According to the latest American Idol 2013 judges gossip, Randy Jackson may not be shoved off into mentor status after all. From the most recent reports from ‘sources’ close to the show, rumor has it the American Idol 2013 judges panel will include Randy Jackson, who has been with the show since the first season.

Earlier reports had said Randy Jackson would not sit on the American Idol 2013 judges panel, but would be regulated to ‘mentor’ status instead, which allegedly did not sit well with Jackson. I’m guessing not, since it is likely such a role would come with significantly less cash attached, as well as being insulting to the only original American Idol judge left on the show.

Randy Jackson will allegedly take the American Idol 2013 judges spot that was reserved for Enrique Iglesias, according to Negotiations to bring Iglesias on board have reportedly fizzled out and American Idol 2012 producers are desperate to get the judges panel locked down. American Idol 2013 auditions begin in just a few days and they allegedly just don’t have time to lock anyone else down.

If true, that’s kind of a sad way for Randy Jackson to get to stay on the American Idol 2013 judges panel, but I’ll take it. As a reality TV show recapper, I don’t have a choice about whether or not I watch American Idol 2013, so I’d like to at least have one person on the judges panel I don’t hate this year. Although, if Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj are really joining the American Idol 2013 judges panel to sit next to Mariah Carey, I still may have to keep a vomit bucket next to my desk as I watch the show just in case.

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