American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 7 Redux

On the American Idol 2012 elimination results last week, fans were more than a little confused when several previously strong favorites ended up in the bottom three. Viewers were then quite shocked when Jessica Sanchez, considered by many as an odds on favorite to win, nearly got voted off American Idol 2012 in the last round. Will there be another big surprise in the American Idol elimination results show on Thursday?

After last week’s American Idol 2012 elimination results, making a prediction about who would go home this week seemed an almost impossible task. When the person everyone is predicting will go home isn’t even in the bottom three and a person predicted to make it all the way to the finals ends up nearly going home last, it was anyone’s guess about who got voted off American Idol this week.

WARNING: AMERICAN IDOL 2012 SPOILERS AHEADMy American Idol predictions have been that Hollie Cavanagh would be the one going home for several weeks now, only to be proven vastly wrong repeatedly. Thus, I have to assume at this point that the voters just entirely disagree with myself (and the judges apparently) about her skill and talent level.

Going into this week, I wanted to choose Hollie Cavanagh for elimination again based on her past history and her performances on American Idol last night, both of which I thought were weak. However, I was very hesitant to do so after last week when she wasn’t even ranked in the bottom three. So I waffled and declared my American Idol 2012 prediction to be either Hollie Cavanagh OR Elise Testone going home, because I really just could not imagine the voters letting any of the other contestants fall into the bottom two again.

Still, going into Thursday’s American Idol elimination results, I was continuing to question whether I should have put Skylar Laine as one of my bottom two predictions even though I think she has a stronger fan base than Elise and had better performances on American Idol last night. While both Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet were in the bottom two last week, I just could not believe either of them would end up down there again after great performances last night and their fans voting like mad to prevent a repeat of last week.

So who got voted off American Idol 2012 in the live elimination results show this week? Well, if you are ready for your American Idol spoilers, go ahead and keep reading for the results of Thursday night’s vote.

We have the American Idol live elimination results coming in now…


Joshua Ledet

Skylar Laine

Phillip Phillips

Jessica Sanchez


Hollie Cavanagh

Elise Testone

Colton Dixon

The person who will be going home tonight on the American Idol live elimination results show is…

Colton Dixon!

Well, what do you think about who got voted off American Idol 2012 this week? Did the voters make the right choice? Or do you think they were totally wrong and need smacking? Let us know in the comments area below!

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9 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Elimination Results Top 7 Redux”

  1. So tired of good performers being eliminated… Need to change the voting process….idol is starting to sink

  2. Hollie should really go… her family must be spending millions to keep her in the running.  If she wins…omg!

  3. She is far from ugly what are you like 14 calling people ugly. Your probably ugly urself. We are all beautiful You will learn that one day when your future kids are crying because sumone calls them ugly

  4. Colton should be there. The judges shouldn’t of saved Jessica. Jessica is good, but too young. Colton is 20 he is old engough to win. The judges have been apart of the “best people on the show leave” progress with saying “bad” and having standing ovations they just have been waiting for good ones and say Vote for __”! but then people just do the oppiste. America You Got It All Wrong.

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