American Idol 2012 Live Finale Recap: Who Won American Idol?

On the American Idol 2012 results show tonight, after five months of grueling competition, an American Idol 2012 winner will finally be crowned. Who won American Idol 2012 all depends on your votes.

Will we finally have a female American Idol winner with Jessica Sanchez after four years of men dominating the finale? Or will Phillip Phillips continue the winning streak and make it a fifth year in a row that a guy has taken home the title. Join us for our American Idol 2012 results show recap and find out with us who won American Idol 2012!


Please beware! This post contains American Idol 2012 spoilers for the final results show! Please STOP reading now if you do now want to know what happened and do not want to know who won American Idol 2012!

Thousands of hopefuls tried out across the country. Hundreds made it through to Hollywood. Twelve will forever be known as the top contestants on American Idol 2012. Only two are left to find out who will be the American Idol 2012 winner: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. Although most of the predictions before the show pointed to Phillip Phillips as the likely winner this season, there were still plenty of fans out there who thought Jessica Sanchez would manage to take home the win despite the odds.

Although a majority of the bloggers out there seem to be predicting Phillip Phillips as the winner, it should be noted that in many fan polls, Jessica Sanchez leads by a wide margin. However, Jessica Sanchez has a larger international fan base who could be skewing these fan polls, because they aren’t eligible to vote (although some may find a way). We also note that is calling the win for Phillip Phillips based on how busy the call-in numbers were last night, but they have also been wrong before. Who won American Idol 2012 tonight could very well come down to a very close margin indeed.

Tonight on the American Idol 2012 results show we’ll have to sit through a huge slew of celebrity guest appearances and performances, plus a whole bunch of songs from the top 12 contestants, before we get to the actual American Idol 2012 winner.  So sit back with us and hang out while we watch the performances and eagerly await the final announcement in our American Idol 2012 results show recap for the season 11 finale!

And here we go!

The American Idol 2012 final results show opens tonight with the Top 13 all dressed in white doing the Brady Bunch thing to “Runaway”. Producer Nigel Lythgoe said 132 million votes were cast last night for Top 2 finalists Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

As we scan the audience we have the obligatory lingering moments over various celebrities (and has-beens), including Lisa Rinna, Dean Cain and Harry Hamlin. Yay and stuff.

Next up we have finalist Phillip Phillips performing a duet with John Fogerty on “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”. Oddly, this does not sound as great as I imagined it would. Something about their two voices is coming into conflict and they just don’t quite mesh. It’s still cool though, I just wouldn’t buy a copy of it or anything.

More celebrity spottings, yay. Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are in the house. Betcha Carrie is thinking she is far superior than either of the final two this year, because that is just the way Carrie is.

Now we have “Bad Moon Rising” which is one of my favorites and pretty well done tonight. Nice.

Oh look at that, a summary video clip of a bunch of horrible auditions where the judges make fun of people who often seem to have mental disabilities. Isn’t that always fun? Host Ryan Seacrest should work on doing some comedy, he’s actually kind of funny in some of these clips.

Next up we have 3rd place Idol hopeful Joshua Ledet singing “Take Me to the Pilot” by Elton John. There you go Joshua, get in touch with that inner queen diva. Straight or gay, man, you do have one, embrace it! And there we go, to complete the ‘Mantasia’ fantasy, we have former American Idol winner Fantasia taking the stage to sing with Joshua. Ack! Save my ears! I mean, I love ya Joshua, but the two of you together could tornado down a house with that screaming! And, um, Fantasia, BURN that catsuit!

Well, whaddya know, another standing ovation from the judges for Joshua. 😛

Did Jimmy Iovine just call Jennifer Lopez Jessica? Do you need some new glasses there Jimmy?

Another group medley now with the girls singing Chaka Khan and here comes the lady herself, 59-years-old and still rocking it! I love Chaka, she just doesn’t give a damn what you think, she’s going to strut her stuff all over the place and in your face.

I love you Jane Lynch! (And she apparently loves her American Idol, look at her having too much fun!)

Alrighty, now we have some cute video of Phillip and Jessica getting to give tickets and cars! to their music mentors. Wow, that’s pretty sweet. And, of course, Jessica and Phillip get their own Fords to drive around in, which is only fair payment for all those terrible Ford commercials they had to endure making all season.

More celebrity music guest appearances… Rihanna singing “Where Have You Been”… Whee. Okay get on with it y’all…

Up next is country cutie Skylar Laine singing “Turn on the Radio” and Reba McEntire is here. Now this is a tune I can really get into, I love, love, love the Reba.

Um, I really didn’t need to see the inside of Steven Tyler‘s dressing room. Boy, they do everything to fill in those two hours of the finale don’t they?

Jessica is taking her spot on the stage now to sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. I still get tears every time I hear it knowing Whitney will never sing it again. Sigh.

After Jessica we have the male finalists singing Neil Diamond. Did you know Neil Diamond wrote “I’m a Believer”? Yep, The Monkees covered it, but Dimond penned it. Love you Neil but man, your voice is just gone.

Well, this is kind of funny. You know how the judges keep saying “so and so could sing the phone book”? Well, the idols are now pretty much doing that right now. It’s rather amusing actually.

Alrighty, now we have the obligatory Jennifer Lopez performance. She will take ANY opportunity to get up on that American Idol stage. Maybe the producers should offer that she can perform every show to keep her from quitting and not coming back next sesaon. As usual, the vocals are what they are, but you can’t deny she’s hot when she gets that body rockin’.

Oh wow! Well, this takes the cheese factor all the way to volcano level. former American Idol contestants Diano DeGarmo and Ace Young are in the house… and Ace just proposed live on American Idol! Boy I bet he’s glad she said yes! The two American Idol contestants actually met and fell in love while they were co-starring in a production of Hair on Broadway in 2010.

Ace: “I love you to death. You’re my best friend. I want to make this last forever, and I will do everything in my power to have the most imaginable amazing life together. “Diana Nicole DeGarmo, will you marry me?”

Diana: “Wow, babe! You picked a good one! My make-up’s running!”

Now Hollie Cavanagh gets her moment to shine in the spotlight, singing a duet with Jordin Sparks on “You Never Walk Alone”. Very nice. I think Jordin Sparks is often under-rated as an American Idol winner. She really has a fab voice.

Awwwh, now we have a tribute to the Bee Gees, which makes me miss Robin Gibb, which probably dates me and has everyone reading this thinking wow, you’re old.

Okay, this is really hot! Jessica Sanchez is singing with Jennifer Holiday on “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” and I think I hear some honest passion going on in the teenager tonight. She is telling you she does not want to be going home without that title tonight!

Just 15 minutes left, although I’m still betting this will end up running over the alloted time. Doesn’t it always? To keep us waiting even longer, we now have judge Steven Tyler and Aerosmith up on stage for their moment in the spotlight. Poor Randy Jackson, he’s the only judge who doesn’t get to shake his booty on the stage. Awwhwhh.

I have no idea what this song is, why can’t we hear some rocking old Aerosmith we know and love? Oh yay, finally, “Walk This Way” is much better, although I’d rather hear “Jamie’s Got a Gun” — probably not family friendly enough…

We’re running late, I knew that would happen. Instead of hearing results, we’re listening to Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips struggle through “Up Where We Belong” while they are both obviously just wanting it all to be over and know who will be winning that fat recording contract.

And here we go, the final results and the American Idol 2012 winner will be announced, the confetti will fall, and all the excitement will be over for another season. Ready to hear who will be the American Idol 2012 winner?

And the winner is…

Phillip Phillips!

Congrats to the fifth year of cute white guys with guitars taking home the win! America, it would be nice if maybe next year you might prove to be a little less predictable next time around.

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84 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Live Finale Recap: Who Won American Idol?”

  1. CBS is saying Jessica cannot win idol because of the WGWG factor, which CBS calls the White Guy with Guitar theme which has been prevalant in the past 4 Idol years.  That is SO Racist.  That is like saying, BGWW = Black Guy With Watermelon can’t win either. 

  2. It’s not racial at all. Get over yourself. It’s all about who people think is more talented.

  3. Racial Discrimination really come one…If he wins it just means that he got more votes and nothing to do with Race! They are both Talented and they both win in the end

  4. wah…. i still think jessica would likely to win, considering the past perfromances….

  5. it’s fine if Phil wins the AI title… Jess will get a record deal from Tommy Mottola.. so it doesn’t really matter. 🙂 so keep cool people.

  6. The real winner here is who will sell thousand of records after AI.. just heard that Thalia’s husband will produce Jess CDs and I really can’t wait for it.

  7. Stop living in the past, boys have won the last 5 years Philip’s not going to brake the streek now

  8. jessica wins…132 million votes?…thanks to the Jessica’s fans who did all their best to make sure every second is not wasted during the voting time.

  9. we’re pulling for Jessica here – she’s just a little girl and we have 7 grand daughters and we hate to see little girls get their hearts broken so we’re all for Jessica!!

  10. the real winner here is jessica sanchez because she has a great voice and she deserves it 

  11. why is that no one is clapping when she sang “i will always love you”… that’s sad…

  12. This is not about the talent anymore, this will all come down to who gets the most vote. Unless it’s rigged.

  13. Phillip will be the next American Idol. Jessica sings well but i do not see a star in her. No personality.,, voice is very common,, you can go to the philippines and you will meet thousands of young girls who can sing even better than her. The songs that she has been singing are favorite songs in karaoke bars that girls and gays sing often. She is a commoner… It would have been better of Elise or Joshua facing Phillips in the finals.

  14. If jessica dont win, well say ai are racist? I think not! I think philip is more talented. His voice is unique unlike jessica who sings like any other diva. I am a filipino but i voted for philip!

  15.  If Jessica doesn’t win,  she’s already won.  She’s won a bunch of die hard fans who’ll buy HER CD,  while the tweens move on to the next guy,  like they have for the rest of the guys they have voted through.  Jessica will be fine if they treat her like the star she will become. They should not giver her “fluffy” songs that mean nothing.

  16. I am a Filipino and I saw the Finale of the AI. Just to be fair, considering the performances of Jessica and Philip in the Finale. I go for Philip.

  17. Shes like anyone else! Just some boring diva. I agree with you 100 percent. Im a filipina so i know .

  18. Jessica has the best voice but i believe Philip will win, not bcuz of his race, bcuz he’s talented, good looks and originality. He has what it takes. Jessica will make it big anyway!

  19. if Jessica doesn’t win it’s fixed….she and Jennifer just blew the roof off the joint. 

  20. Jessica is American International Idol, her voice bets everyone else. Who’s voice you want playing in your ipad, car, radio, etc..

  21.  So, you’re a Filipina, and so you know!  And so you have become an expert?  On what?

  22. to me, it doesn’t matter who wins cause in any ways, they are already winners to end in the finale and both having careers… I LOVE YOU JESSICA AND PHILIP . Goodluck in your careers and hope to buy your records as soon as it out on sale….

  23. jessica has a great voice than phillip but phillip has more  fans  than jessica… and it’s about voice and fans . so i think it’s equal.

  24. jb i agree who won? it said they will spoil  who won but they didnt  why?

  25. He’s just another white dude who can sing AND play guitar. But obviously he won’t be winning if it wasn’t with the teen girls voting for him. He’s very typical. A voice that i’ve heard sooo many times. If the black guy went in instead of him, NOW THAT’S A COMPETITION. Ha!

  26. I am through with IDol. This yer the hjudges set the pace for philip to win with their phony standing ovasions to someone who belongs in a coffee house.  Jessica should have won and I know she, like other runners up, will be more famous than philip who is a poor mans bob segar/bruce springstein wannabee but not.

    Now I do not need to waste a new vhs tape on this show. Its ran its course and crybaby Jennifer needs to peddle who sobby tears over Marc Antony’s butt/

  27. No Jessica should have won. No that is not fair. I was applauding her throughout the whole season that cute little half pint deserved to win.  What a bummer.

  28. What a FARCE!! Jessica is far superior to Philip. He will probably have no career whatsoever. He will be just like Taylor Hicks. Until they come up with a voting system that allows people to vote ONCE AND ONLY ONCE it is only a popularity contest. Philip doesn’t even belong in the top ten.

  29. Loved you guys: Phillip and Jessica.  Wonderful and enthralling performances.  Just mesmerizing……………
    Jen tooooo

  30. there is more here in Philipines.sings well than philip,he played guitar only a basic..that is not a talent,, 

  31. To the writer of this article, it’s “Janie’s Got A Gun” not “Jamie 🙂

  32. I’m not watching Idol anymore.  I’ve been watching for 5 years and every year a white, brown-haired, slightly dull, ok-looking guy has won.  I knew he would win, not because of his singing but because of what he looked like.  It’s ridiculous – Jessica was SO much better than him.  Joshua was too.

  33. we already see  that  AI is for WGWG not for a 16 years old girl that hoping  to achieve her dreams,we  say even do we are not 100% americans but we are 100% talented philmexican,,AI is for 100% american,,

  34. another set up!, i’m tired of the way idol makes up their winners. what’s next randy on stage pulling a j-lo?

  35. nope Phillip Phillips is the winner Jessica is great but her voice is common…she will go far…but i am thrilled that Phillip won 🙂

  36. she will go far! she knows it! look at Adam Lambert he was second and he is far better than who won?

  37. Yup right ! Philips will sell CD alitle and Jessica will sold out millions record as usual coz the kind of talent are different…

  38. Congrats Phillip!!! You are an amazing artist.. I am so looking forward to hearing your songs in the radio. congrats also to Jessica… You have come a long way and you should be proud of yourself…

    Phillip, you are  a true artist, stay humble and cool. be a good example to young aspiring artists in the world.  Be a idol to young americans who want to succeed like yourself. Continue inspiring not just girls but all people in all walks of life!!!!

    God bless!

  39. Jessica record will sold out and become forever famous and Phillips will be forgotten in time to come ( even if he won ) coz a kind of singing god gift both have. Jessica ia a millions buck record singer, not Phillips.

  40. So people who voted PHILIPS are CLUELESS on what talent is all about?
    Come on! Jessica can outsing Philips 24/7 … So majority of those who voted for Philips are either CRAZY or RACISTS? You tell me which one?

  41. I’m really tired about you people, jessica’s fan, she has a lovely voice, but that’s all, she only shines when she sings songs og whitney, Mariah or Celine, honestly I prefer to heard the originals, ger a break this not a racist situation, SHE IS BORIIING

  42. Seriously, why don’t they just choose 12 WGWG’s next year and let the best, cutest one win!  It might turn out to be more interesting than this season proved to be.  So many talented kids and so little personality!  And please…new judges next year.  I am so over the pimping of Jennifer Lopez.

  43. Philip is brill he deserved to win it if he was a black man with a guitar and a voice like that he would still deserve to win it it’s not about colour or race

  44. Dave Matthews disagrees with you. In fact he wants his act back, including his facial expressions.
    Phillip is the antithesis of unique. And he’s tone deaf.

  45. Hey did you all catch the new T.V. show starring Taylor Hicks? Yeah no. Because Katherine Mcphee was so much better than him and was robbed.
    Phillip’s win was telegraphed on the performance show. By the judges, song, stage production. 
    That the judges went overboard in panning the song Jessica sang. “oh it’s not you honey the song sucked. Did we mention we hate your song?”
    “Oh Phillip We loved everything!” Standing O? This is the second decent song all season this tone deaf slacker has sang. 

    He has rapped every other song. He should have been voted off long ago.

    This shit is so fixed.

  46. Totally agree with you… Jessica should have won if we’re talking about talent…..ANY WAY JESSICA would have a LONG and SUCCESSFUL CAREER Ahead of her while Philips will be forgoten in a few years! PHILIPS WON THE BATTLE BUT JESSICA WON THE WAR! JESSICA FANS -Dont despair, she’s our WORLD IDOL!

  47. Race has alot to do with it. Joshua Ladet was the best on American Idol 2012. Just maybe if he white with a guitar and loved country music he would be where phillip is….(just say)

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