American Idol Last Night: Winners and Losers

American Idol last night left us with a feeling of unrest and depression. Even our favorite girl, Crystal Bowersox, failed to give us the happy pill that would have at least raised the show to the level of only mildly boring. Michael Lynche almost managed to drag us out of the gutter, but in the end we were just left limp and wasted on the floor by the night’s performances.

Lee DeWyze on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Lee DeWyze on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. tried to make us smile by cracking a few jokes, but overall he just didn’t even seem to like most of the contestants and it showed. We can’t blame him. Playing cheerleader and coach for one of the most lackluster final five American Idol contestants ever can’t be all that much fun. Let’s hope these folks learn some new tricks before the American Idols Live Tour this summer.

It almost seems a bit pointless to try to rank the contestants for American Idol‘s Frank Sinatra week. Apparently AI voters feel kind of the same way., which has a remarkable accuracy rating for predicting who is going to get voted off, can’t even call last night’s loser. This week the website ranks every contestant as “may be voted off or safe – it’s just too close to call.” Still, we’ll give it a try.

Lee DeWyze: “That’s Life” – If Harry Connick Jr. did like one of the contestants of the evening, it was obviously DeWyze – calling him a “new and improved version of me.” Well, we won’t go that far, but this genre obviously fit DeWyze well. Any other season, this performance would be mediocre at best. Among this year’s abysmal field of competitors, it was actually pretty decent. If we have to pick a winner for the evening, we guess it would be DeWyze.


Michael Lynche: “The Way You Look Tonight” – Big Mike got some of his pizzazz back last night and boy did he look kind of adorable in that fedora. The vocals were strong and we liked that he look confident on stage again. The performance was kind of hammy, but that’s just his style. Still, in the end it was nothing special.


Crystal Bowersox: “Summer Wind” – We hate to rank our favorite in the middle of the pack for the evening, but that’s where she landed. For the second week in a row, we really didn’t care much that Bowersox was singing – and that hurts us. Seriously, we’re beginning to wonder with these last two song choices if she is deliberately trying to get eliminated. Plus, she looked like that dress was cutting off her circulation. Bring back the hippie clothes, the drama and the belting Mama Sox!


Aaron Kelly: “Fly Me to the Moon” – We may be biased here because this is one of our least favorite Sinatra songs. Regardless, we felt the performance was weak, tired and altogether yawn-worthy. Being cute can only get you so far and we’re thinking maybe it’s time to boot this boy band wannabe.


Casey James: “Blue Skies” – It was difficult to call a ‘winner’ for the evening, but not so hard to pick the loser. Casey James was a mess on American Idol last night. His song choice didn’t suit him, his vocals were all over the place and we just wanted to smack that weird, smirky look right off his face.


With this kind of ‘final five’ on American Idol this season, we’re starting to think maybe it might be a good idea to let the show go gently into the good night when Simon Cowell makes his exit at the end of the season.

Note to American Idol 2012 producers for the next season – which we know they’ll do anyway – you are doing it wrong. Next time around, pick contestants that can actually sing and don’t sound like bad Miley Cyrus or Justin Timberlake knock-offs. And ditch the ‘oldies’ music and get the hell with the times.

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14 thoughts on “American Idol Last Night: Winners and Losers”

  1. Wow — what a night! What a season. I have been watching Idol from the “get-go” and I sure don’t see a super star coming out of this season! I still prefer Crystal because she has a style of her own and I like her voice alot. Did you ever think of raising the age limit to at least a high school degree??? Aaron belongs back in school

  2. Sexual harassment: It is unfortunate how Casey is treated less favorably for his good looks. He can’t help the way he looks! He has a great voice but this latest genre was something he won’t use commercially. So what? Kara sexually harassed him and it inhibited him from delivering an outstanding performance every time.

  3. The comment on singing new music made me think “what new music?” Hip-hop hit big time around 1980, and since then it’s been recycled versions of 60s and early 70s music. American Idol and the downward spiral in music sales both point to the fact that popular musical creativity is on life support.

  4. I have to disagree with a lot of the folks here. I am a professional pianist and vocalist and I’ve made my living doing this for thirty years with my strength being in jazz and standards. I very much like Crystal’s performance last night. She was honest- as always, had great phrasing- as always, had good pitch- as always and, she brought a really sweet authentic originality to this quite overdone song of Frank’s. I also liked Lee’s version of “That’s Life.” I thought he did a pretty impressive job of singing despite the too loud and high registered Hammond organ sound. The other folks, in my opinion, were not too strong unfortunately. But, I love this era of music and if it were not represented, it would be just such a sad statement.

  5. It’s obvious that the judges have already picked their winner – Lee and they are now just trying to influence the voting audience by continuing to bash the others. I don’t think there was a strong performance given my any of the contestants, and Lee was so off key my ears hurt! For the genre, Casey James did a much better job than noted, but then the judges can’t get past his boyish looks. Crystal did a great job on that song, which is usually sung by a male vocalist – but her phrasing was great and she’s always on top of her game. When do we get to judge the judges?! They’re all very “pitchy”, predictable, pugnacious, and perturbing!!!

  6. Everybody can tell whose their pick. It’s kinda obvious, praising even pithy and off key. It’s kinda easy for them to throw harsh words on Casey. Placing him on bottom 2 and now having a remarks that he’ll book in next week. WOW! They were instilling to the minds of viewers how worst is Casey and he doesn’t deserve to win. Of course Casey can feel that way of treatment. It’s just Casey was matured enough to take their harsh words, giving him the feelings that his supposed to be out weeks ago. I just don’t know why the judges can’t tell harsh words to their chosen one. Preparing the way for him.

  7. hello well i do not care what anyone say i am voteing for the handsome casey james and i even went out and bought a sexy kin barbie that i named casey james to me he should win because he can rock and he also has the looks,body,charisma,and to be a star one needs the whole package deal and casey belive me has the package deal wrapped up with a pretty big bow to me and i am glad that magums got booted last week because she is not attractive and she needs to get her teeth professionally done a word of advice to her,she is likeable but she has no looks and besides some people are jealous of casey james because he is handsome and therefore some people will vote for him and others will not because being beautytiful the way that i am is both a blessing and some people are envious when they have any looks but much love to casey james from me and like you got it casey james then continue to flaunt your god gifted looks just like i do and gordeo the judge lady she needs to say more in positive comments to casey j.because she knows that casey is sexy and she fakes hers dream on that haters of looks out there,get over it,casey james rules. casey i hope that you win and i am a aspiring model,singer and actress so looks are d e f i t i n i t e l y a big plus in the entertainmnt business. love to casey james

  8. Lee was a surprise, better stage presence than all of them. Some feel Kara is jealous or competitive with any female performer and then
    bashes them. How many times has anyone ever seen
    a female sing Sinatra – Never ! Her song choice
    reflected a personal connection which the judges always advocate. She is great even if she doesn’t win,has her own style and no doubt
    like Kelly Clarkson will go on to shine in her own right after Idol, more power to her. I hope so, it would prove the judges wrong all the way around.

  9. This was the worst American Idol show I have ever seen. Whe would the show executives have these young entertainers sing old out of date songs by Frank Sinatra. Sinatra was a great talent…..but in the 50’s and 60’s. Let them sing more modern up to date songs. Songs they and have fun with and be comfortable. Then they can really show their true talent. I thought all five singers were “not good”. Who is going to be the mentor next week……songs by Bing Crosby or Pat Boone????

  10. Last night could have been a night to remember for American Idol: Sinatra classics, Harry Connick Jr. and his great big band. Sadly, it was a night to forget. None of the five were up to the material they chose. Most, if not all, the performances were terrible. To put across the Great American Songbook, ala Sinatra, you need first of all a strong powerful IN TUNE voice. Next,you need projection, style, and a feeling for the lyrics. These kids were weaned on folk, Rock, R&B and bad Pop. They can’t even relate to classic melodies and lyrics of these songs much less the incredible singers who first sold them to us. It was downright painful to listen to the off key Aaron and Casey, the weak and folksy Crystal, the trilling R&B giant, Mike, and Lee, the rocker. Harry Connick earned his money the last two nights.

  11. I just want to say that last season we were all spoiled by the talented and uber professional Adam Lambert. This years group is talented but not in the professional way that Adam Lambert presented himself. I think that Crystal, Lee and Casey and Mike and Aaron too all have so much talent and when they “turn” professional it can be clearly seen that polish was all that was needed.

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