American Idol Last Night Didn’t Impress Us Much

Even Crystal Bowersox failed to liven up the dismal fail of American Idol last night. Shania Twain proved to be a relatively intelligent and entertaining guest mentor, but the contestants were disappointing across the board. For the first time this season, we couldn’t even choose a best performance for the week, because they all pretty much sucked.

'American Idol' Top 6 (FOX)
'American Idol' Top 6 (FOX)

While we failed to really care much about any performance on American Idol 2012 last night, we do have to give a slight nod to Casey James for actually finally seeming to connect with a song for once. While we still think his performance of “Don’t!” was barely decent, we give him props for improving quite a bit over last week’s trip to the stage.

Siobhan Magnus managed to pull herself out of the gutter a bit with her rendition of “Any Man of Mine,” but much of the song was kind of torturous to listen to. She did, however, get it together by the last bit and actually land a few nice phrases.

We’re shocked to have to say this week we were not thrilled with Crystal Bowersox. Maybe it’s just because we’ve come to expect so much from her at this point. After last week’s jaw-dropping performance, this week Bowersox came across as terribly weak in her performance of “No One Needs to Know.” It wasn’t a great song choice and she sounded tired and not very invested in the song. Still, we love her anyway and she’ll keep getting our vote based on her amazing run this season regardless.

Michael Lynche, who we originally adored, has definitely grown tiresome. His take on “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” was solid, his voice tight – but we just didn’t get any emotional connection out of the performance. Plus, we know exactly how Big Mike is going to sound every week, there are just no surprises from him anymore.

A lot of folks apparently really enjoyed Aaron Kelly‘s “You’ve Got a Way” on American Idol last night, but we weren’t among them. Again, we just don’t find anything special or unique about this kid. He has a decent voice, he’s kind of cute, but that “it” factor is just missing in action with this one.

Lee DeWyze may be headed to the final two with the improvement he’s shown in recent weeks, but he just never ‘thrills’ us when he sings. At least a few of the other remaining contestants – especially Bowersox – have given us a few ‘wow’ moments on stage. DeWyze, on the other hand, never has.

Whoever ends up in the final five next week needs to go balls to the wall and pull out something amazingly hot. That includes our perennial favorite Crystal Bowersox. We’d like to see the last episodes of American Idol this season go out with a bang – not the pathetic whimper we heard last night.

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