American Idol Top 10 Men – Win or Fail?

So far this year on American Idol, we’ve been rather uninspired by most of the contestants, including many of those in the top 24. Overall, the men have seemed especially bland this season, but last night we finally started to click with a few of the top 10 male contestants.

Alex Lambert on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Alex Lambert on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Despite a last minute switcheroo that ended up with the boys performing last night rather than the girls (due to Crystal Bowersox‘s hospital trip), the top 10 men of American Idol showed nice improvement in general over the previous week’s abysmal performances. We can only hope they’ll continue to ramp it up next week.


Michael Lynche – We’re starting to be rather happy that the rumors Michael Lynche had been eliminated from American Idol over a press leak that he’d make the top 24 seem to have proven totally false. This week on Idol, Lynche belted out a James Brown tune that suited him to near perfection. Big Mike really showed off that big voice and we’re kinda getting sweet on him.

Alex Lambert – For some reason we can’t quite get with Alex Lambert, despite his shy cuteness and promising talent. Perhaps because he just seems so awkward on stage we wonder if he can ever really make it as a ‘star’ in the music business. This week, however, Lambert pushed out of his shell somewhat performing John Legend‘s “Everybody Knows”. You never know, he might just turn out to be the dark horse this season.

Lee DeWyze – Unlike Alex Lambert, we have really wanted to like this guy from the beginning. Although his performance this week was still pitchy and shaky, it was nice to see him pick a song that fit much better with his voice. We feel he’s got potential in there, but we’re not quite sure he’s ever going to be able to really live up to it.

Win Runner-Up: Tim Urban, for sticking in there and not sucking too badly, despite constantly looking like a fish out of water.


Casey James – Why on earth did this boy go and pick Gavin DeGraw‘s “I Don’t Want To Be”? – a song that’s been covered so often that it’s almost painful to hear it yet again? Get some originality dude! Not only is the song totally overdone, but James struggled with the vocals and the whole rendition just fell flat.

Andrew Garcia – It’s not that he was all that terrible doing Morrison‘s “You Give Me Something”. It’s just that honestly we forgot he had even performed minutes after he sang. That, in our opinion, is almost worse than sucking. At least sucking is memorable, we just forgot he existed.

Aaron Kelly – Yet again, poor song choice here. If we have to hear “My Girl” one more bloody time… Simon and Kara might have liked Aaron, but we’re pretty much done with his boring self.

Fail Runner-Ups: John Park, who can’t quite seem to get it together. Todrick Hall, for daring to sing Tina Turner badly. Jermaine Sellers, who abused Marvin Gaye‘s overdone song “What’s Going On” and sounded just plain weird singing it.

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