American Idol Elimination Predictions: Who Will Go Home? (VIDEO)

On American Idol last night, the judges gave out five standing ovations, but who really wowed the voters enought to make it to the top 8? On one of the best ratings nights of the American Idol 2012 seasion, it’s going to be a bit of a tough call to figure out which contestant will be facing elimination tonight.

Right now, Colton Dixon is my personal favorite performer on American Idol season 11. His punk rock style with the soft, soaring voice is just a match made in heaven. Literally, the boy credits his talent straight to God and we’re not going to argue with him. He’s also an obviously skilled and talented musician as well as singer, which I always strongly appreciate.

Still, while guest mentor Stevie Nicks loved Colton Dixon on Lifehouse‘s “Everything,” I didn’t feel it was his best performance. While there were moments of brilliance, overall it just fell a bit flat. Now, his part of the Stevie Nick’s tribute performance of “Landslide” and “Edge of Seventeen” with Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone was just damn gorgeous. I hope fans will judge him and Elise well based on that montage alone.

Elise Testone actually had quite the fabulous night. Not only was she great in the Stevie Nicks tribute, she also seriously wowed the judges and the audience into a roaring ovation on American Idol last night. Let’s face it, Elise tore it up on last night’s American Idol! Her rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” was jaw-dropping good and put most of the rest of the contestants on the floor. If she is put up for American Idol elimination tonight, it would be criminal.

Heejun Han also put in a strong showing on American Idol last night after a failed performance the previous week, but will voters be forgiving and keep him for another round? Yes, we’re happy to see that Heejun got it through his head that he needs to take this whole opportunity more seriously, but I’m not feeling his performance — though quite good — was enough to remove the stink of last week. I’m thinking he could very well be looking at bottom three territory again.

My American Idol predictions are that Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon should move on to the next round. Elise Testone should also be safe in any fair world after that amazing performance. Skylar is a bit more iffy and I could be calling this one wrong. She has done reasonably well so far, but she isn’t really standing out in the crowd and she could easily slip to the bottom because the voters just aren’t getting into her enough. Colton didn’t wow last night like I know he can, but he has a lot of rabid fans, so I really think he will pass through in the safe zone.

For me, those on the cusp are Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh. I like Hollie, she’s cute and she has a great voice, but she just isn’t connecting with the audience, the judges or the voters. She just doesn’t have that ‘it’ factor going for her. Joshua may have an ‘it’ factor of some sort, but he’s becoming rather predictable and a bit boring in the competition and that’s always a bad thing.

For the bottom three, my definite prediction is that we’ll see DeAndre Brackensick in it. I’ve never liked his voice, his song choices or, well, anything about him really. He is flat and forgettable, and hasn’t had a single moment of glory so far on American Idol 2012. Remember Justin from American Idol season one? Yeah, repeat of that, except not even as good. So over it.

If I were to call the shots, tonight’s American Idol elimination would be DeAndre Brackensick, despite Jennifer Lopez‘s pleas to keep him around for a while longer. I think the voters might just agree with me on booting DeAndre this week, but I think Heejun could also be in serious hot water. Rounding out the bottom three… I’m thinking it might be Hollie Cavanagh.

If the eliminated person is Heejun, Hollie or DeAndre, the judges should hold on to their ‘save’ because frankly, none of these three has any chance of winning American Idol 2012 anyway.

Who do you think will not survive the American Idol elimination tonight?

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  1. My predictions for bottom 3: Deandre, Elise, and Hollie.  Deandre & Holly are flat and boring now.  Elise was HOT last night but I don’t know that she has a strong following yet — no specific group phoning it in for her.  And if I had to pick one to go, I think it’s time Deandre moved on.  More likely it’ll be Hollie, though, since Deandre has good hair & the teenie boppers like him.

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