American Idol 2012: Is Phillip Phillips Still a Front Runner? (VIDEO)

On American Idol 2012, handsome, quirky Phillip Phillips is definitely a fan favorite and odds are high he will make it to the top three. If everything works out in his favor, he could every well end up as the American Idol season 11 winner. That is, of course, if he can keep giving out great performances every week to keep his voters happy. So did he manage to deliver up another great performance this week?


So how did the tongue-twister named Phillip Phillips do on the American Idol 80’s night this week? Did he once again manage to impress the judges, the audience and the millions watching with their fingers perched to vote?

Well, yes, and… no. In all honestly, Phillip Phillips is a natural artist and his talent is strong enough that it is hard for him to sound bad no matter what he does. Wednesday night on American Idol, however, he was not — as judge Jennifer Lopez told him — in his “comfort zone.”

The first part of Phillip Phillips’ performance of “That’s All” by Genesis was weak and wavering. He just doesn’t feel connected to the song the way he usually is to what he is singing and he looked weak in comparison to Phil Collins singing the original. He does manage to pull it mostly together by the end of the song, but this will not be remembered as one of his best nights on the American Idol 2012 stage.

The judges gave Phillip Phillips a decent amount of praise for his performance of “That’s All” by Genesis, but they didn’t gush like they sometimes have over his rendition. The consensus seemed to be that while it was a good performance, it was not a standout night for Phillips and he could have done much better.

Jennifer Lopez noted that it took Phillips time to get into the “groove” but she said by the end he had a “really great” performance. Randy Jackson gave him a thumbs up and said it was a good choice to listen to mentors Gwen Stefani and Tony Canal about not playing his guitar during the beginning of the song. As for Steven Tyler, he didn’t even really talk about the performance. Instead, he wandered off muttering something about “wild flowers” and “wild cards” and basically sounding like he smoked something happy on the way to the show.

Thankfully, Phillip Phillips was back to his old self in his duet with Elise Testone on “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. Not only did Phillips sound fabulous on the song, he also helped Elise to shine after she had a rather dismal solo performance. I hope this will ensure she manages to make it through for at least another week.

Even though this week on American Idol 2012 was not the best for Phillip Phillips, I highly doubt he is in any danger this week or anytime soon. His performances on American Idol season 11 so far have been way above average and he seems to have garnered quite the fan base among voters. I expect him to stick around to at least close to the bitter end.

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  1. Phillip Phillip is “The New and Improved” over John Mayer.  Lets hope that he’s a better soul too.  Don’t loose your goodness Phillip. Stay true to yourself and treat others with respect and you will go far.  

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