American Idol 2012 Elimination Results: Who Got Voted Off?

Predicting who would be be voted off on American Idol 2012 this week on Thursday seemed rather obvious after last week’s voting results and this week’s performrances. However, I can honestly say my American Idol predictions this week were totally off the mark about who would end up in the bottom three.


Pleast stop here if you do not want to who got voted off American Idol 2012 in the elimination results show Thursday night!

For the American Idol 2012 elimination results show tonight, who would be voted off seemed clear to most of us predicting what would happen this week, and not just because this contestant failed to have a good performance last night. Unfortunately, there has been one contestant who has been consistently lagging behind the rest of the pack. Last week they managed to squeak through because the voters decided DeAndre Brackensick was slightly less worthy than they were. This week, however, there was no other singer at the same level to hide behind when it came time to face the music.

For my prediction of who would be voted off American Idol Thursday night, I chose Hollie Cavanagh, based on her past history on the show and her not very well-received performance on Wednesday night’s top 7 performances show. Hollie never really got over being a bit stiff and uncomfortable on stage and she had trouble connecting with the audience and the judges. She also frequently had pitch issues and her song choices were often questionable.

In addition, the rest of the contestants still remaining have all had their ‘wow’ moment on the show at some point this season. For some, it has been one ‘wow’ moment after the other, like with Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet. For others, such as Elise Testone, it has been hit or miss, but she has certainly nailed it to the rafters a few times. For Hollie though, she has had a few really good performances, but nothing that will likely be remembered once this season is over.

Before the American Idol elimination results got to who the voters wanted to boot off, however, we had to whittle it down to the bottom three first. This is where the total surprise of the night came in — at least to me and quite a few other American Idol fans and bloggers out there! My American Idol prediction for those ranked lowest by the voters was TOTALLY WRONG.

The actual bottom three for American Idol this week turned out to include three of the strongest singers of the bunch… and Hollie Cavanagh, who has been hanging by a thread for weeks, was NOT one of them! Here is the bottom three for this week:

* Jessica Sanchez (what?)

* Elise Testone

* Joshua Ledet

Facing the elimination of one of these three Thursday night, Steven Tyler announced that no matter who ended up with the least amount of votes. That means the person that should have gone home but won’t on Thursday evening was:

* Jessica Sanchez – wow!

The judges are not at all pleased with America’s votes for the evening and make a dramatic jump onto the stage to declare their save of Jessica.

“Give me that mic, this is crazy! Yes, we’re using the save, you ain’t going home. Go sit down, go sit down,” Jennifer Lopez said as she sort of shoved Jessica toward the contestants already saved.

“We are saving Jessica, without any doubt. Let me just say this. For myself, Steven and Jennifer, this girl is one of the best singers in America! Ever!” Randy Jackson said. “Are you kidding me? Please everybody… Please vote for the best, it’s about finding the best. I mean, come on!”

So guess what everyone? Next week we will have the entire American Idol top 7 back again! Now THAT is one heck of an exciting results show!

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38 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Elimination Results: Who Got Voted Off?”

  1. What were you thinking America?  I think all the young ones are  falling for and voting for the ‘cuties’….it takes more than CUTE to sing well EVERY TIME.  Jessica and Joshua are #1 with me!  If the judges and Ryan (or the producers) would stop giving predictions at the end of every show, the contestants would be a lot better off!  LEAVE IT ALONE!  AMERICA….SMARTEN UP!  YOU’VE JUST LOST ONE OF THE BEST!    

  2. Wow. I am so in shock. That girl has one of the best voices in the making. I can not believe she was voted off. I think she will make it on her own anyway. Can not wait to see what is ahead for her.

  3. I truly can’t believe what the American public has done to your show!!!  I have predicted for the past 2 or 3 weeks that Jessica and Joshua would be in the final pairing and this week both of them voted into the bottom 3.  It blows my mind that the public could be so incredibly crazy.  Get it together America and vote for the best singers, not the cutest.  After all this IS a singing contest.  I’ve followed the show since it started and this was the worst outcome I have ever seen.

  4. i totally agree. The viewers who vote are just voting for the cutie ones like colton, etc. America, wake up. Please vote based on the talent, not on the looks. 

  5. You’re absolutely right. This is a singing contest, and not a beauty or looks contest. 

  6. Hollie has the most potential and natural talent in the competition, she just needs to pick the right songs, because she has had several nights when she has outdone jessica. America has hollie’s back, and she needs to act on that.

  7. When Skylar belts out, she always lacks the air to maintain the note.  When Philip sings, he closes his eyes as if in testicular pain.  When Hollie tries to dance, she forgets lyrics and become pitchy.  Those 3 your idols?  COME ON!!!

    The only people who deserve to stay are Colton, Elise, Jessica, Joshua.

  8. if Joshua and Jessica out of the race then something must be very wrong with the voting system.All of them is good but I still think both of them have the edge over the others

  9. I haven’t voted for Jessica because I believed she would always get the most votes.   I have voted for Hollie because the judges have dissed her and I have voted for Phillip because I like his style.  Next to go should be Elise and then Joshua and then Ryan.  Jessica is the best in the competition.

  10. The vote was a backlash against the judges for dissing Hollie when she gave an OK performance … If they praise her next week, she will be back in the bottom three.

  11. Those results have got to be the biggest display of the American Public ignorance, when it comes to talent. The three that should have been the TOP 3, wind up as the bottom 3.
    This show needs to revamp its rules. After the TOP 10 are voted in by the public; then the judges need to make the decisions based on talent, not how cute they are or how many friends and family vote for them.
    It was bad enough when Deandre got kicked off and Philip Phillips and Holly were kept. Those two need to go. I just don’t see what they see in Philip Phillips. And Holly’s voice is sometimes strong; but other times she sounds like she is still not fully matured yet. She needs work. Deandre has star quality, both in his vocal ability and his looks.  

  12. Can someone give Ryan Seacrest a slap on the side of the head.
    And there should be only ONE vote per person.

  13. I think Randy is racist against his on color, he don’t want to tell the world that Joshua is the American Idol. He told that punk rock white boy He In It to win it. Those white boys n them white girls cannot out sing Joshua. The judges need to vote if American can’t see that Joshua is the best and the strongest. Put real voters on the show who has been in the music industry.

  14. Maybe Jessica is not connecting with the audience, this is about talent and performance, not all talented people are good performers. I think it is a slap in the voters’ face to question their votes, if you don’t want the game to play this way, change the rules.

  15.  Agreed too no one can force voters who they want to vote , instead of talking why thier favorite singers voted out or less vote . its thier faults they should be working hard for them not on others ,

  16.  well .. its your fault you should vote whoever  you want to win not almost the contestant , now you regret ,

  17.  respect people choice ! period ! maybe she is your choice but to others voters ,like the others not jessica , anyway goodluck to all of them whoever win i will support .

  18. NO WAYS……JESSICA is by far the most talented singer and for the record Hollie has nothing on her, Jessica has the whole package, from dress sense, beauty and most of all her voice…….Jessica for Idols and all S.A.s share the same sentiments…..we love her!!!!! its a pity we not allowed to vote….

  19. Just like the judges stated dont vote for those u want to keep but those that deserve to win….and that is Jessica by far….

  20. This is not about jumping around on stage…its about the voice and Jessica sure has that voice to be the next Idol…talk about connecting with the audience well dear she sure has a connection just watching her on T.V. what about the like of Phillip that hs the same old performance from day one does he connect, Hollie that is so stiff, Tylor who marches around the stage like a model…Jessicas performances are professional and we wish she wud just go on and on…..we love S.A. routing for her its a pity we cannot vote…

  21. i agree the judges have their favourites and we have the right to ours  judges stop trying to shove jesicca and your favourite josh down our throats

  22. we can vote for who we want to and i love phillip he is totally natural no aping anyone else  judges yo ucan also learn to be more diplomatic  jennifer looked liked she was about to vomit  we all know the judges are rooting for jess and josh but we dont take notice of you promoting those two

  23. america keep voting your favourite dont be sidetracked by the judges  the reason we vote is for our favourite not the judges favourites

  24. Hollie by far has the best voice,she may not show it at times,and her choice of songs don’t help.

  25. i just keep thinking that they must have the results exactly opposite! i mean those bottom 3 are the best 3 performers on this show, without a doubt!  it can only be a technical error or america has no taste whatsoever! so which is it? 

  26. Okay Ryan does this every year to make the judges sue their wild card. He takes the best top 3 of the night and puts them in the bottom 3 no matter what america voted. Every year every year

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