American Idol 2012 top 2 finalist Phillip Phillips is in desperate need of surgery, but has decided to postpone the procedure until after the finale this week. Phillip Phillips suffers from serious kidney issues and he has been urged by his family physician that he needs immediate surgery.

Throughout his time on American Idol 2012, Phillip Phillips has been battling severe kidney problems. Early in the competition, he was forced to have a temporary stint implanted to keep his body functioning until he could undergo surgery.

In addition to feeling terrible on more than one performance night, Phillip Phillips has also had to deal with “dry mouth” as a side effect of the medications he is on. The young singer was forced to miss several offsite production sessions and had to skip shooting on some of Ford commercials the American Idol 2012 cast regularly filmed during the season.

Music producer and American Idol 2012 mentor Jimmy Iovine has mentioned Phillip Phillips’ medical issues on the show as part of why he may not have performed at his best on some nights.

Phillip Phillips reportedly visited with his family doctor when he was back home in Georgia on Saturday, May 19. The American Idol 2012 finalist reportedly looks horrible and has not been eating. The physician was allegedly very alarmed and told Phillips he was in dire need of immediate surgery. However, Phillips reportedly decided he just could not miss the American Idol 2012 finale and has delayed his surgery until after the finals.

Once Phillip Phillips does go under the knife, his recovery from the surgery could take at least 6 weeks, which will certainly put a damper on his post-American Idol 2012 finale promotions if he does turn out to be the winner.

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