American Idol 2012 Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez Disappointed by Loss

American Idol 2012 runner-up Jessica Sanchez was understandably upset by her loss in this year’s finals, but she admires the perseverance of opponent Phillips Phillips, who battled a painful kidney condition throughout the competition.

One of Jessica Sanchez’s biggest disappointments was actually failing to win this year’s American Idol 2012 crown for the ladies. A guy has now been the American Idol winner for five years on a row.

“Being the last girl standing, that was really one disappointment for me throughout the finale just because I was like, ‘Okay, you know, I’m not going to be mad if I don’t win because I think Phillip deserves it, but I gotta do this for my girls,’” Sanchez said in an interview with Us Weekly.

Regardless, Jessica Sanchez said she was  very happy to have made it so far and was pleased for Phillip Phillips when he won the title. “I think he deserved it,” she said. Sanchez pointed out what a difficult road it was for Phillip Phillips, who was often in pain throughout the season. Phillips suffers from a congenital kidney disorder that causes him to produce large and frequent kidney stones.

He really fought through the competition, not just mentally but also physically,” Sanchez said. Phillip Phillips was reportedly scheduled for a corrective kidney surgery this week, but had to postpone after he came down with a sinus infection and a fever. Sanchez hopes he will have a swift recovery and will be able to join the American Idols Live Tour on time this summer as scheduled.

5 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez Disappointed by Loss”

  1. Her not winning the title was really a big disppointment but it could be a blessing in disguise. There are a lot and better  oppurtunities out there for her. Good luck and God bless Jess

  2. It’s just normal for Jessica or to any other female contestants to be a little bit disappointed since american idol was dominated by white male performers (with a guitars) for 5 straight consecutive seasons….
    I bet, if we twist the whole situation like:  Female singers dominating for 5 consecutive seasons,  Male contestants would be a little bit disappointed too…But Im impressed with Jessica when she praised Philip to be deserving of the crown and admiring his fighting spirit despite having kidney problems and severe pain…She has nothing bad to  say  about Philips but love (expressing brotherly love) ..
    Jessica’s motto: Work hard! and stay humble..:-) a real idol.

  3. Jessica’s not winning the Idol was a foregone conclusion due to the nature of the program and its kind of viewers. Had Philip not performed well, he could have won just the same. AI made sure he had the better and easier song to sing so he could appear as THE deserving winner.  Even so, to one with a musically trained ear like me, Jessica was far, far, better. It was like a show between a nicely-colored Corolla and dull Mercedes. The Mercedes had a far, far better engine but the Corolla prevailed because most of the voters were not auto mechanics but young girls who just wanted to drive a nicely painted car.

  4. This is what i like jessica she is so humble and friendly.i see her the likes of lee dewyze kris allen very humble even they won the american idol.same goes to philip nice guy and nice smile which the audience like him.i wish the two of them will be more successful on their singing career.Godspeed.

  5. I think Jessica was good and happy for philip I think she would be a great singer in life

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