American Idol Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell Skanks Her Way Into Hollywood

UPDATE: And the skank-ho goes home! Smell ya, bikini girl.

Every year when American Idol fires up for the new season, we’re treated with delusional people who’ll try anything to get the judges’ attention…and a ticket to Hollywood. This year, with wildly talented new judge Kara DioGuardi, was no different. Among the many costumes worn by Phoenix wannabes was the tiny bikini worn by “model” Katrina Darrell.

Katrina got a pre-package showing her skanking around in hooker-heels and her bikini, and chasing a clearly shaken Ryan Seacrest, trying to get him to make out with her. Sounds like a recipe for a quick shutdown, no? Well, no. Simon and Randy’s testosterone got the best of them when Katrina got up for her audition. Katrina sang “Vision Of Love” and it was meh. Judge Kara effortlessly proceeded to show Katrina how it’s DONE. Kara and Paula were both unimpressed with Katrina’s chops.

Then…Katrina got SASSY with Kara and said Kara’s version wasn’t any better! Paula came to Kara’s rescue, and usually that kind of disrespect results in a quick ticket OUT. But…there were men in the room, and Katrina got her trip to Hollywood. Katrina’s a queen bi-yotch, and should be quite amusing when she’s up against the contestants with actual talent. At least one guy on the show wasn’t enamored of the stuck-up singer…Ryan looked gayer than usual trying to run away from Katrina, to the tune of “I Kissed A Girl”! Good times! Check it out below!

And here’s the entire American Idol Season 8 Premiere episode from Phoenix, in case you missed it! (Just X out of the popup page when you click play.)

3 thoughts on “American Idol Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell Skanks Her Way Into Hollywood”

  1. Katrina could not sing. Her mouth and jaw were so tight.She could not belt it out. She looked ridiculous while mocking a singing voice. She was merely using imitation.
    Alot of people can learn to do that, but it does`nt mean they can sing – only sound like a certain artist to a degree. Those are the type of ‘artists’ who sing kareoke, and belong to cover bands.
    The judges should have asked her for another song, then it would`ve shown her true intention. If she had breast implants, we would be seeing her on Rock of Love Bus, or a similar
    reality show. I would not be surprised if a clip shows up sometimes soon from a tv show other than AI, or that she had been turned down
    during other auditions for such.
    Randy and Simon KNEW very well the outcome of letting Katrina go through. Katrina will bring
    drama, ratings, and although they will cut her down, she`ll make it as a psuedo celebrity. Katrina was disrespectful.
    In her manner, in her attire. Are we shocked?
    No. Sadly this is the norm, and not only on TV.
    The producers that I work with – as myself –
    would have been disgusted at her display
    , and at the very least laughed her off.
    I say at the very least, because there really is no humour in it. I am not stating this only because of her bikini. Her physic is good.

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