America’s Got Talent 2012 Live Recap: Wild Card Results! (VIDEOS)

Tonight on America’s Got Talent 2012, the Wild Card acts will learn which of them will move on to the America’s Got Talent season 7 semifinals, and who will be going home for good.

Who do you think deserved to move on to the next round from last night’s America’s Got Talent 2012 Wild Card show? While a few stellar acts like goth singer Andrew De Leon and Mariachi singer Sebastien El Charro seem seem to be easy picks (we hope), the other America’s Got Talent 2012 winners for this week going to the semifinals are harder to figure out.


This post contains America’s Got Talent 2012 spoilers from the reveal of the final four acts in the quarterfinals. Please do not keep reading if you do not want to know what happened!

If you watch the America’s Got Talent 2012 Wild Card performances on Tuesday night, it is glaringly obvious that some acts just truly outshined the rest of the pack. (If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can watch the videos here.) One of those acts that really blew down the house was goth opera singer Andrew De Leon. If he does not make it through on the America’s Got Talent 2012 results show tonight, it will be criminal.

Also standout acts from last night, in my opinion, were gymnast/dancer Lindsey Norton and little Mariachi singer Sebastien El Charro. I am hoping they will also get through tonight. As for who takes that last, fourth spot from tonight’s show and moves on to the Top 24 — honestly I’m a bit torn. I don’t think any of the other acts were truly spectacular, but there were several that were at least better than the rest of the pack — such as the Bandbaz Brothers, and maybe Spencer Horsman.

Let’s not wait in suspense any longer to find out who will be going home tonight and move right along to our America’s Got Talent 2012 results show recap for Wild Card week!

The first set of acts to find out who will be going throught to the Top 24 are the Bandbaz Brothers, Ben Blaque and Sebastien El Charro. As most predicted, the winner from this group going on to the next round is the cutie 10-year-old Mariachi singer, Sebastien El Charro.

Taking a break from the results, we have a performance from the cast of the Broadway musical Bring it On. Nice enough I guess, but bouncing cheerleaders are not my kind of Broadway.

My favorite from last night, Andrew De Leon, is up next with singer Jake Wesley Rogers, and kick-in-the-balls man Horse. I think from looking at these three it is pretty obvious who will be going to the semifinals… and ys, it is goth opera singer Andrew De Leon. He is so cute! In that weird contact lens eyes, black fingernails goth kind of way.

The results for the next set of acts actually causes me to be angry. The three acts finding out their fate are dog comedian Todd Oliver, escape artist Spencer Horsman and balance act guy (who fell last night) Christin Sandu. Of the three, the person least deserving to go on is Todd Oliver and his stupid dog act. Unfortunately, apparently America likes the stupid dog act and he is through to the semifinals.

God help us now we have to listen to Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City. Thank god she at least didn’t do that idiotic song she is ‘famous’ for I am not even going to name here. I really wanted to fast forward live television…

The final acts are up on stage now and it is male cloggers All That! against magic act Jerrett & Raja and gymnast dancer Lindsey Norton. Of these three, I really think Lindsey Norton is the most talented, although I can’t see her being a million dollar Vegas act.

Judge Howard Stern picks the male cloggers, which makes me want to slap him. Howie Mandel chooses Lindsey, because he’s not an idiot (this time anyway). It is up to Sharon Osbourne to decide, and apparently all that male flesh has just seeped into her brain and eaten her sanity. She chooses the stupid, frakking cloggers. Sorry Lindsey, that was ridiculous.

That’s a wrap for tonight. Stay tuned for our next America’s Got Talent 2012 recap on Tuesday night here at when we finally move forward with the semifinals for the Top 24. Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all our latest TV recaps, celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

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  1. I think America
    got some of the picks completely wrong. The
    one that stands out to me is Jarrett & Raja being eliminated instead of All
    That. Jarret & Raja stepped it up
    and had the crowd going crazy the whole way through. I was watching the wild card episode with my
    coworker at Dish, and we actually hit the fast forward button during All That’s
    performance. I always watch at her house
    if I miss an episode because she has the Hopper DVR with Prime Time
    Anytime. It automatically records all of
    the primetime shows on the four major networks.
    We agree that the picks America
    missed were Jarrett & Raja, the Bandabaz Brothers, and Spencer
    Horsman. Hopefully some of the acts that
    did go through can surprise me going forward.

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