American Idol 2012 Top 7: Hollie Cavanagh – ‘Perfect’ by Pink (VIDEO)

For her song choice for American Idol 2012 top 7 performance night, Hollie Cavanagh tried to amp it up with “Perfect” by Pink in an effort to impress the judges and the voters. Hollie is in serious danger of going home this week after being consistently ranked in the bottom of the pack for weeks.


Hollie wanted to prove to everyone that she has the experience and the chops to be a star and that is why she chose to do Pink. Guest mentor Akon thought it is a great song choice for Hollie and Jimmy Iovine agreed.

The judges weren’t quite as sure the song was really “Perfect” for Hollie. Always the kiss of death, Jennifer Lopez told Hollie she “looked so beautiful” up on stage. “I see you fighting, you sang beautifully tonight, we’ll se how it all pans out, I’m rooting for you.” That is Lopez speak for: ‘That wasn’t really so great honey.’

Steven Tyler wasn’t strong with the praise either and also commented on Hollie’s appearance, which is just never a good sign. “It wasn’t perfect for me, but you look good tonight.” Judge Randy Jackson also said it was not perfect for him, but “it was a lot better than last week, you redeemed yourself this week.”

VOTE: Hollie Cavanagh – “Perfect” by Pink

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