American Idol 2012 Elimination Results: Who Got Voted Off?

Going into the American Idol 2012 elimination results on Thursday, the bottom two were pretty much a given based on the voting record, but who exactly would get eliminated was a little more difficult to figure out. While most of the American Idol predictions were close on the three contestants who would end up with the least votes, the question of who got voted off American Idol was a difficult one to answer before host Ryan Seacrest revealed the final results.


For the American Idol 2012 elimination results show tonight, the pattern seemed clear in advance that two contestants in particular would be ending up in the bottom three. After weeks of failing to wow the voters or come out on top with the judges, it seemed pretty much a given that DeAndre Brackensick and Hollie Cavanagh would be facing the possibility of going home on Thursday night.

Even though my original American Idol prediction for elimination this week was DeAndre Brackensick, I was actually persuaded to change my prediction at the last minute to Hollie Cavanagh as the one who would get the boot. This was all due to the American Idol 2012 performances on last night’s 80’s themed show. While DeAndre Brackensick managed to impress me for perhaps the first time in the whole competition, Hollie Cavanagh was pitchy, stiff and uncomfortable on stage, leading me to think that perhaps the voters would give that extra little bit of kick her way to throw her off.

To round out the bottom three last night, my American Idol prediction was for powerhouse singer Elise Testone to end up there as well. Even though Elise has had some killer performances — like last week’s “Whole Lotta Love” — overall the voters just don’t seem to like her. Plus, her performance on 80’s night was really off and not at all one of her best, although her duet with Phillip Phillips was tight.

So for the bottom three, we ended up with the people most were choosing in their American Idol 2012 predictions for the elimination results tonight: Hollie Cavanagh, DeAndre Brackensick and Elise Testone. For me, I was impressed enough with DeAndre on Wednesday night to give him a second chance for one more week, despite not being a fan of the curly-haired boy in the least. How did the rest of the voters feel about it?

Well, Ryan Seacrest let Hollie Cavanagh off the hook when he revealed she was safe and would be joining the American Idol 2012 top 7. That just left Elise Testone and DeAndre Brackensick to face off in the final two. Finally, after his usually stringing it out far too long, host Ryan Seacrest announced Hollie Cavanagh was safe for one more week. Thus spoke the voters.

Poor DeAndre Brackensick had to sing for his life in front of the judges, probably knowing all the while that they were not going to waste their save to keep him around for another week when he’d probably just get voted off again the next time. Indeed, when they were asked if they would save him, only Jennifer Lopez stood up for the young singer.

“This boy right here, we’ve been watching him for two years. You’re an amazing performer, and I stand by that,” Jennifer Lopez said “I think you have an amazing voice, and you’re gonna share a lot with the world, I really do believe that. [But] I only get one vote. I’m sorry, we’re not saving you tonight. I’m sorry, baby.”

For the American Idol 2012 top 7, that leaves us with:

• Joshua Ledet
• Jessica Sanchez
• Colton Dixon
• Skylar Laine
• Phillip Phillips
 • Hollie Cavanagh
 • Elise Testone

So there you have it, the American Idol top 7. I am going to venture a guess right now and say that if something radical doesn’t happen in the next round, it will probably be Holie Cavanagh going home. Then again, Elise Testone could royally suck when she hits the stage next week and — if she doesn’t pick up some of DeAndre’s votes — end up with the short end of the stick.

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