surprised that none of the judges mentioned it.  I also agree that Joshua shouts too much and that the judges are so gooey about him, it must sway the results. I would say that the failure this year is the judges. Instead of giving these amazingly talented kids advice that could have actually helped them, the judges act like a bunch of cheerleaders panting over the captain of the football team.  I did not like and do not miss Simon’s cruelty, but  I do get sick of judges who rarely give the musical advice that could develop these kids and MAKE this a singing contest.  Jaylo is lovely to watch and sweet, but her idea of critique is more like psychobabble. Randy sometimes tries to make it about the music but when the audience boos him, he gives up. That is what has turned American Idol into a fan rally instead of a contest which actually teaches the viewer something about how to assess singing–which it was at its best

  43. yes, amen to the above reply…jessica or Philip should of gone home before Skylar.  Skylar is an amazing entertainer, I think that Skylar will still put out an album and do well. 

  44. She is way too young and I agree she is totally boring and she trys to act too grown up!

  45. You nailed that one.  America was fools to vote off Skyler. If Jessica wins this like the judges are pushing for, I will never watch this show again.  She is so boring to watch!

  46. The Top 5 are all good in their own way and they will have careers in their own genres.  It’s hard each week to see one go but it’s a competition and there will only be one champion.  I do think that JESSICA should be the Top winner in the end.  She is the one who has the “Total Package” of unbelievable raw talent, looks, style, stage presence, versatility, marketability and good wholesome personality.  She also has the best vocal range and the best power belter.  She is also the one who has the perfect pitch.  I also believe that after having 4 seasons of a WGWG being the winner, it’s time for a female to win this and Jessica is definitely deserving.  She is also so versatile that she can sing upbeat, r&b, pop, soul, urban, oldies, motown, rock, dance, gospel and even rap…check her over 200 youtube videos.  She is also current and could sing whether young song, middle aged for older people and that’s why she gets votes from all ages.  I get why many celebrities like her to win. 

  47. I totally think Hollie should of went home… I mean she’s a good singer but I don’t think anybody would listen to her music web she makes albums.. She’s more of a singer you would see in high school eventually she will get there but not now…

  48. Get over it she’s voted off she was trash and way…Josh nd Jessica will be in the finally trust…this world obviously dnt know talent…who can sing is the real result of the show…ole girl boring plus she sounds horrible…I love true singers that make ya heart jump wen u hear they voices…so Josh he can sing nd Jessica besides her age is a very well Singer nd if u disagree then u must be races or just def!!!!

  49. whatever negative comments against JESSICA…we cant deny the fact that she is phenomenal STAR, Celebrities, singers, musicians, composers are behind on her..In ur opinion because u have an idol and that the reason why you pulled down Jessica for a naon sense comments with no justifications…so sick u guys..good luck to ur idol…GO JESSICA>.OUR VOTES FOR YOU ONLY!!!!

  50. whatever negative comments against JESSICA…we cant deny the fact that she is phenomenal STAR, Celebrities, singers, musicians, composers are behind on her..In ur opinion because u have an idol and that the reason why you pulled down Jessica for a non sense comments with no justifications…so sick u guys..good luck to ur idol…GO JESSICA>.OUR VOTES FOR YOU ONLY!!!!


  51.  I have been a musician for 65 years and the talent that has been seen  so far is extraordinary. some of the comments have been way short of there mark . Young Jessica is the best so far  with Hollie being the dark horse in this competition so watch out Jessica .i am surprised somewhat that Phillip has made it this far 

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