American Idol 2012 Live Top 4 Recap: California Dreaming! (VIDEOS)

This week on the American Idol?2012 top 4 performances?show, the remaining contestants will perform a song from a California-based artist and a song they wish they had written. In addition to the two individual songs, we also expect to see more duets to fill up the two-hour show now that we are down to the American Idol 2012 top 4. Join us for our American Idol 2012 live recap of the top 4 performance show as we find out who brought the house down and who failed to impress in this crucial week on Idol.

Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Phillips Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh are just a few weeks away from reaching that coveted stop in the American Idol 2012 finale. Right now all bets are pretty much off when it comes to predicting who will win American Idol 2012.

After Thursday night’s American Idol 2012 results show, only three will move on to compete last week in the last showdown before the American Idol 2012 finale. While my personal American Idol 2012 prediction is that it will be either Hollie Cavanagh or Phillip Phillips who goes home this time, there is honestly just no way of knowing what the rather unpredictable voters this season will do this week.

Who will get voted off American Idol 2012 this week could be determined by just one bad performance. All of the remaining American Idol 2012 top 4 will have to bring it in a serious way tonight if they want to move on to the next round. Let’s hope all of the singers will be at the top of their game tonight as we head into our American Idol 2012 live top 4 performance night recap!


(Please note: If you cannot watch the performance videos, they may not be available for viewing where you live. Please stand by and we will bring you videos everyone can watch as soon as they are available.)

American Idol 2012 Top 4 Performances — California Dreamin’ Songs

Phillip Phillips — “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Judges: Steven Tyler says Phillip is something else; living proof that the road to success is always under construction. Jennifer Lopez thinks Phillip had a Joe Cocker quality that was new and not something they had heard before; he did a great job, it was perfect. Randy Jackson says Phillip had a bit of a pitch problem in the beginning, it was a little rough,?but it all started going great when he started smiling, then it was sensational.

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Hollie Cavanagh — “Faithfully” by Journey

Judges: Steven Tyler says Hollie has shown she’s grown up and blossomed; she is so creative and her song choice was over the top. Jennifer says she has always believed in Hollie?and knew she could be so good; it was very beautiful. Randy thinks Hollie?is peaking at the right time and she is doing it; he is amazed at how she has been slaying it and she did Journey proud. He calls her dude and dawg, which is high compliment from Randy.

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Joshua Ledet — “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Judges: Steven says he is so glad Joshua got on that plane, he sang his tush off, the world is accepting him like nobody’s business. Jennifer Lopez says OMG, another great performance, she loves the drama, really, really great; keep it consistent. Randy Jackson says he is really happy Joshua came back, he is a great artist, he can sing anything and will have a huge career.

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Jessica Sanchez — “Steal Away” by Etta James

Judges: Steven loves it and tells Jessica she showed off a new side of herself and nailed it. Jennifer says Jessica is one of the best ones out there and she loves her growl. Randy says he loves seeing a 16-year-old be able to do that song; she could sing the phone book, her vocals are ridiculous.

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Now we have a duet with Phillip and Joshua on “This Love” by Maroon 5. Interesting that they chose to pair the two guys together instead of doing a boy/girl duet. Kind of like a sing-off against each other really! They actually sound quite well together. Steven says it was perfect and he loved it. Jennifer thinks it was a perfect song for the two of them with their very different styles. Randy says it was a great song and they sounded fantastic and made it their own.

Our second duet of the evening is Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh on “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles. Steven says they didn’t sing it out the way the guys did but they are now the judges favorite swingers (you kind of have to see the visual). Jennifer says she didn’t think it was that bad (but wasn’t great), both girls have sweetness and power. Randy thinks it was a little strange. They are both powerful singers, but he didn’t like it; it was weird.

While we wait for the next set of performances, we get a tour video of the mansion where the American Idol top 4 are currently residing. I could go for a nice long stay in those digs!

Before the individual performances kick in again, we have a quartet from the top 4 of “I’ve Been Waiting (For A Girl Like You)” by Foreigner. A bit lame.

American Idol 2012 Top 4 Performances — Inspirational Songs They Wish They’d Written

Phillip Phillips — “Volcano” by Damien Rice

Judges:?Steven says he could hear the musician in the song, he’s never heard Phillip sing like that; it was beautiful and he could listen to it over and over again. Jennifer says very few people could pull off that song, it is a real testament to him; it was one of the most poignant moments ever on Idol, lovely. Randy says this is what it is all about, one of his best performances of the whole season, amazing, great.

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Hollie Cavanagh — “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt

Judges: Steven thinks Hollie fell a little short on the song, she just didn’t feel it. Jennifer thinks Hollie is just too young to connect with the song, you have to have?had your heart broken and it didn’t happen for her; her voice was shaky. Randy says the song was great but it was the wrong choice for this moment in the competition.

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Joshua Ledet — “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown

Judges: Yet another standing ovation from the judges. Steven says no one has ever sang that good with such compassion ever on Idol before; he has never heard anything like that in his life. Jennifer says she thought they had seen everying Joshua had to give, but they obviously hadn’t. Randy says Joshua delivered them tonight and it was the greatest song ever for him; the best performance ever on any singing competition. If you want to know what singing is all about, listen to Joshua Ledet.

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Jessica Sanchez — “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” Jennifer Holliday

Judges: The judges also give Jessica a standing ovation, although it is a little less swift and enthusiastic. Steven says it was another winning performance and just over the top. Jennifer says it looks like it will be a real race to the finish, it was a real moment and Jessica’s vocal ability is just not something you see every day. Randy says he doesn’t know what is going on tnight, but they are in it to win it. This was one of the hardest songs to sing and it was a great performance; phenomenal.

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65 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Live Top 4 Recap: California Dreaming! (VIDEOS)”

  1. Everytime Hollie sings, she sounds like she’s spitting on the mic — needs more practice.  Esp with words starting with letter “p”

  2. Give me a break, the judges have got to stop ooooozing over Joshua, it gross. He is good but you guys embarrassing yourselves, chill a bit!

  3. I am sick of Joshua and believe Hollie is the best.  The judges are so playing favorites this year.  What is it about Joshua that they have to stand up every time he sings?

  4. So you have to scream to be great? Mad scream? The judges are hostile toward Hollie. Clearly, they are pushing for a Joshua/Jessica finale.

  5. Gotta give the crown to Joshua and Jessica. They are full packages and then some.

  6. I agree with John. Jessica has proven she can tackle difficult songs so its about time she connect with her young fans by singing a song that is more upbeat and familiar that they will love to listen to.

  7. the judges are always hating on hollie when shes amazing! they just like joshua and jessica 

  8. And the judges have encouraged Jessica to scream sing like Joshua!
    I hope Jessica would stop listening to Jennifer Lopez.

  9. despite, Jessica did give me the goosebumps.
    Hollie’s “Faithfully” just didn’t live up to the song.
    I’m a big Journey fan.

  10. There are no longer 3 judges, only 1 judge with 3 faces.  They clearly don’t like Holly and that is cruel.  I miss Simon!

  11. Thanks to Snark Food for immediately releasing the latest videos of each AI contestants. We in NZ receive AI telecast one day delayed and your website keeps AI fans here in NZ updated. Well done. I enjoyed everyone performances most specially with Jessica’s 2nd performance.  I love Jessica and I’m going to love her even more.  Keep it rolling Jessica!

  12. thye stand up because he is an amazing singer. its a shame yr so jealous and dont open yr ears up properly. the kid is immense. go get yr ears cleaned out you plank of wood

  13. well they are the best 2 singers in the comp by a mile. thats the reason they push for them both. maybe yr a bit deaf???

  14. they dont hate hollie at all. she’s just not as good as josh and jess. thats all it is. end of

  15. im from england mate and believe me simon is going mad at just how great joshua is. he like the 3 american judges know real talent and just how brilliant joshua is.

  16. i agree with you 100%. he is the best singer for many a year to come out of idol. probably the best ever.

  17. yr a fool for such a silly comment. he’s the best singer in the comp by a mile. grow up ffs

  18. singing american classic styles…Gospel and soul. Someone google the amount of money made in the Genre last year…he wins he is another fail for Idol and one of the last times I am watching…An idol is contemporary, they are fresh, Joshua is none of those things

  19. joshua is becoming to be irritating……. i love him at first , but now he sounds terrible…

  20. The judges decided at the beginning they wanted Joshua or jessica, so the rest haven’t had a chance from the start. It’s too bad for the two “best” contestants that they weren’t the chosen ones! I am disgusted with how they are treating Holly – it just sickened me. Why don’t they call the show “judges idol”!

  21. Joshua is ok but I dont like his styly of music. Between Joshua and Hollie, I like Hollie much more.

  22. My ranking:
    1st- jessica
    2nd-joshua (eventhough his style and  technique are now predictable)
    4th-Phil (he lokks constipated while singing)


  24. My ranking:
    2nd-joshua (even though his style and technique are now predictable)
    4th-Phil (he looks constipated while singing)

  25. Philip all the way, he is brilliant and so much fun to watch . They are all brilliant, would put them all in my music collection. But would buy tickets to Philips concerts.

  26. I can’t wait to hear the original song that Jessica will sing after this competition.  So talented, so amazing and wonderful to hear you sing Jessica.  Stay focus, good luck and God bless.

  27. josh is the best singer ever on americn idol! jessica is also super!
    phillip is weak and should of been eliminated instead of skylar.
    hollie  is picking up lately very good also. so: 1.josh;2.jessica;3.hollie;4phillip.

  28. Jessica sang one of the hardest song and she nailed it! 
    I think it’s the  best performance of the night.
    She is really phenomenal;  she can sing any type of song not like Joshua who knows only one type of song which is to scream the song.  Way to go Jessica! I’m from Canada so I can’t vote  but my relatives in the U.S. always vote for her.  B the way, the judges today are fair in their comments for each of  the singer.

  29. I agree simon would be telling Joshua he is screaming. I think he’s good but comes across really cheesy with the whole choir. I don’t think he deserves a standing ovation almost every time he sings. How many has anyone else had?

  30. Jessica’s choice of songs leaves me cold.  joshua truly is a talent.  Phil is chill and hollie will probably go home):

  31. When Jessica sings, she always gives me goosebumps. I love how she deliver her voice, powerful yet controlled. That’s hards to do. She sings like a Pro for her age. As for Joshua, i say that he is amazing. His voice is very unique to me. He got style and it always makes me so excited to see what’s next. Hollie sounds like a cow to me. Please don’t get me wrong, but whenever she sings, i only listen on the first part then i still turn the volume down a bit. I’m not againts her at all. Just when you put her in the competition with joshua and jessica, she is totally out of the league. Only my opinion. 🙂

  32. Jessica is the best among the rest of the contender so for me…Its Jessica who will win race!!!!!! I love you Jessica!

  33. I think Jessica is the most versatile singer among the last 4  standing AI hopefuls this year. Her voice is superb! She stole the night and deserved to have the judges’ approval and standing o. Joshua is a great. However, I’m starting to believe that he’s screaming his songs to the point that  it can be, somehow, irritating. I think Jessica tops the leader board tonight. Hollie is cute and adorable tonight. I like her version of “Faithfully”, it was not screamed at all and her voice amazed me well. Phillip is cute too. He’s got a lot of personality when singing. However, I think he’s the weakest among the four when it boils down into real talent.

    Here’s my personal rating:

    1. Jessica – A
    2. Joshua- A-
    3. Hollie- B
    4. Phillip -B-

  34. There are alot of guys that sing in African american church choirs that sound similar to Joshua. I think hes really good, but gets to be irritating after a while. I think Jessica should win this, love her voice, she is the most versatile, and this last song she did just proves it.

  35. Being a good vocal performer doesn’t always have to choose songs that require them to scream. The most amazing vocals are those that can give you chills and goose bumps whenever the singer starts singing with their heart. They always have to feel the song and be sincere with the emotions that the song requires.

  36. That’s why the judges are giving him Screaming Ovations which in IMO may not be good for him 

  37. get over your jealousy ppl. Josh n Jessica r d best. Josh is heavenly. If your deaf, get ur ear wiped or hang urself for the hate of Josh. n u’l are racists. cos the aint white, you chose to play deaf.

  38. no he is not a patch on Adam Lambert  nobody ever will be.  Hollie is the best vocalist this year.

  39. All of them have talent but Joshua and Jessica obviously can chop any songs. Joshua is soulful yet powerful. . Jessica’s talent is unbelievable. I think Jessica’s voice is the most beautiful of the four. However, I think Joshua and Jessica deserves to be in the finale. Standing “O” to both of them.

  40. I agree. If only there are 2 crowns. These 2 deserve (meaning they earn it) to be in the finale.

  41. Josh has a tendency to scream too much, he pushes his vocals too hard, to the point that his voice breaks.  “His
    ‘gospel’ rendition of Billy Joel’s ‘She’s Got a Way’ was a hot mess of
    over-singing.”  He is a good singer, not as a great singer as praised by the judges .   I guess the producer has picked him to be the winner this season but asking the judges to give him standing ovation every week .  America know who the best singer is .
    Of all 4 singers, Jessica is the best and that’s why she’s been booked for PBS National Memorial Day concert 2012 on May 23rd .
    Regardless of who is going to win this eason, Jessica’s career will be bright in the future .

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