On the American Idol 2102 results show for the final two Wednesday night, almost anything could and probably will happen. Despite a majority of American Idol predictions leaning toward Phillip Phillips as the one who will take home the top prize, there is still a strong possibility Jessica Sanchez could walk away as the American Idol 2012 winner against the odds.

Let’s face it, the odds are not in favor of Jessica Sanchez as the winner of American Idol 2012. The American Idol winner for the past four years in a row has been a young, cute, white guy with a guitar. Obviously American voters (especially the all important cellphone toting tweens) love those handsome boys with the golden voices.

The last time a female was the one who won American Idol, it was Jordin Sparks way back in season 6. She actually managed to snare the win over the cute, white guy with a guitar in that season, but then again, Blake Lewis was more of a quirky dude than even Phillip Phillips. Let’s not forget the season before that obviously crazy talented Katherine McPhee lost out to TAYLOR HICKS. Nothing against Taylor, he seems nice and all (even if he has pretty much vanished from the face of the Earth), but really?

So, it has to be obvious at this point that the guys statistically bring in the votes to win way more often than the ladies on American Idol. Plus, on American Idol 2012, Phillip Phillips has never once been in the bottom three. Jessica Sanchez has not only been in the bottom, she would have been voted off weeks ago if the voters hadn’t used their precious save in a very overly dramatic gesture of shock and awe at sweet little Sanchez being ranked last by the voters.

In all honesty, if the American Idol 2012 winner is not in some way rigged (as some fans believe) by either the producers or the fans, I think the title is probably going to go to the cute boy once again. Thus my American Idol 2012 prediction for the winner this year is going to be Phillip Phillips. I’m not saying I am all that pleased about the thought personally. The male American Idol winners over the past 10 seasons of the show have mostly proven to be total duds when it comes to post-Idol success. It’s always the ladies who seem to truly excel when they leave the Idol stage.

However, the track record is just too strong and despite having a huge voice, Jessica Sanchez has consistently lacked the emotional depth to truly connect with some of her song choices and get under the skin of the audience. She is just 16-years-old after all! You can hardly truly sing about having your heart broken or your life in ruins at 16 with any real meaning behind it. That is not a slur against Jessica Sanchez or her talent, but she really does need to get some more life experience under her belt before she can truly do serious justice to something like a Whitney Houston song. Perfection without emotional depth does not a superstar make.

Before I sign off and say that is all there is, however, it is important to note that Jessica Sanchez is not without hope of still winning this thing. She has a huge international fan base and her American fan base is extremely dedicated. If some of her international fans did manage to find a way to sneak votes through, or Jessica’s American fans went totally nuts last night and recruited everyone they knew to vote… well, the tiny girl with the enormous voice could just prove my American Idol prediction for this year totally wrong in the end.

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