American Idol Tent Girl Amy Brumfield Arrested Multiple Times for Drunken Behavior

American Idol ‘Tent Girl’ Amy Brumfield may be living the dream now as she moves from a camp in the woods to a hotel in Hollywood, but a history of alcohol abuse and multiple arrests could be her downfall. While so far there has been no comment from FOX about Brumfield’s criminal history, American Idol producers have booted contestants in the past over their arrest records.

According to, American Idol wannabe Amy Brumfield — who revealed on last night’s auditions that she lives in a tent — has quite a checkered past. Brumfield, 24, has been arrested half a dozen times over the past seven years. Half the arrests involved some sort of alcohol-fueled behavior.

Brumfield, who sang “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys to raves by the American Idol judges, was arrested in 2005 for criminal trespass on private property. In 2007, Amy Brumfield was arrested twice. The first time was for “unlawful detainer (staying at a property after her lease was over) and the second time was for underage consumption of alcohol.

In 2010, Brumfield was arrested in early August after officers witnessed her under “extreme intoxication” outside of a store. She was arrested again in 2010 later that same month after she was reportedly so drunk inside of a Baskin Robbins lobby that she peed on herself.

American Idol has been seemingly been uncomfortable in the past with having contestants with a criminal record. In season two, Corey Clark was disqualified after it was revealed he was facing pending criminal charges. Clark later claimed he was having an affair with Paula Abdul and was disqualified over his relationship with the judge and telling other contestants, on her advice, to consult with a laywer before signing American Idol contracts.

Also in American Idol season two, semi-finalist Jaered Andrews was also disqualified over alleged criminal behavior. Andrews had been arrested on assault charge, which he had told Idol about. He was later acquitted but too late to do him any good, of course. Fan favorite Frenchie Davis was also disqualified in the same season after topless photos of her were found on an adult website.

In American Idol season five, twins Derrell and Terrell Brittenum were strong contenders during the audition rounds and were successful in making it thorugh the Hollywood rounds as well. The two were thrown off the show, however, after producers found out they were arrested for identity theft.

Even if American Idol doesn’t boot Amy Brumfield directly over her criminal record, we could see her sliding mysteriously under the radar of the judges now that her past has gone public. We’re very much doubting the producers really want to have someone who peed themselves in an Baskin Robbins representing them as the next American Idol winner.

Honestly, I just have to say, if I had a public police record of pissing on myself in a fast food joint, I probably would not be going out and doing something that is likely to have that unsavory aspect of your past plastered across the news media nationwide. Oh, you know, like auditioning for a reality TV singing competition watched by millions of people? Maybe we shouldn’t care and hopefully poor Amy Brumfield is now sober and really working to improve her life. Even if she is the best singer in the world though, now it will be impossible to watch her perform without thinking of her drunk, drooling and peeing on the floor of a Baskin Robbins…

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