American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez ‘Fallen’ (VIDEO)

Last week on American Idol 2012, Jessica Sanchez received quite the shock when she suddenly found herself at the bottom of the pack. If not for the judges’ save, Sanchez would have found herself going home last week, despite being considered by many a ‘favorite’ to win the whole competition.

On American Idol 2012 Wednesday night, Jessic Sanchez was out to redeem herself and prove why she should not only stay on the show this week, but make it all the way to the finals.

I admit I am not truly a huge Jessica Sanchez fan on American Idol 2012. However, I do appreciate the fact that she has a killer voice and extremely strong stage presence for a performer her age. Her rendition of “Fallen” by Alicia Keys was a strong choice and she performed it extremely well. I just wanted to see more depth and honest emotion invested in the song.

The judges seemed very pleased with themselves to have saved Jessica Sanchez last week and overall gave her rave reviews for her performance of the song.

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