American Idol: It’s All Glambert’s Mad World

Snarkista has it bad, bad for Adam Lambert on Season 8’s American Idol. He had her at hello. She adored his very controversial “Ring Of Fire”, sprinkled with saffron and sitar that Johnny Cash would have LOVED. Trust. She loves his black nail polish and guyliner, but it’s the man’s crazy talent that is so irresistible. He sucks all the oxygen out of the room when he performs, yet for all of his showmanship- he’s extremely humble and gracious.

Every week, the wait for what Glambert will pull out of his hat is delicious, and his creativity is consistently amazing. It’s a 2 man race between Adam and Danny Gokey (love him too), 16 year-old Allison rounds out the best with the rest waiting for the final axe. Fortunately, the finale is many weeks away, meaning we get to hear and see more of Adam’s MAD talent.

There has never, EVER been an Idol contestant like him, and Snarkista wagers there never will be again. You will NOT get a karaoke performance from Adam; you will always get a consummate one. All Simon could do tonight was give him an immediate standing O. Along with the rest of America.

Glambert had the pimp spot tonight, singing Tears For Fears’ “Mad World” in his fab false, and once again KILLED. This guy is a once in a lifetime for Idol and 19E- he has the tweens, the grownups, the alts, the rockers, the gays, the straights…they all adore Adam. Here’s just a small reason why.

“Mad World” Studio Version

8 thoughts on “American Idol: It’s All Glambert’s Mad World”

  1. It was an amazing performance. What was more amazing was Simon gave a standing ovation to Adam’s performance. Superstar. OMG!

  2. Dear adam you are truely gifted. Please put that song on your first album for us all to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your gift with everyone to enjoy.

  3. I just went back and watched this again. This young man deserves to be The American Idol and I don’t think it’s going to stop there, with this talented amazing young man, it is but a beginning. Hold on tight, not since Elvis has an entertainer grabbed the world by storm. Adam definitely could.
    As I am writing this, Adam was put in the bottom three, there have been conspiracy theories, however I think it was probably being over confident as his fans and not voting. Please watch this again, Simon has never beore given a standing ovation. Smokey Robinson gave him a standing ovation, when he performed one of Smokey’s songs. Let’s not let Adam down, We need to VOTE and VOTE and Vote, Let’s make this a landslide, let’s show them we are fans of Adam and we will show our respect for the talent of this young man.He will never be at the bottom again, unless we drop the ball. If you love Adam, Please Vote.

  4. This was his best song! OMG, it was just mesmerizing. I loved it. He also has a studio recording of it, so you all should download it. It is so good!

  5. Agree 100%! An astounding and mesmerizing performance! I will buy anything he sings – even the phonebook.

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