American Idol Symone Black Hollywood week fall stuns viewers

American Idol season 11 hopeful Symone Black certainly did leave an impression with the judges during the first round of Hollywood week. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for her singing. In one of American Idol‘s most dramatic moments yet, 16-year-old Symone Black fell in a crash right off the front of the stage after her performance for the judges.

The first round of American Idol season 11 Hollywood week ended on a seriously dramatic turn last night when teen singer Symone Black took a header off the stage following her performance.

Black had just finished a relatively decent rendition of Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” right before the fall and was receiving her critique from the judges. Judge Randy Jackson asked why she chose the Otis Redding song, to which she replied: “I wanted to reach out to an older crowd, an older audience.”

Smiling along with the other judges, Randy Jackson teased Symone Black for her answer, asking: “Are you saying that we’re older?” The teenager slowly slurred out a “No” while she staggered toward the front of the stage. As Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez watched in horror, Symone Black fell right off the tall stage and crashed onto the floor below. In the American Idol Hollywood week fall video, it looks like Symone Black fainted as she tumbled off the stage. One of the cameramen attempted to dive and catch her, but only ended up knocking a camera onto himself.

“The cameraman, bless him, tries to dive to catch her because he’s on the floor on his knees, and he doesn’t get there and knocks his camera — it falls on top of him,” American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said in a press conference call about American Idol Hollywood Week. “So, it’s a complete — ‘Oh my God! This is terrible!’ I’m shouting for medics and it’s scary, to be frank.”

As Lythgoe and other American Idol staff rushed to help Black, who was stretched out with a blank stare on the ground, the judges watched the drama unfold in shock. Steven Tyler, his mouth agape, could be heard saying quietly: “F*** man, she hit her head.”

American Idol fans will have to wait until tonight to find out the fate of fallen hopeful Symone Black. According to Lythgoe, Black wasn’t the only one to suffer physically from the stress of Hollywood week. “Hollywood #AmericanIdol week is so tough,” Lythgoe posted on his Twitter feed last night, “5 contestants collapsed with one falling dramatically from the stage. It was extremely frightening.”

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