American Idol Hollywood week part two leaves fans hanging

The “American Idol” Hollywood week part two episode was perhaps one of the most frustrating and annoying ever aired on the show. Why? Two reasons. First, I got a bit sick of producers exploiting all the unfortunate hopefuls who were sick or suffered a physical breakdown instead of focusing on their actual talent (or lack thereof). Second, you don’t have all that lead-in for a musical reality show for a whole hour and then end the episode without any actual singing!

Naturally, “American Idol” producers could not resist exploiting the sad plight of 16-year-old contestant Symone Black, who took a header off the front of the state on last night’s episode. Bad enough that they used the incident as a depressing cliffhanger to close out “American Idol” last night. Even worse that they lingered over it for far too long on the follow-up Hollywood week part two episode.

Just in case you somehow missed it, Symone Black is perfectly okay after her “American Idol” fall off the stage. She was hurried off to the hospital and told she was dehydrated. Not getting enough liquids and nutrition, plus lack of sleep and incredibly hot spotlights, is a great combination for anyone looking to take a fainting nosedive off a stage. Luckily for Black, her pretty little rendition of Otis Redding‘s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” before she passed out got her through to the next round.

Then, instead of actually saving any time at all on the show to hear at least a few group auditions, viewers just had to watch a whole lot of other contestants puking, whining and complaining about feeling like crap. Which really does suck, don’t get me wrong. This is not “Fear Factor,” however, and I don’t tune in to “American Idol” to watch someone hunched over and about to hurl into a trash can.

For the rest of the “American Idol” season 11 episode, there was the usual scramble for a handful of outcasts to find a group. A whole lot of bitching about groups not meshing and people bailing when they should have stuck it out. More sick people. One sick girl with a plastic bag in her lap in case she hurled in the middle of rehearsing. Usually during this whole process, there are a few cool people who stand out as not being douche bags that get you through. This time around, pretty much everyone seemed either pathetic or lame. Not much to root for there.

Finally, after all this vapid running around and medical madness, the first group went to take the stage. Very un-originally named “the Bettys” stepped up to sing their little hearts out and… cut. That’s it. No soup for you. A whole night of watching puke and pointless posturing and no actual real singing.

If it weren’t for the whole mystery of what insane string of randomness interspersed with cuss-words is going to emerge from Steven Tyler‘s mouth next, I might just have to tell “American Idol” that I have become strong enough to quit you. Then again, I might miss Jennifer Lopez having another fiery laser eye battle with the stage crew over her missing black tights. Oh no!

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