American Idol: Skylar Laine ‘Born This Way’ (VIDEO)

Country cutie Skylar Laine had a lot to prove this week on American Idol 2012. Although she has managed to keep moving through week to week, she is not currently a favorite in most fan polls to make the final two on the show.

In her American Idol 2012 performances on Wednesday night, Skylar Laine needed to really show how much she could shine and translate her country twang into pure record gold.

Overall I think Skylar Laine was rather successful on Wednesday night in getting a bit out of the box and really demonstrating how strong of a powerhouse singer she really is. Her song choices were risky and unexpected, and in both cases, quite well done. Still, she is country to the core and she just may not be able to gather enough votes from outside that niche audience to get her to the finals.

The judges were pretty darned pleased with Skylar tonight and really liked her choice to do the country version of the Lady Gaga song. They didn’t go so far as to say Skylar was a favorite, but they did give her strong props.

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