American Idol Final Two Showdown

Tonight on American Idol, it will finally come down to the last two contestants — Scotty McCreery versus Lauren Alaina. While it looks like the odds seem skewed in McCreery’s favor according to most of the predicitions out there, we all know that on American Idol you just never know who the hell will end up on top.

After the shocking eliminations of several top favorites this season against all reason, we’re left wondering why we should even try to predict the newest American Idol winner. This is a show where Taylor Hicks — bless him — should never have won and Adam Lambert lost out to that rather bland boy whose name we can never remember.

Still, it should be interesting to watch the final showdown between American Idol’s unlikely top two this season. I’d find it kind of fun if the little blond girl who nearly crawled into Steven Tyler’s lap during her first audition actually managed to stomp all over smirky country boy.

Then again, we haven’t seen a woman win American Idolsince 2007. And we’ve had some girls during those past years with pipes way bigger & better than Alaina’s.

I’ll be watching tonight but honestly it doesn’t really matter to me who wins this time around. James Durbin is the guy we’ll be buying records from at the end of the day. But that’s just me. What’s your opinion on who you think will take home the top prize in the American Idol results — and who really should have?

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4 thoughts on “American Idol Final Two Showdown”

  1. While I agree w/ everything you said, the only place I differ is about whose album I’ll be buying. Haley is where my $$$ will go. She and James were the only true risk takers on the show, but in my mind, Haley has that unique, soulful, rock voice that keeps me wanting more. Just like Adam Lambert, those who do not take risks on the show, prove to us what they are made of, never win. Unfortunately there is too large of a country audience in the United States. Not sure if there is anything Idol can do to fix it, but not winning didn’t hurt Adam and it won’t hurt Haley either. I’m sure James will fair well if he surrounds himself with good people.

  2. I will likely buy Haley’s music if she chooses her material wisely! I loved watching James perform live but don’t know if I would buy his music. I would not buy Scotty’s …maybe Lauren ..if she gets something good to record. She at least can be a cross over singer..Scotty is pure country. I think Lauren would be abetted idol but I also think Scotty will win.

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