American Idol 2012: Ryan Seacrest Promises Shocking Result on Elimination Night

American Idol 2012 host Ryan Seacrest has leaked a hint for fans that Thursday night on the show will feature a “shocking” turn. We think we might just know what Seacrest is talking about when it comes to his American Idol 2012 spoiler, but it is fun to speculate on what he is hinting at for the elimination results tonight.

Host Ryan Seacrest leaked a hint on Twitter on Thursday afternoon that fans might just be surprised when it comes to the American Idol elimination results Thursday evening. In between talking about Michael Phelps and playing Draw Something, Ryan Seacrest popped out the following Tweet:

So what is American Idol Ryan Seacrest hinting at? Well, I have to say I think it is not actually going to be about a “shocking” elimination on Thursday night. However, I do think it might be a hint that the voters are going to let one of the former favorites in the competition fall into the bottom three. Personally I think Seacrest was mostly trying to inflate the drama and the hype a bit going into tonight’s show, especially as he followed this Tweet with another proclaiming it was a “big” Idol results night.

My bet, as I previously predicted, is that this hint is foreshadowing that former favorite Phillip Phillips will find himself in the bottom of the pack this week after a very weak performance and a spotty track record over the past few weeks.

As far as the American Idol 2012 elimination results on Thursday night, I still really can’t see anyone but Hollie Cavanagh getting the boot. I think if it was going to be someone else, Ryan Seacrest’s Tweet would have said “there is a result tonight @AmericanIdol that EVERYONE would say is very shocking!”

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