Going into the American Idol 2012 elimination results on Thursday, the bottom three were predictable, but who exactly would get eliminated was anyone’s guess. While most of the American Idol predictions were close on the three contestants who would end up with the least votes, the person eliminated tonight came as a surprise to some after last night’s performances.


If you have not watched the American Idol elimination results from Thursday night yet and don’t want to know, please stop here!

On Thursday morning, when I was making my American Idol 2012 elimination predictions for the bottom three this week, I admit I was off the mark on two out of the three contestants. I expected the bottom three to end up as DeAndre Brakensick, Hollie Cavanah and Heejun Han.

The only one I was actually right about was Heejun Han. Heejun found himself in the bottom ranked three with — somewhat surprisingly to me — Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine. While I kind of thought Hollie might land in the bottom three this week, I did not expect Skylar to, even though she had not been a favorite. I thought she was good enough this week to get a pass through to the next round. Well, good enough at least to get more votes than Deandre Brakensick at least!

When it came down to who would get voted off, I had really been hoping to see DeAndre leave on the American Idol elimination results show this week. He has been, to me, nothing but medicore the whole way through and I’m just getting tired of him. Apparently, however, America does not agree with me and they didn’t even put him in the bottom three this time around.

Instead of DeAndre Brakensick, this week it was lighthearted funny guy Heejun Han who ended up the target of the voter’s indifference. Although he gave a much more serious and quite nicely done rendition of Leon Russell‘s “A Song for You” on American Idol last night, the voters didn’t seem to want to forgive him for the previous week’s disasterous performance.

I think Idol viewers were just pissed off at how much Heejun didn’t seem to take the whole thing very seriously, even commenting how he didn’t really care at all about being famous or that big record deal. When you have millions of people out there who want to be in your shoes, it is really best that you don’t take a dump on those shiny shoes in front of all of them.

Despite receiving the lowest number of votes, Heejun Han did give it his best when he faced the judges to sing for his life with a repeat performance of “A Song for You”, but Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson decided not to use their one precious save to keep him in the competition.

“Heejun, let the record show you knew this was coming yourself,” judge Steven Tyler told Han.

Visibly sad over his American Idol elimination, Heejun shook host Ryan Seacrest’s hand as he enjoyed his last minutes on the stage before exiting the competition for good.

Although I do have to endure listening to DeAndre for yet another week, I am excited for next week’s 1980s themed show. I think both of my current favorites on American Idol 2012 will shine with that material: Colton Dixon and Elise Testone. I honestly don’t actually expect either one of them to win, but I’m happy I’ll be getting to watch them both for another round.

(Still betting on Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips for the win.)

Source: American Idol 2012

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