America’s Got Talent 2012: Live YouTube Quarterfinalist Performances

After three weeks off during the Olympics, America’s Got Talent 2012 returns Tuesday night with live performances from the 12 YouTube quarterfinalists chosen from the horde of online auditions submitted to NBC.

The 12 America’s Got Talent 2012 YouTube quarterfinalists are quite the selection of interesting acts, including dancers, animal acts, magicians and even a ‘bronze bell instrumentalist’. The America’s Got Talent 2012 YouTube round will give fans the first opportunity to see this year’s finalist acts from the thousands of audition videos submitted to NBC.

What isn’t known yet is whether or not America’s Got Talent 2012 judge Sharon Osbourne will be appearing on the live YouTube quarterfinalists show. Sharon Osbourne recently announced that she would be leaving America’s Got Talent for good because the network “fired” her son Jack Osbourne. She might just be so offended over the whole affair that she refuses to show up for the rest of the America’s Got Talent 2012 season, contract or no contract.

Jack Osbourne was reportedly set to host the NBC military-themed reality show Stars Earn Stripes, but the offer was allegedly withdrawn after he announced he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Sharon Osbourne said she would be leaving America’s Got Talent due to what she called blatant discrimination against her son because of his diagnosis. NBC admitted they had decided not to choose Jack Osbourne because of the ‘physical demands’ of the show, but denied they had already hired him for the gig.

So what’s in store for America’s Got Talent 2012 viewers in the live YouTube quarterfinals Tuesday night? Check out the list of acts below and join us here for our America’s Got Talent 2012 live recap of the online finalists’ performances Tuesday night at 8PM.

Dancer: 7 in Unison
Magician: The Magic of Puck
Comedian: Eric Buss
Dancer: Academy of Villains
Singer/Musician: Bria Kelly
Bronze Bell Instrumentalist: Cast in Bronze
Musician: Romeo Dance Cheetah
Exotic Birds: Clint Carvalho
Musician:Drew Erwin
Comedian: Melinda Hill
Musical Group: Reverse Order
Magician: Rudy Coby

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