American Idol 2012 Predictions: Who Will Make The Final 5?

On American Idol 2012 last night, the remaining six contestants tackled songs by the legendary rock band Queen and gave it their all to convince the voters to keep them around for another week. Who will get voted off American Idol 2012 this week? Will it be another shocking elimination or will the results be more predictable this time?

The voters have been wildly unpredictable recently, sending favorite Jessica Sanchez to the bottom two weeks ago and then eliminating Colton Ford last week, but we have our American Idol predictions for who will end up in the bottom Thursday night. Read on for our picks and tell us yours!

This week on the American Idol 2012 elimination results show, my prediction for who is most likely to be guaranteed safe is Jessica Sanchez. Even though she almost got voted off American Idol two weeks ago, I don’t think her voters are going to let her anywhere near the bottom this week. Anyone who likes Jessica will be voting for her. Plus, although her “Bohemian Rhapsody” last night was kind of a fail, her rendition of “Dance With My Father” was so sappy sweet and gooey over the top that no one will remember her Queen song was less than stellar.

Also safe this week in my American Idol 2012 predictions is Phillip Phillips. I do not think last night was a great night for Phillip. Both song choices were questionable and he didn’t rock either one. However, without Colton Dixon around, everyone who is into voting for ‘the cute boy’ will be voting for Phillip Phillips. I think this will make him safe for at least one, if not two, more rounds.

In the danger zone in my American Idol predictions this week are Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet and Skylar Laine. I think of the three, Joshua Ledet is likely the safest and won’t end up in the bottom two. However, the fans speaking out on the Net seemed to be a little cranky that the judges keep falling over themselves to praise him so highly every week and keep giving him those standing ovations. So they could decide to smack back a little at all that smugness by throwing him down in the bottom of the pack.

On the American Idol 2012 elimination results show Thursday night, I am expecting that it will end up being Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine and Elise Testone in the bottom three. However, I am already going to admit that the voters might not agree with me on Hollie Cavanagh, primarily because she had the ‘pimp’ spot of singing last this week. Whoever is in that spot seems to get a boost in the votes for the following day. Plus, Hollie’s supporters are sick of everyone talking about how she should get voted off American Idol. So they might just propel her into the top three, which would drag Joshua Ledet down to the bottom three.

For the bottom two this week in my American Idol predictions, I am going to choose Skylar Laine and Elise Testone. I’m sad about this because honestly I think Skylar and Elise deserve to be moving on more than either Phillip Phillips or Hollie Cavanagh based purely on raw talent alone.

Unfortunately, Skylar Laine is a country niche singer and while she’s probably already established a strong future career for herself (like previous Idol country girls), she is not going to win this thing. The voter surveys are also ranking her very low this week despite her very strong Queen song on American Idol 2012 last night and her good personal song performance. Still, I don’t think Skylar Laine will be the one going one.

Sadly, I think that the person who will be voted off American Idol this week will be my remaining favorite girl, Elise Testone. Always flirting with the bottom, Elise Testone just can’t seem to quite connect with the voters. She’s a rock star and she has huge raw talent, but she has pitch and control problems when she lets her passion overwhelm her performance. I think Elise is amazingly talented and I hope someone out there will give her the break she needs… and a great coach who can transform her image to match her pipes and pump up that ‘it’ factor she needs to make it in the music biz.

That’s a wrap for my American Idol 2012 predictions for who will get voted off this week. Now it’s your turn. Tell us who you think will get the boot in the American Idol 2012 results show on Thursday and join us here on for a recap as soon as the results are in!

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39 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Predictions: Who Will Make The Final 5?”

  1. It is very aggravating to see the judges to stand up every week for Joshua.  My respect for him but his performance are not for that reaction every week.  It is so clear the judges wants to push him up.  I’ve noticed JLo stand because there is no other choice.  Hollie should stay longer. I seen what Skylar and Elise has to offer so they wont impress me anymore.  They are all good but unfortunately one has to be voted off. 

  2. Hollie did fantastic.  She did not screech or scream.  Only bad thing I can say is she doesn’t need to imitate the girls bending her knees and bending at the waist during her performance.  Joshua did much better.  He was subdude with the screaming.

  3. if the contest is really based on the “voice”,  it will definitely  be jessica and joshua on the final round…that’s what it should be…not unless AI is a popularity contest….

  4. Please i beg all of you here ,vote  Jessica Sanchez,if only we can vote here in Hongkong we will vote for here and many Chinese who did watch the AI ,admired her voice so much,so i am here begging you to vote for her.Thanks to all and good luck Jessica!!!

  5. Jessica is really a  star to watch. With her vocal talent plus how the way she dressed was really so amazing. She just needs to show her best performance by connecting with the audience maybe she should do a little choreograph to catch the audience and judges attention.

  6. I think Phillip is going to win because of so many young girls voting.  They should, however, think about the last three years, the young men they voted for, because they were cute and where they are now.   They don’t even get asked back to sing.  Instead they had Stefano who went home half way through last year.   Go for the best voice people.

  7. American shouldn’t take it out on josh for the judges giving him praise. He is good and he really has a very caring heart. Not to mention a great voice too. America needs to vote on what they see.

  8. Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez should be in the finals.   Their duet made them look like Professionals amongst amateurs.  I see some complaining about the judges standing on Joshua’s performances as though they are unfairly biased towards him.  Even Jimmy raves about Joshua.  All of these are in the music business.  Isn’t it just possible that they actually like him, being highly impressed with his talents??????   Win or not, Josh has a great future in front of him as there are so many people who love his style of music….Same with Jessica!  No muti-voting Idol fans will ever prevent that!

  9. Here we go again.  Well, I do think that Skylar is pretty spot on with her stage presence and “notes”.  An accurate singer and a sweet girl.  However in my opinion TOO much screaming.  Notes in the upper range can be loud without screaming, and if I were judge she along with a few others would be “coached” into taming the screams and screeches.  Holly is still a poweerful singer without all of that.  She probably will not win, but give her a few years!! 

  10. agree with you ,we like her to win this year her voice terrific and the song she dedicated to her father is really amazing we just  can’t stop listening her singing,   we       keep playing it over and over …please continue to vote Jessica.Thanks…..

  11. Holly is not American her family just migrate to USA few years ago,they came from England,              unlike most contestant are all born American,Jessica even she’s half Filipino ,but she was born in America and she havent gone to her mother country yet…

  12. I totally agree. Phillip will be a star whether he wins or not. There are so many talented singers here, but for the most part, they don’t stand out like Phillip does. Great voices seem to be very common but originality is not. Colton was great also.

  13. my picks for the finals: Skylar, Jessica and Joshua. This year is tough! I initially voted for Colton and Skylar, but I see Jessica really feeling her music and she may win! I think Holly has a pretty voice, but she’s still lacking the ‘feeling the music’ that comes across to her audience. 
    Joshua, Jessica and Skylar are the most passionate. I like Phil but he is a crooner. He’s cute so that may keep him on, he’s adorable and a good musician.

    a great year on AI

  14. I agree with you about Holly, she is still young and seems to have trouble related to the audience where Skylar, Joshua and Jessica, I think, are most passionate and more emotional. Music has to touch the soul. And it’s not always technically perfect as Holly’s voice is

  15. let’s not talk about where they’re born, because if we consider that Philippine is soooooooooo far behind England

  16. What does everyone see in Phillip? He’s very boring and sings every song the same..

  17. hollie is awesome she should win she has an amazing voice and I really don’t get the whole boring thing

  18. You are WRONG…..Joshua SUCKS, man!!!! AHHHHHHHH. Can’t stand his whiny, gay ass.

  19. Well, if I’m wrong, then the three judges, Jimmy, India Arie, Fantasia and Percy Sledge are wrong ( Not to mention the thousands of people whose votes are keeping Josh in the top three)!  And how do you know that he’s gay????  He said that he’s interested in women!   Maybe Joshua is not CRUDE enough for you.  Maybe what you interpret as  gay is rather a sensitive, ARTISTIC personality embodied in this young man.  See, when you make unfounded accusations about people, especially those you don’t even know, you tend to be viewed as a shallow, message board TROLL.  If you don’t appreciate Joshua’s talents, or his style of singing, that’s fine.  You have a right to your opinion.  But you should leave it at that.

  20. I didn’t like Phil Phillips’ voice the first time- when it came out of Dave Matthews’ mouth. He’s such a wannabe DM clone that it’s laughable. There’s nothing original about simply copying your idol. Speaking of idol, Skylar completely deserves the win this year (just a tiny bit ahead of Hollie and Jessica). But in the last few tradition of voting in the vanilla “cute boys who we’ll never hear from again”, I wouldn’t be surprised if PP wins. In fact, that’s my prediction, another predictable, and so wrong, AI outcome.

  21. He’s already talked about liking women, so we’ll just have to assume that you’re using “gay” in the “stupid” sense. Have a nice summer and good luck as you go on to the sixth grade.

  22. But OMG he’s like soooooo cute! So he should win! And then we’ll never bother to buy his music or care about about what happens to him after this season is over. 



  23. Skylar and Hollie rock. In fact, all three remaining girls are amazing, Joshua’s good too (although the forced standing O’s have worn thin), and Philly Philly needs to go home this week. “Cute” means nothing in a singing competition. He’s so laughably horrible.

  24. Jessica Sanchez is predicted to win….we just love her….she has that wonderful  voice///

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