American Idol: Joshua Ledet ‘I Believe’ (VIDEO)

On American Idol 2012 this week, Joshua Ledet did his best to show off his amazing pipes and convince the voters that he deserves to be considered a favorite for the finals this season.

Last week on American Idol 2012, Joshua Ledet found himself in the bottom three and it was not a place he liked. This week he was out to prove he was meant for more than just being an also-ran.

Joshua Ledet is an undeniably talented young man with an absolutely huge voice and a heavy load of talent. However, he has to compete with two other very talented guys on the show this year, Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips. While Joshua, in my opinion, wins for pure, raw talent — the other two guys kind of win more with the voters because they also have the ‘cute boy’ factor going for them.

If Joshua is going to win this thing, he is going to simply have to run right over the top of everyone else with the power of his voice. As far as the judges seemed to be concerned tonight on American Idol 2012, he pretty much did just that. Joshua was totally on tonight and both of his performances were fabulous, although I was a bit partial to his Fantasia song choice for the ‘now’ portion of the show.

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