American Idol 2012 Predictions: Who Will Be the Final Two?

On American Idol 2012 last night, the top 3 contestants each performed three individual songs last night and all of them had at least one truly stellar performance. So which of the extremely gifted top 3 will go home in the American Idol 2012 results show Thursday night? Well, we have our American Idol 2012 predictions for the week.

Read on to find out who we think got voted off American Idol 2012 this week and who we think will survive to compete in the finale next week.

On American Idol 2012 last night, Jessica Sanchez thrilled with her tribute to judge Steven Tyler on “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith.

Joshua Ledet brought the house down with his rendition of “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Phillip Phillips chilled out and had the girls swooning with “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Sager.

However, only Joshua Ledet really seemed to draw universal praise for all of his performances last night. Both Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips got a bit of criticism from the judges on a few of their songs. Still, despite his universal adoration by the judges and their constant standing ovations for him over the past few weeks, Joshua Ledet still might not have done enough on American Idol 2012 last night to save himself from elimination.

Unless the vast majority of fan polls and surveys out there are totally wrong, there seems little doubt that Jessica Sanchez will make it through the American Idol 2012 results show tonight without a problem. Who she will end up facing in the American Idol 2012 finale is the big question in our American Idol 2012 predictions for this week. In a battle between quirky WGWG (white guy with guitar) Phillip Phillips against soulful gospel belter Joshua Ledet, who comes out on top?

Well, unfortunately for Joshua Ledet the odds just aren’t in his favor. In other words, in The Hunger Games, Joshua Ledet would probably be royally screwed about now. The WGWG statistics are pretty strong from past seasons and indicate Phillip Phillips is statistically the most likely guy of the two to end up in the American Idol 2012 finale. Plus, there are quite a number of American Idol 2012 fans out there who are just not pleased with how much lavish praise the judges seem to have been giving Joshua Ledet in recent weeks. Thus, there are a large number of American Idol predictions out there calling it for Joshua Ledet to be the one who got voted off American Idol this week.

My favorite conspiracy theory is still that the judges are intentionally trying to pump up Joshua Ledet to piss the fans off to vote for their real favorite, which is alternately Jessia Sanchez or Phillip Phillips depending on which forum you happen to be in. The Jessica Sanchez fans at least have a little more ammunition for their conspiracy theory since male American Idol winners have consistently underperformed female ones in record sales so far. So that would allegedly mean the American Idol 2012 powers-that-be want the girl to win this time around.

In the end, I personally think it just comes down to who has the bigger fan base. As fabulous as Joshua Ledet may be, he just does not seem to draw quite as much rabid fan love as either Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips. His fans do adore him, but it is Sanchez and Phillips that seem to provoke the most outraged and crazed responses from their supporters anytime anyone says anything negative about them. Based on all the fan polls, the forum posts, the media hype and my own gut, I think my American Idol prediction for the elimination results show this week is going to have to be Joshua Ledet getting the boot.

Who do you think will be the one who got voted off American Idol 2012 this week? Who do you think will take home the top prize when an American Idol 2012 winner is crowned next week? Share your thoughts with us below in our comments section!

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82 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Predictions: Who Will Be the Final Two?”

  1. This article is very well put. All I can add, as a non-voter (cant in Canada), I am totally WGWG, P2!! He would win the whole thing, if he were to go against Josh. 
    No matter what, will buy an album by Phil. He’s like Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, Gord Downie all in one.. so awesome.

  2. This season a girl will be the last mortal standing and its a young lady named JESSICA SANCHEZ.first Asian American to win AI at her age she already showed all of us how powerful her voice is, but in the end its all about the people who they want to be the Big Winner…

  3. If Joshua goes home tonight it will b the end of my idol watch for all future seasons! He is by far the most talented, it will b a shame and then I’m done with the show!!!

  4. purely subjective input:  when i’m listening to music, i like power vocals as much as the next person, but i DON’T like getting screamed and shouted at, like a certain favorite is prone to do. (s)he is like a little pitbull throwing tantrums. 

  5. fav is jessica…she’s got the talent and the looks…I will vote for her..

  6. Jessica is by far the most talented and versatile. Although, both Josh and Phillip have had their magical moments. Phillip just doesn’t have the vocal ability Jessica has and Josh is just too much of a screamer for me. Jessica has been the first to make me actually pick up the phone and vote and I have been a faithful viewer since season 1. Good luck Jessica!

  7. Jessica should be gone. As far as winning it better be Josh. He’s an amazing singer. 

  8. Totally charmed by the promising talent in Jessica. I root for her success to be the next AI!

  9. If Phillip wins, he will be only a WGWG and his following will be limited. Nice style, though. Joshua is very predictable and becomes stale with his straight-jacket style of delivery and performance. Jessica, on the other hand, is fresh,exciting and the whole world will rejoice as she will  be one more addition to the American bank  of singers after the loss of Whitney. Jessica is our equivalence to Leona in the UK. I am all for a Jessica win tonight!

  10. Time for him to go…..phillip Phillips will be the last man standing ! He is amazing….

  11. looks like jessica and charice has similar stories. charice was a contestant in a idol like tv show in the philippines. she was nailing songs week after week and always wins the best singer of the week. but at the finale  the judges gave her a wrong song choice. not only that charice was also told by some of the judges she lacks “personality” and it would be impossible for her to win. so, they gave the crown to a boy that has personality but not the same talent as charice.
      well, the rest is history. charice became a world star. jessica will be the first “world idol”. if x-factor has leona lewis as a world class singer, jessica will be idol’s answer.

  12. It’s obvious the judges like Joshua. I was shocked when jimmy chose that song for Jessica. Everyone knows she belt out big songs. Why a safe song like that, and giving a big song to Joshua , I don’t know?!? Just saying!

  13. Them Muthafuckas’ Let Phillip Stay, He Should have went home he can’t sing worth of shit. Jousha Is Gone He Is An Amazing Talented Singer. I Hope Jessica Win, Fuck Phillip Ratchet Ass!

  14. I love jessica Sanchez!…she is yung, beautiful and talented!….the judges love her and so as America!…she is the best…

  15. Although josh got voted off watch who sells the most albums watch who has more fame he’ll be just like jennifer hudson on season 4 she didnt win but she damn sure doing better than anyone that was on that season josh should have won but trust hunny he aint worried not one bit. mark my word on May 17 2012 josh  is gonna shine brighter than any of them just sayin!

  16. They are all so great I think Jessica is a bit young .I would love to see Phillip win.In any case they will all get recording deals.Did you all notice Joshua’s family wasn’t upset.He will get a big deal

  17. Joshua not in final is a disgrace and a waste of a season !! He is by far the best singer and Idol.
    I will not watch final.

  18. I really don’t know why your having the show next week,I think it is a set up, i cant believe Josh went home he is so much better than Jessica,but then again when the judges did what they did saved her and said the Voters were crazy she was the best that told me. IM done with the show.

  19. Jessica recreates the music with the God-given gift of her voice. It soothes the spirit when she sings the melodies. She already has the whole world as her platform. Winning American Idol will just be “gravy” for this “Beautiful Girl” (an original song by Jose Mari Chan) – Jessica Sanchez!  God bless you and protect you!

  20. I agree. I’m done. Will not watch anymore. The most talented get voted off.

  21. I agree with you because you speak the truth! I think they should stop the voting in the finals and let the JUDGES decide who is the best fit for the next american idol. Joshua and jessica are by far the most talented left…I could care less for phillip who thinks he’s unique cuz of his dumb name and his stupid country voice he sucks!!!

  22. With last night’s performance, it was quite clear that Philips and Jessica, despite her trouble with her throat, stood out. I thought Ledet had performed well too but he seemed to have overperformed the songs with lots of shouting and growling . Good luck to the three of you. 

  23. I thought it would be Joshua & Jessica in the final. And then I then I expect Jessica to win the crown. This girl is totally awesome.
    Go Jessica Sanchez!!!!

  24. yes  its  such  a  shame  that  most  people  vote  because  he’s  cute,  is  this  a singing contest  or a beauty contest,  wake  up  and  vote  for  the  right  person  .  Phillip is not interested  at  all  and  he has  no people  skill,   but  you  will  see  Joshua  make  it  a  good  career  ,  too  bad   he  had  to  lose    instead of Philip

  25. I think Jessica is to young…I would not buy one of her cd”s…..Phillips and Josh I would….

  26. I am so disappointed with tonight’s results. Jessica should have gone and she should not have been saved in the first place weeks ago. It is enough to cause me to quit watching this show period. Josha is by far the best and Philip is second! I am so ticked off!

  27.  Phillips may get the votes because the girls think he is cute. But Jessica is by far the better singer and should win American Idol if not American Idol is a farce.

  28. Even though Joshua didn’t make to the final 2, trust me, he will be a big star. 

  29.  Josh had been biased by the judges, and that’s why he had to face the music 🙂

  30. The 3 of them are so much deserving to be the Final 3, but somebody should win, right? but honestly, my prediction is  Jessica will win it. Her names popped out in all singing websites. Her name is almost in any news. In her age, I am so much impressed in her singing abilities! Can’t imagine what she might become when she start to have  the proper singing coaching! But dont get me wrong folks, Philip has also his unique way of singing, and charm, and I mean a lot of it! But somebody should be a Winner! I bet  its all in our hands next weeks! We should vote who we think should be the next American Idol!!!!

  31. I think all three are very talented. I’m not a Mariah or Whitney fan so I think Jessica has a powerful voice, but not my kind of music. She clearly can’t sing anything pop. Kelly clarkson has done well bc she can and Carrie underwood is country. Huge difference then Jessica’s voice. Not saying it isn’t amazing, but it is a hard place for her to be at her age. Who is going to be her main audience, buying her concert tickets to listen to all ballads? My personal style is more Phillip. Kid has some talent and is original. Would def buy his music. I have only purchased 2 other idols music, Kelly clarkson and david cook. Should be interesting!

  32. Why Joshua got voted off last night ?  The root of the problem is the judges .  Judges are so biased, they have given him too many times of standing ovation and countless none sense praises (e.g.  “The best I have ever heard for 40 years”, “The best of all in any American Idol competition” , etc ” ,  “Joshua is a great singer” .   Those baloney praises had caused bad reaction and hurt Joshua, which led to the elimination of Joshua Ledet last night .   Joshua is a good singer, not a great singer as exaggerated by Steven Tyler .

  33. As far as vocal ability is concerned Jessica, Josh, and Holley, are light years above Phillip.

  34. I knew Joshua Ledet was going to be voted off.  He is a great singer who ticks all the right boxes.  He doesn’t just having a voice and stand there like a statue when he sings, he performs and  is entertaining.  The songs that were chosen for him were not good at all but he sang them beautifully in fact they were great.  I knew Joshua will be voted off because American idol is fixed.  Jessica is going to win it because Phillip Phillips is not standing a chance he doesn’t have a voice but entertaining.  So they had to get rid of Joshua.  The song that was great is the one that Joshua has chosen himself (Imagine).  What I can advise is for black people not to audition for American idol as they will never win it.  It has been a long time since a deserved person win it.  What happened to Jacob from last season? Everyone is realising but him.

  35. To me, Skyler should have won the whole thing … she was the BEST on stage of all … next would have been Holly … these two should have been in the finally !!!

  36. For all the people digging Phillip, he is the only true artist on the show. Joshua and and Jessica are talented and fit into the mold of what’s really popular in music, and they may reach greater heights in success. Bur Phillip will always have a devoted following, as josh and jessica fans will come and go. Phillip digs deeper for his music and it’s more meaningful to him. He will write his own music, as josh and Jessica will have music written for them. Phillip should win.

  37. Phillip for the win!!!!!!!!!! Wish it could have been Skyler vs. Phillip. I always love it when people say they will stop watching the show when their favorite goes home, which I have never seen to become true with people I know. They Always come back.

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