American Idol 2012 Predictions: Who Will Make The Final 3?

On American Idol 2012 last night, the remaining four contestants performed two individual songs and each had a duet as well. While Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet received standing ovations, both Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh fell flat on one of their songs. Who will get voted off American Idol 2012 this week? Will it finally be the girl so many thought would ever make it this far? Or will the voters defy the American Idol predictions yet again?

Last week, country cutie Skylar Laine was sent packing on American Idol 2012. Her elimination was not entirely shocking as many American Idol 2012 predictions had placed her in the bottom two and more than a few fan polls showed she would be the one to go home. However, there were still quite a few fans who were surprised that Hollie Cavanagh once again managed to escape elimination over Skylar Laine.

On American Idol 2012, Hollie Cavanagh is the person who has been predicted to be eliminated more often than any other contestant on the show. Yet week after week her fans come through for her, keeping her from being sent home and even sometimes managing to boost her out of the bottom two. Still, this week it is hard to believe she will manage to hang on to make it through to the next round after one of her performances last night went so wrong.

Hollie Cavanagh’s first song on American Idol last night was  stellar. She sound terrific on “Faithfully” by Journey and garnered universal love from the judges and both a “dude” and a “dawg” from Randy Jackson, which is high praise indeed from Idol’s currently most critical judge. Unfortunately, Hollie Cavanagh’s duet with Jessica Sanchez was very weak and weird, and her second song performance of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt was a dismal failure.

Thus, this week on the American Idol 2012 elimination results show, my prediction for the bottom two is going to have to come down to Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips. Hollie seems almost a given to end up in the bottom two, but I waver a bit on Phillip Phillips. With the huge praise from the judges for Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez again last night, there is some small chance the voters might react negatively by putting one of them in the bottom two, but I doubt it.

For his first performance on American Idol last night, Phillip Phillips did not impress all that much with “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was not bad, it just wasn’t all that great either. He was much better than Hollie Cavanagh in the duets, however, and his second performance of “Volcano” by Damien Rice was one of his best all season.

Unfortunately for Phillip Phillips, I think the war between fans of Joshua Ledet and fans of Jessica Sanchez to make sure each of them end up in the final two will end up pushing him down into the bottom this week. Plus, I don’t see Skylar Laine’s fans voting for Phillip Phillips now that their country girl is gone. They are more likely to switch their votes to Jessica Sanchez or Hollie Cavanagh.

In the end, for my American Idol predictions this week for the bottom two, I have to go with Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh. Between the two, I find it a bit difficult to choose who will go home mostly because Hollie Cavanagh’s fans seem to be so rabid. Even so, I believe the second performance from Phillip Phillips on American Idol last night might just be his ticket to the next round.

So I guess that means for my American Idol 2012 prediction this week for who got voted off American Idol 2012 would be: Hollie Cavanagh.

Now let’s wait and watch and see if y’all get to make fun of my American Idol predictions again this week when I get it totally wrong…

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32 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Predictions: Who Will Make The Final 3?”

  1. If it is due to the singing performance, on the last 4, Hollie Cavanagh would be the one to be elimanated.

  2. I think Phillip should go home.I would rather listen to Hollie than
    Phillip.Phillip is scarry when he sings.

  3. I think Phillip should go home. He is never in any of the commercials that they are required to do., He cant sing and is not a team player. The other 3 can actually sing and should go thru. JS

  4. Yes, I would rather listen to Hollie than Phillip Phillips.. Every time he sings I think he need to go the comfort room.. There nobody will listen! Hollie will be in the top 3… To Jessica and Josh congratulations! You are my top 2 favorite….

  5. pretty sure I would most likely see Philip in concert although i am a HUGE Hollie fan! I just like her…. period. Jessica has a voice like no other though..fell in love with her after Whitney Houston week.. want her record! Joshua always looks stoned and personally I would go to my old Baptist church if I wanted to hear all dat.

  6. its obvious that you are an idiot…joshua is a soul singer! look where hollie ended up..VOTED OUT…lol… joshua 4 the win!!  

  7. Hollie is predicted by pretty much all sources to be the one eliminated .. So this is no masterful conclusion; yet, I find that Hollie has the most money-making potential. Why? Her musical flexibility can put her in pop, adult contemporary, and crossovers to country. The others will appeal to specific genres. Jessica is a phenomenal singer, but her personality is as dry as Kim Kardashian. Granted, she’s only 16, but her maturity level is that of a 12 year old. That will hurt her appeal beyond the tween demographic. Although I have voted for Hollie consistently, she may be better off to not win..probably be more successful. Even if she did win Idol, fans of the contestants who didn’t win would be brutal toward Hollie which would start her career off on a slippery slope. You can bet Hollie with her charm, voice, and natural effort will enjoy an incredible career.

  8. Yay, Hollie’s Gone! Now The Show Is Started- Well Except That Skylar Is Gone -____- Phillip All The Way 😀

  9. I DIDNT say I wanted Hollie to win, I said I liked her as a person. I said positive things about all of them. Just sayin I think they are all good but Joshua isnt my favorite. I am not an idiot, and I suppose you liked Marcus Canti from the X-Factor and Jermaine Paul from the voice. You must be black to like that shit. I am a black girl myself but at least I have good taste. I am an accomplished concert pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter. I am guessing you work in a kiosk selling sunglassesd across from pretzel palace in the mall. I have a guitar named after me, and the only time you have probably ever seen a guitar is through the window of a pawn shop. If I am an idiot than what the hell does that make you Bradley…. because you dont sound like a rocket scientist to me. You just sound straight up mean and nasty so I thought I would return the favor like you return empty beer cans for smokes money.

  10. jessica deserves to win. the girl has amazing vocals and this competition is all about  singing VOICE ..

  11. all of them are good but hollie deserves to go home. and all voters should stop descriminating girls. let the girls win this time!!! GO JESSICA!!! she has a very unique voice!!! even though she is a filipino let her win pls!!!!!!!

  12. you may need to go back to church. joshua has the ability to sing amything. gospel, r&b, country etc, etc you name it. THAT’S WHY HE’S IN THE TOP THREE AND COULD POSSIBLY BE AMERICAN IDOL 2012. dont hate the player hate the game. the boy can just flat our SING! way to go JOSHUA. im sure God is voting for you to.

  13. Not surprising as Idol came right out this season with their choice for the winner, Joshua.  He will be a new addition to Motown.  As for Phillips, I don’t get it.  I watched a Dave Mathews 20055 Concert the other night on TV.  Phillips facial expressions, his style, his movements on stage, the way he used his quitar, all exactly like Dave Mathews.  So, where is his unique talant.  The only difference between he and Mathews is Dave Mathews is original, can sing, can perform and he can play the guitar.  I quess he gets votes from those that are too young to know who Dave Mathews is.  He is still a huge draw and has been in the limelight for 15 years plus.  Holly didn’t deserve the ax and Jessica has a future with some more training.  Idol has gone down hill though.  Kelly Clarksen, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood are the only three past Idol contestants who have made any noteable progress in the Music Business and they work hard at it.  The others not only haven’t made a dent in the business but who can remember their names.

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