America’s Got Talent 2012 Live Recap: Semifinals Round 2 (VIDEOS)

The America’s Got Talent 2012 live semifinals continue tonight with the final 12 acts hoping to make it into the AGT 2012 finals. The acts performing this evening are an eclectic mix of singers, dancers, artists and oddball performers. Who will win America’s Got Talent 2012 voters to their cause tonight? Join us for our America’s Got Talent 2012 recap and find out with us!

Last week on the America’s Got Talent 2012 semifinals round 1 show, we bid a sad farewell to some of my favorite acts of the season, including mindreader/magician Eric Dittleman, contortionist dancer Turf, and goth opera singer Andrew De Leon. Advancing through to the next round were Earth Harp player William Close, comedian Tom Cotter and sand painter Joe Castillo.

Who will win America’s Got Talent 2012 voters over tonight on the semifinals round 2 show? Well, I have my AGT 2012 predictions for who will make it through to the next round from this week’s performing acts. However, I know the viewers this year (and every year) are not always very predictable. So who makes it through from tonight’s America’s Got Talent 2012 semifinals round 2 could very well surprise me yet again.

I am just really hoping this will be the last night I have to watch Jacob Williams, Clint Cavalho and All That! Honestly, none of them are worthy of a 90 minute Vegas show. Of course, I also personally am not fond of Tim Hockenberry or Olate Dogs, but I think they have a decent chance of getting through, regardless of my opinion. Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter anyway, so let’s get on to tonight’s America’s Got Talent 2012 semifinals performances and see what happens!

America’s Got Talent 2012 Semifinals Round 2 Performances:

All That!

The first act up for the night is the all-male cloggers group, All That! Sharon Osbourne has a hard on for this group she saved from elimination. Howie Mandell likes them okay. Howard Stern, however, agrees with me that they just aren’t that interesting. Yay! They can clog! With their shoes on fire! Or in puddles of water! Whee! Whatever. Call me bored already.

Sebastien “El Choro De Oro”

There is no denying that Sebastian ‘El Charro De Oro’ is adorable. He is so super cute you just want to squeeze his cheeks until he cries. However, the cute factor only takes you so far and honestly, his performances have not been worthy of a million bucks in the past, and this one isn’t either.

The Magic of Puck

Up next is ‘The Magic of Puck‘, an act so not magical that I just want to fast forward through the performance. Honestly, it was decent enough, but nothing pretty much any stage magician could have done. This guy is no David Copperfield. The judges, however, liked it much better than I did. Howard Stern gives it a thumbs up. Sharon Osbourne thinks it is great and Howie Mandell likes that he couldn’t “see the trick”. Well, yes, you aren’t supposed to be able to see it. That is the whole point.

Clint Cavalho

Oh joy, now we have the bird dude, Clint Carvalho. Seriously, this is one of the lamest acts I’ve ever seen on a reality TV show. The guy trained a bird to fly around and do some little tricks. No, I could not do it. However, there are probably any number of bird trainers that could. Even if not, it’s just boring and unexciting. Please get him off the stage.

Jacob Williams

Next on stage is Jacob Williams, who is certainly not nearly as talented as the much better comedian of the season, Tom Cotter. He was so bad tonight you could actually hear the audience groaning in their heads (they didn’t even bother to do it aloud). Jacob Williams stands absolutely no chance of making the finals in my opinion.

Shanice and Maurice Hayes

Another ‘cute factor’ act comes up on stage next with father/daughter singers Shanice & Maurice Hayes. Yes, Shanice is oh-so-cute and she’s even a pretty decent singer, but no one needs to be giving this act a million bucks for anything. The judges are no more impressed than I am and Maurice is still not getting the clue that his daughter is far more talented than he is and he should shut up and let her be the star.

All Wheel Sports

I really want to like All Wheel Sports, but despite having a fun concept, the act is just messy, chaotic and not all that exciting. Even worse, one of the riders actually fell, which pretty much screams the end of the road for this act tonight. The judges were kind, but they weren’t really bonzo over it either.

Tim Hockenberry

Personally, I’m not a fan of singer Tim Hockenberry. I just think he isn’t anything that special and I’ve seen better singers and musicians at local singer/songwriter nights. Still, he did a credible job at John Lennon’s “Imagine” and I am overly fond of that song — even if it has been seriously overperformed on reality TV shows. The judges liked it well enough, although Howard Stern went all kinds of crazy with a rant about John Lennon’s assasin rotting forever. A little weird there Howard.


Children’s dance act Untouchables gives a quite lovely performance, but yet again this is just not a million dollar Vegas act. The judges loved them anyway, although I think they are all drunk on the “cute factor” more than anything else.

Lightwire Theater

One of my favorite acts of the night is up next with Lightwire Theater. This act has a little bit of theater, a little bit of dance, a little magic and a whole lot of technical engineering. This is one of the very few acts I believe really you could really make a whole Vegas act around, although I think they could still punch it up even more. The judges and the audience are impressed and so am I.

Olate Dogs

Oh goody. Now we have the Olate Dogs. Hey, I like dogs. I like cute dogs. I do not like animal acts. Even good ones. This one isn’t even seriously great. It is just okay really and all I can’t really enjoy it because I just can’t help but feel these puppies would more enjoy laying around in a backyard chasing a ball somewhere than all this crazy stuff and endless traveling around in crates. Sharon Osbourne nearly pees herself in joy over them though, I mean really. Sharon obviously likes buff men and cute dogs a LOT.

David Garibaldi and His CYMKs

The last act for the evening is David Garibaldi and His CYMKs, another of my favorites of the evening. This is one of the most unique and fascinating acts I’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent and I’m seriously pleased at how great the performance is tonight. If America does not vote this act through, that would just be wrong. Howard Stern thinks the votes will push it through and the judges and audience gave the performance a standing ovation. This act could possibly make it all the way to the end…

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