American Idol 2012 Top 4 Photo Revealed as Skylar Laine Says Goodbye

The official American Idol 2012 top 4 photo has been revealed and it looks like Hollie Cavanagh is hanging on for dear life as she poses with the other three singers left in the competition. After Skylar Laine was voted off American Idol 2012 Thursday night, the remaining top 4 contestants are looking at just a few short weeks before the American Idol 2012 finale.

For some reason the official American Idol 2012 top 4 photo amuses me because it really does appear as if Hollie Cavanagh is about to plummet off a ledge and is clinging to Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez as if her life depends on it. Considering how often Hollie Cavanagh has been in the bottom two on American Idol 2012 and in danger of falling right off the edge, it is an apt photo representation of her status on the show.

Meanwhile Joshua Ledet stands there grinning from ear to ear waiting for the judges to give him a standing ovation for his loose and casual pose. Oh, sorry, did that sound a bit snarky?

Next week the American Idol 2012 top 4 will perform songs from a “California Dreamin” theme which is vague enough to accommodate so many different musical compositions that I’m not even going to hazard a guess. Of course, we encourage you to guess all you like in our comments section below about what the American Idol 2012 top 4 might be singing next week.

On Thursday’s American Idol 2012 elimination results show, judge Jennifer Lopez will perform her new single “Dance Again” um, yet again. No doubt she will probably be grinding on her yummy boy toy on live television in hopes of showing her ex-husband just how much he’s missing out on. Former American Idol winner David Cook will also perform, which I’m actually looking forward to.

At this point, making any sort of American Idol 2012 predictions about who will get voted off next week or who will make it to the final 3 is nearly impossible. While most of those making American Idol predictions for next week seem to be leaning toward either Hollie Cavanagh or Phillip Phillips going home, there is really no one safe from the voters when we are down to this few remaining contestants.

Still, we’d love to know what your American Idol 2012 predictions are for who will end up in the bottom two next week and who you think will end up going home. So scroll on down and leave us your thoughts in our comments section below.

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112 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Top 4 Photo Revealed as Skylar Laine Says Goodbye”

  1. hopefully philip or josh will go. All josh does is scream and phil cannot sing at all!

  2. I Think Hollie or Phillip should go home. Because, both of them are boring with me and my husband.

  3. I think it’s terrible skyler is gone she gave it her all every time she sang I am done with American idol

  4. Yes I hear many of you keep saying and predicting Jessica is going to win this year’s AI. However, a pity to say this but it’s a fact.. Jessica is not a cute White Guy With Guitar like Phillip. Unless you can stop those young american girls from drooling over and voting for Phillip time and again, your cute WGWG may join his AI predecessors Scotty, Lee DeWyse, Kris Allen and David Cook as the winner. Sorry Jessica, you may end up like Lauren Alaina as a runner up.

  5. Hollie is the best singer and Philip the second best .Shouldn’t  all four get recording contracts ?

  6. Hollie should have been gone! Way long ago w/ Elise.
    Many people are shocked and disappointed to see 1 of the very best singer/performers go home (skylar). She even gave an awesome last performance & what an appropriate song!
    Skylar will be a big star some day soon, without American idol….

  7. Hey now I’m mad did y’all really vote off Skyler y’all are so stupid and deaf if y’all kept Holly and Joshua but not Colton and Skyler y’all are do deaf everybody that didn’t vote for them to stay y’all are the dumbest and retarded people ever

  8. Phillp is going. Hollie, Jessica and Joshua in the finale. Jessica takes it all.

  9. i hate cause america is voting for pertty boy guitar player….. not who has the best voice….. holly or jesccia

  10. Jessica is boring & I was turned off right away when she talked about shopping in her cameo. I don’t feel like there’s much depth & honestly, I don’t think I would listen to her music. I would buy Phillips album, I would listen to Hollie & Joshua. I don’t know who will win but I think it’ll be between Joshua & Jessica.

  11. I actually like Jessica…sometimes I feel people do not get that she is still only 16 years old!!! I mean 16—YEARS—OLD!!!! who the hell sounds like that at 16 seriously???!!!…She is in it to win it and deserves to be at the top just like Joshua and Phillip and Hollie! I have to admit I can only listen to Hollie’s voice for so long moments later it gets dull, boring, and flat for me very fast…..I love Joshua but feel if he wins he’ll most likely become a gospel artist if anything which is great …just don’t know how many Americans will actually support his kind of music….Phillip is probably in my opinion the most versatile one out of the bunch…Given he doesn’t have a power house voice like the other 3, but he is the most original and it seems can turn any song into a great Phillip melody…i don’t care who wins…I just think Skyler should’ve stayed over Hollie.. Damn that should’ve been a no-brainer!

  12. skylar sucks and hollie should of went home a long time ago cause she got out got in twice and she thinks shes all that. i think that phillip is going and jessica should be the last two but then again joshua kinda gets better every day i wacth so all im sayin is hollie next to go home

  13. i realy hopin for jessica to win cause randy gave her a lot of good compliments sssssssooooooo who freekin knows 🙂

  14. Phillip sings like he’s constipated and doesnt always come across as a particularly nice person. Hollie is good but I think she’s not a natural performer. Jessica has the makings of a true star but still think she’s too young to appeal to a wide audience yet. Josh has an amazing voice but think you’d soon get a little bored of him. To me, it ended when Skylar went home as Ive never liked country music until now. She is a natural performer & I would pay money to see her already even without winning.

  15. For me Jessica is the winner, thumbs-up for her. Shes a great singer among them and i agree with you  #Krisvan7998

  16. I think & hope the bottom two are Phillip & Hollie ‘coz their voice are not that great like Jessica & Joshua.

  17. i just realized they were all actually good. you cannot compare each and every contestant when it comes to their singing. they all have different genres.

  18. The top 10 all get Recording Contracts. No matter who gets voted off they still get one. But most of them are not popular enough to hit the Music charts so nobody really pays attention or cares about the previous people. Mainly the winner and runner up get all the attention.

  19. I don’t know.  Not much a follower, though I listened to Joshua’s performance last week.  I almost broke my eardrums! His voice maybe strong but not at all musical! I got this angry feelings afterwards.. don’t know why..

  20. Well I think Jessica is extremely boring because she is the same old American Californian girl with a crap personality. But maybe I’m wrong. I thought Hollie was excellent because she finally let go. Josh is great every week. Phillip is good but NEEDS to pick the right song! As for skylar she could have won it and I’m surprised she left.

  21. I agree with u I think she has not a great personality cause she just loves shopping! 😐 … Vote for Hollie

  22. philip is an awesome singer,get ur head out of ur ass he is the best he is the only one that feels his music…

  23. america is noting for the one qhom is the best mind u they all are great but philip has an amazing voice 

  24. i think Philip an Hollie should win even through Skyler should still be on there when Jessica got voted off they shouldn’t of saved her they should of saved Skyler her an Philip should of got to sing together Philip has an awesome voice ya’ll need to listen to the music,he is the only one that feels his music…

  25. All I can say is my Foxtel is cut off on Monday thank goodness.  Colton and now Skylar gone?  Right now the only decent one left is Joshua but heck, he may just be voted off next week, and I wont see it!  This show has gone to the dogs, 64 year olds leering at 16 years olds is just a little too creepy for me.  

  26. Really ???? You don’t know anything about music. You racist that’s all what you are.

  27. I wish Jessica and Joshua to the finals…either one of ’em win the title..I’m happy……..but If P2 wins…America is crazy and need an extra ear!

  28. It’s either Hollie and Jessica to the finals,,,,or Jessica and Joshua!
    No Phillip please!!!! I’m tired of WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) who’s dominating the AI for for years.

  29. Who knows…..Hollie might be the dark horse of this competition…..but historically speaking WGWG still wins,,,AND ITS PHILLIP…which is sad (when you compare their voices), you know the reason…

  30. Agreed , Jessica is precouis and Jimmy was right, her white dress is too
    Matured for her.

    Her songs and dressing do not match her age!

  31. Randy and Steven started to give Hollie a standing O and Jennifer reached up and pulled them both down. It was a view from the back, not supposed to be caught on camera, but live TV does these things. And when Randy asked JLo if she just loved Hollie, JL had brain freeze. 
    What is it about Hollie that gets to JLo so much? 
    The contestants are all talented in different ways and will appeal to us or not based on our taste. I wish I could keep them all and just  send one judge home this week. 

  32. I think there will be a big surprise and not what seems to be the case.  I’m thinking Phillip Phillips because he’s a true artist and definitely has his own style……he will be another “Boss” Springstein…..he has class, confidence, originality, and what should be the next American Idol.

  33. Up until last week I thought Joshua should go home because it seemed like he just screamed to the point of vomiting…he really impressed me last week! I’ve always liked Hollie but until last two weeks she wasn’t connecting with the song but is really shining now. Jessica is amazing but she doesn’t connect to her songs except for the one she sang for her Daddy. She doesn’t sing well in a group… Philip is mega talented but I don’t care for Dave Matthews and he only has one style. I would like to see it up to Hollie and Joshua in the finals.

  34. It might help if the voting was limited to 1 or 2 votes per person. This 50 votes is a commitment! Of course the girls who have a crush on Philip will be willing to vote for the entire 2 hours by every means they have. It’s the nature of the beast. On line polls showed Hollie in the lead and Philip doing poorly.  That’s at one vote per person. The results don’t match the polls, not even close. 

  35. I think the bottom two will be Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh. Jessica is a great singer but many viewers love Phillip Phillips. Joshua will take it all!!!!!

  36. ..what do you expect her to talk about…WORLD PEACE or the FINANCIAL CRISIS…or lets say the WAR ON TERRORISM..shes 16y/o..of course shopping is on the top of her list, or even boys, or just music..what great personality did you have when you were 16..????

  37. Dont be surprised Skylar didnt win..guess what..she was voted off!!!
    Why???..shes too one-dimensional..just accept it..whereas Jessica and Phillip are versatile..they take command of the songs they perform..they keep you wondering how are they gonna deliver the song, they keep you at the edge of your sit…thats why they will finish as top 2 this year..!!!!!

  38. Did you forget that Phillip has kidney stones ?!? I bet he is in a lot of pain and he is still performing. he has all my votes!!

  39. Lol she’s a 16 year old girl, of course she loves shopping. That makes her a bad person? Anyways she has a great voice, and she and Phillip Phillips will probably end up being the most successful of the idols this year.

  40. Hell yeah, you can’t be in the bottom 2 or 3 THAT many times and make it to the finale. That’s just ridiculous. Her voice is very bland anyways, she isn’t going to have much of a career unless she makes some drastic changes to her voice.

  41. Her personality and her voice are two totally different things. Even if she were a total b*tch (which she doesn’t seem to be, she actually seems quite shy and sweet) it wouldn’t mean she sucks at singing. Her voice is incredible. Yes, she is an ordinary teenager personality wise, but vocally she’s definitely not.
    She’s my favorite, but I respect all of the contestants because they are all VERY talented.

  42. The bottom two next week will be Joshua and Hollie regardless of how well they do. Phillip and Jessica have wayyy bigger fanbases. And ever since the save was used, Jessica’s fans have been voting like crazy to make sure she’s never in danger of going home again. So yeah, Josh and Hollie in the bottom two, with Hollie going home.
    I’m pretty sure we are gonna have WGWG5 this year. Apparently a lot of frau and teenage girls think he’s cute. I’m a 17 year old girl and I don’t think he’s all that attractive but apparently a lot of girls/women do…so he will win 🙁

  43. The judges wasted their save on Jessica. America tried to vote right for the first time, since they thought Adam Lambert could sing, and the judges screwed that up. Jessica should wait until she actually has a quality voice, to try again.

  44. Don’t forget that Jessica is only 16 and 16 year olds love shopping. I have one, so I know.

  45.  I agree with you lalltjlljl2.  I wish Jessica and Hollie in the final.

  46. Yeah he feels it alright. It looks like he’s having a seizure as he sings. And by the way he proved last wednesday that he CANNOT sing for shit! All he does is grunt and groan and cannot carry a note.

  47. thanks. Anyone can see that phillip has the teenybopper vote. But as for talent. Nada!

  48. so true everyone else in the competition is screwed unless those little teenyboppers suddenly disappear.

  49. he feels it cause he sure cant hear it.. sings off key everytime, sliding up to and down too.. never quite hits the notes solid..  the worst singing on the show this year next to Hollie

  50. Hollie the best singer??? You obviously do not have a clue about great singing,you cannot hear when she goes off key, you are blinded by yours eyes or your ears are not registering correctly..

  51. I agree and was disturbed by the raving comments on how she sang “you are so beautiful”. Really, has anyone every heard Joe Cocker sing that song. I stopped breathing, as he belted out every word with such emotion. As Jimmy has said she is a technical singer. Probably, best singing a disney song. When Joshua pushed Philip away, last week..he’s lost my vote.. Mr too good for his little pants. So it Hollie with that beautiful voice and keeps improving her presence and Phil who is sexy, playing that guitar and singing with that rough voice of his, his own way.  

  52. Skylar maybe an album or two.. but not a big star,, she loves her four wheeler too much, she will find a great guy and have lots of children.. mark my words… 

  53. She is a child, how many children are star material, this she can learn as her obsessive attitude toward singing will bleed over to making her well rounded, she has an insatiable desire to succeed, at her age most others do not possess her dedication to succeeding, Hollie cannot sing her way out of a paper bag comparing her to jessica,, stop judging with your eyes.. judge the singing 

  54. You dont have a clue about singing to insinuate that Joshua screams,, you are retarded, its called an instrument,, and you make different tones with the instrument, as many as possible to make it more interesting in the delivery of the song as the artist paints it.. you must be one who must hear all words at all times and understand everything that is sung to enjoy it.. your missing out on other ways to enjoy,, its probably beyond your ability, capacity ..try listening to foreign music when you dont know anything that is being said, then you will learn to enjoy just the sounds that are being laid down… to say that Philip cant sing at truly are ignorant,, he sings, just he does not do it very well..  ILL bet he himself (Philip) is confused as to why he is still on the show,…

  55.  I am a woman 73 years of age and come from a family who plays and knows music and singing .What I hear in Hollie is great talent and her singing is on key. We all have favorites or a favorite.They are all good ..not perfect but good!It’s that Hollie is so very great and has a wholesomeness about her.I have perfect hearing and she is IMO the best. I do like them all and admire each and all of them for singing for us.I wish success for all of them.

  56. I think the judges praise Jessica and joshua too high. Yes they have great voices but I don’t think they are artists that people would go see. Hollie has received the most criticism and I believe she has the whole package. Her voice is amazing, she looks great and has great stage presence. She can truly be made super with right guidance all she lacks is confidence and experience. So judges cut your high praise and trying to influence the public and be fair with your comments let us decide just make your comments without stating who you want to win or should. People out there listen and look at who you think would last in a music career not like some idols that were praised and have disappeared.

  57. Enough with Jessica and Joshua, who would buy their records or go see them. Judges especially Jennifer what is your problem with Hollie?

  58. Josh is a solid singer and deserves to win even though Philip is  the cute white guy who plays guitar

  59. Hollie might end up winning the 2012 Idol, she’s probably get voted from England supporters.  Cause she sang badly a few times, and got away by being on the show, where no mistakes cost singers like Skyler who I think should by in with Jushua, Jessica and Phillip.

  60. Don’t understand why some are upset with Joshua pushing philip away, when they don’t even know the relationship between the two ( I’m not talking sexual!   I one who doesn’t believe Josh is gay, nor do I care!).  I’m sure that the contestants read the blogs and check out Youtube.  They would certainly see all of the positive and negative things ( Some downright mean) being said about them.  Who knows if Philip, being the somewhat slick guy he is, was trying to pull a “Slicky” by making Josh feel uncomfortable, and the fans also????

  61. Hollie or Joshua! Josh has got some kind of blues singing and can bring a new blues home! I just think he’s gay.

  62. It’s down to the point where it is a matter of fan support more than anything else. If you Twitter followers signals the extent of voting fans, it would seem Jessica and Phillip will be in the finale. There appears to be a difference between how the audience reacts and the judges respond to performances. Seems odd that the existence of a P2 girlfriends leaked this late in the season. I wonder if that will impact fan support for him.

  63. Hollie and Philip in the final with Hollie winning it. Lets be honest who can make it in the industry and who has great potential to be molded to a new pop singer that’s what sells

  64. i also come from a clan of singers and knows music.  all of them deserve to be where they are right now.  but Jessica definitely  stands out.  america should choose the best… and Jessica is it!

  65. Jessica will win, then Joshua, then Hollie, then Phillip. Although Jessica is by FAR the best… Phillip cant even sing he just GRUNTS the whole time.. Joshua is alright I guess, about the same as Hollie. But Jessica is by FAR the best, ANYBODY can see that! she gives her best every time, and sings with all that soul! you are blind if you honestly think shes going home.

  66. Nah, me and many many others are putting our votes on the other 3 except Jessica.  She’s too young and boring!

  67. I agree!  The AI organizers must change the voting rule and limit 1 or 2 votes per voter.  This will be fair to all the AI contestants.  Not much can we expect now until they change the voting rule.

  68. hollie and philip are both boring and literally they’re just pretending to be a good singer.. not an inborn talent dude! accept the fact that philip and hollie will be sent home next week and the following week! we vote for JESSICA!!!!

  69. lol.. maybe u’r deaf.. singing is for talented people.. hollie sucks! she usually copy someone else’s style and voice tone.. no originality at all..

  70.  Yeah, you’re done with AI!  I bet you are!  No interest at all!  Just spending some time reading AI blogs and maybe just typing some opinions…and maybe even say “I am done with American idol”. Yes you are indeed done with AI. So long!

  71. Nobody loves Jessica more than Jessica. I agree, all Josh does is scream. I like Hollie and Phillip. But it seems to me the only two the judges are pushing forward are Jessica and Josh. They made that clear the night They saved Jessica.

  72.  That will be the 1st time in AI, the one who is always in the bottom 3 won the AI.

  73.  I dont like both of them. Philip cannot sing and Joshua sings like a girl.

  74.  Hollie’s improvement is too late now, she has a long way to improve.

  75.  By far the best.  Ive been watching AI for 11 years and yes her voice is the best so far.

  76.  It’s tools like you, who talk out their ass, just to hear themselves talk. If you can’t say anything nice about someone, please keep your trap shut… may appear more intelligent that way. Then again………….

  77. From texas we love Jessica Sanchez…the old hometown of his Father…We love you Jessica…..Truly amazing, star is born…

  78. I think Joshua and Jessica are hands down the best two singers in this competition.

  79. your right. joshua seems to scream.  jessica is the same old thing we hear every day.   phillip is different. his stlye is unique. thats what we need. someone who reaches out to all ages.  hope phillip wins!

  80. Joshua should have never even made the top ten.  He doesn’t SING.  He screams.  It’s mind-numbing.  Go home, Joshua, go home!!!!

  81. we like jessica and joshua. and also philips and hollie but just vote to jessica 1st……

  82. Talented winners of AI will benefit far more than the mediocre winners. Were are the last 4 winners? May your conscience keeps you awake at night if you keep voting for phillip who likes to growl to hide his limited vocal. Don’t be taken by whistles and bells.

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