America’s Got Talent 2012: Austin Auditions End In Tears

The America’s Got Talent 2012 auditions in Austin, Texas continued Tuesday night with more memorable acts both good and bad. Two opera singers found their way to the spotlight, but while one moved the judges, the other made them want to run away. Plus, more circus freaks, some badass dancers and a girl with a golden voice not to be missed.


Please stop reading if you do not want America’s Got Talent 2012 spoilers from Tuesday night!

Our first act up tonight was the odd but beautiful Aurora Light Painters. While I simply cannot really fathom how this act could be turned into a big Las Vegas production, I could see them as a great opening act for something. The act was gorgeous, fascinating and mesmerizing and the judges loved it. They are through to the next round in Vegas.

Next on the stage is the horrible Doppleganger Circus Sideshow which was obviously going for shock but just ended up with a big X from shock jock Howard Stern. No, I’m sorry, taking a chainsaw to an apple stuck in a chick’s mouth is not really all that entertaining. It’s just stupid. No Vegas for you!

More failed acts spin across the stage, including a really scary bad female singing group and some totally whacked dudes in inflatable suits. Honestly, that’s taking the whole “Keep Austin Weird” thing just a bit too far.

Finally, after all that, we are gifted with an act with a rare bit of true talent in the form of the music duo Eric & Olivia. As Howard Stern points out, the guy in the group is totally all about the girl, but she has absolutely no interest in him; it’s painfully obvious and sad. Even sadder is that while she is a kick-ass vocalist, he’s really just kind of cheesy lounge guy with a guitar. I’m afraid she needs to dump the dude and go solo… The judges, thankfully, say hell yes to this girl and put the duo through to Vegas (although Howie Mandell kind of complained they were too lounge-ish, bit me Howie).

I had high hopes for the next act, an odd-looking, rather rumpled guy who talked big about his opera singing. I was hoping this would be another one of those crazy looking people who actually can sing the roof off an opera house. Alas, he actually sucked terribly and made the judges and the audience cringe. No Vegas for you, Richard Grossman!

On the stage next we have an actual mind reader, not an act I thought I’d ever see on America’s Got Talent 2012 because you know that’s not an easy one to pull off. Amazingly enough, Eric Diddleman managed to pull off some pretty cool stuff after blindfolding Nick Cannon and making the judges draw pictures while he  ‘read their minds’. The judges were suitably impressed and put him through to Vegas.

After that we have a selection of other acts who made it through to Vegas, including a badass aerial dancer, a lovely girl with a guitar, and a hip-hop dancer with some seriously hot moves. All good stuff and I look forward to seeing more of all of them in the next round.

To close out the night, we had another opera singer, but this time the audience was moved to tears rather than to screams. You wouldn’t think someone with this kind of look, who loves Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, would open their mouth and have this kind of amazing operatic voice come out. If I had not been watching, I actually probably thought it was a girl singing, and that is not an insult to this guy! I do love those surprises. The judges do too and Andrew De Leon the goth is through to Vegas!

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12 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent 2012: Austin Auditions End In Tears”

  1. There are alot of great acts… But not matter what I want Andrew to go all the way!!!!!!!!  Go Andrew Go

  2. It was awesome tonight can’t wait for next week its such treats for our eyes!!!!

  3. First time ever I cried during this show!  Andrew you have an amazing gift!  I am touched that you are finally sharing it with the world!

  4. Never felt the need to vote for anyone on this show….. Andrew just changed that. 

  5. only time I cried at an opra was on TV 1977 and Andrew made me cry. He is a soul to be reckend with.

  6. Wish we could vote. He would get mine hands down. watched all other ‘audutions’ and HE WAS THE ONE!!

  7. I am a close friend of Eric and Olivia and would like to point out that they are not dating and not interested in each other. They are JUST FRIENDS. Eric is dating another girl. Also, if you YouTube Eric & Olivia, you can check out other songs where Eric’s guitar playing really shines. Eric also comes up with ALL of the song arrangements, making their sound unique.

  8. Andrew!!! So amazed!!! So awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear more from him!!! Watched his performance over and over!!!

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