American Idol 2012 Top 5: Joshua Ledet ‘To Love Somebody’ (VIDEO)

American Idol 2012 top 5 soulful singer Joshua Ledet is an obvious favorite of the judges and the voters. Although he has found himself slipping down in the ranks the past few weeks, Joshua continues to bring the judges to their feet with his powerful performances and he commands a strong and vocal fan base.

Despite being a favorite on American Idol 2012 to many viewers, some fan polls this week have placed Joshua Ledet in the bottom two this week. In fact, there is more than one poll out there that actually shows Joshua Ledet as the one most in danger of elimination this round.Sometimes too much attention from the judges can have a negative backlash and that could be causing Joshua Ledet some trouble with the voters. Of course, there are the conspiracy theorists out there that think the judges are being SO vocal in their support of Joshua to distract from how much they actually want Jessica Sanchez to win. (Because the louder the judges cheer for someone, the more the voters get irritated about so-called ‘favoritism’.) There are all kinds of wild conspiracy theories out there.

In the end, it may just simply come down to which guy the voters like best because it is very unlikely we’ll end up with a final two of girl versus girl. Can Joshua Ledet impress the voters enough to put him above Phillip Phillips in the rankings? Check out his second performance tonight and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Joshua Ledet — “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees

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9 thoughts on “American Idol 2012 Top 5: Joshua Ledet ‘To Love Somebody’ (VIDEO)”

  1. jessica sanchez is way ahead when it comes to vocals.  this girl can truly slay a dragon, no doubt.

  2. Are we kidding each other or what???

    While we can each like a certain singer, there is one singer that is HEADS and SHOULDERS above all the rest…and if you can’t discern that, you are either deaf, blind or stupid…and his name is Joshua Ledet. That boy can blow…and when JLo tells you something about a singer…and Randy tells you something, and Steven, and Jimmy and Steven…they know…as we know…that regardless of the “voting”…this kid will have a long career…

  3. I don’t get the whole Joshua appeal. I Know he has an amazing voice but where is the market to buy his music in todays world? I don’t know how he is doing on Itunes but it doesn’t really matter once this compition is over. The Country market is Huge, the RB market is Huge, Rock… but is a gospel and soul market gonna really take him to the next level?
    Sanchez is starting to appear arrogent to  me. Watch the looks she shoots the other girls. Again an amazing voice, perhaps a great market I wish her luck
    So far America it self has been wrong the majority of the time when it comes to Idol, there have  been how many break out stars from the show…two…perhaps three?  Right now the country market is hungry, so I think that this year the one who will have the best chance at a break out career is the country singer…though she might not win the Idol Vote…regardless I think I am done with Idol after this season, the judges kiss too much but to avoid being booed, there is no critique, and I often don’t think the judges are even listening…I mean heck Phillips was so flat and off tune that I thought for sure THIS time they would  mention it…nope…just told him he “Phillip Phillipsed it!”  They need Real judges who have a real stake in getting the best  American Idol, who can sale music. 

  4. i dont understand the whole joshua appeal either or jessica for that matter .. i dont like thier singing .. now on the other hand hollie steped it up last night she did great im im a big skylar fan too

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