American Idol 2013: Mariah Carey Furious Over Nicki Minaj Judge Rumor?

When the rumor hit the press that rapper Nicki Minaj would be joining the American Idol 2013 judges panel, diva Mariah Carey allegedly blew a gasket! When I heard the news about a possible Nicki Minaj American Idol 2013 collision, I was pretty sure Mariah Carey would be even less pleased than I was.

According to, Mariah Carey was reportedly told she would be the only woman on the American Idol 2013 judges panel and was allegedly furious at the possibility the much younger (and incredibly less talented) Nicki Minaj would be sitting beside her as an equal.

Sources allegedly ‘connected’ to American Idol 2013 reportedly told TMZ that Mariah Carey was so mad about hearing Nicki Minaj might be joining the judges panel that she hung up on the person who shared the gruesome news.

Right now it is still a mystery who, other than Mariah Carey, will be filling out the American Idol 2013 judges panel. We still don’t know if Randy Jackson will be coming back as a judge, or as a mentor, or at all. If he doesn’t return as an American Idol 2013 judge, then producers still have to fill two spots on the panel… unless Nicki Minaj is indeed “100%” confirmed as the rumor says.

Of course, if she is, American Idol 2013 producers might just be looking for a replacement for Mariah Carey shortly… leaving them right back at square one.

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